The "Shadow Lord" Item


Holy cow. Congrats on making it that far. If I have to beat that record to achieve the item, I think I’ll just tip my hat to you in your achievement good sir. I could get lucky though. Thanks for the info.


How do you get this item?


I have received the rare version from completing normal mode and randomly as a reward from a mission. The epic version from challenging and godlike completion and once for a mission reward in challenging. I’ve only received 5 in total, so it is very rare to come by.


I got an Epic version after getting 1.6 million points on Godlike.

@lostCambion Does a Killer version really exist? If so, that is a VERY grindy requirement. I went for like 28 turns.


I’m on my 43rd turn on challenging right now.


So do we know what this item does? Is it just an overall damage and defense buff?


I wonder if a Killer version exist too. I got my last 2 Epic Shadow Lord relic on my failed run on Godlike, my score was about 1.2 million points (gotta check it later during the day) I got at least about 22 turns, I’ll try it again after playing some Normal or Challenging mode runs to get more stuff since I almost run out of damage buff/nerf relics.


i used mine


“The three Gems”…

Anyone else having trouble trying to collect Character dossiers?

killer gem?! dat does exist?



Sees the Killer Shadow Lord item


I went through 28 turns in Godlike and beat Gargos, why tf did I not get that :expressionless:


Use the 3 gems to create Chaos Gem…


That better not be your artwork…

If it isn’t, that’s…overkill?


Ok…chaos gem is a prank XD, but killer is real!


So if you get all of them can Jago use them to turn into a yellow spikey-haired Super Jago??


So I got one Epic out of a Tools pack (1000) and one out of the Health pack (900). Weird.
Are the buffs random? I’m playing on Godlike in the hopes of beating Gargos with the Epic ones.
Edit: Never mind. Equipped all 3 with the Epic SL item, only needed Rash with Fractured Ward, Wolf Heart and the 25% buffs. Seems I got the instant Level 4 enders out of it, almost made it too easy to power through everything.


what exactly does that item do? I got it recently on my mystery pack. Will it help against godlike mode???


Good question I don’t think anyone knows 100% what it does, aside from just an overall slight gain on every front, or so it seems. But noone has come out & just said what they exactly do aside from give you the “shadow lord” buff.


thanx for the info.