The "Shadow Lord" Item


Figured as much, but was unsure to be honest. I’ll hold on to them until I attempt my godlike run.


Mine gave me more health, I would take a lot of hits from gargos and my health would lower very slowly


I felt like I could take more hits aswell…


@Delriach I think I have it figured out. I looked back at one of my Gargos runs where I used the Shadow Lord item, and I realized that I was actually draining his meter from him. On a different run I was dealing massive damage.
@SonicDolphin117 was gaining Shadow and Instinct on masse, AND dealing huge damage.

My hypothesis: It gives you Gargos Buffs, and the higher the tier the more powers you get. The one you get for Normal (Rare) gives 1, Challenging (Epic) 2-3, and Godlike (Killer) at least 3 or more.


Now there comes the paradox, I need the killer shadow lord perk to kill godlike Gargos but I have to kill him to get it.


What if you use the SL item from beating gargos on a lower difficulty in your godlike gargos battle?


You still get a big buff, just not as big…


You get the Shadow Lord item based on score. I died in my Godlike run and I still got the highest rarity SL item.


Oh snap. I just beat gargos, he still ha four buffs, and all I needed was my riptor, a rare fracture ward, the SL item, a take less damage item, and a deal more damage item.
Downside is. I had just turned on my SL item for the gargos fight, it was of the three turn teir SL item. But I could only use it for that one fight and then it vanished. That left me scratchin my head.


I never took you for the masochist type.


That’s what she said.




how many rounds it lasts?


It depends on the tier. The lowest level one (the one you get for getting a high score on normal) lasts 3 days, while I think @SonicDolphin117 said the Killer version from the Godlike fight is permanent, at least for that run.


I never said that. I never even got a Killer version. Both of mine were Epics, and I only used them when I got to Gargos.


I could’ve sworn someone had gotten the Killer version and tested it out. I guess I just figured since you were one of the first to best him on Godlike you’d be the one. :stuck_out_tongue: I guess it’s still a mystery then what higher level ones do.


So I beat Gargos on Godlike, but I only got the epic version of the item. Can anyone confirm yet if there is a Killer version. I would rather not keep burning through all my consumables attempting another run if there isn’t a need to. Thanks in advance.


How many turns did you get through, out of curiosity?


It was like 23 or something around there. It put me in 6th place on the leaderboard


Can confirm there is a killer version, i have two of them from a (now beaten record) 107 turn run. i guess i could use one to see what it does, all i know is its permanent for the duration of one run.