The "Shadow Lord" Item


Alright, so this has been a bit of a hot topic. I know @SonicDolphin117 in particular be rather interested to hear this…
I decided to use the Shadow Lord Buff on my latest Shadow Lords run. I used it on Omen. Landed DD the First round, and the follow up combo. Felt good…
Then I actually started comboing him normally.
I think I had The Fangs of Gargos on or something, because while I ended him in 3 combos, and that’s with the Fractured Ward!
I think it might give you a selection of Gargos’s Buffs as its reward, or at least some of the nastier ones.

If @Delriach would like to chime in and correct me, please do. But as it stands that was absolutely awesome.

Also, not sure if I should be letting anyone in on this, but… I think another Shadow Lord item dropped from an Easy mission.

How to use this item? and effects?
What does the item "power of the shadow lord" do?
Shadow Lords TOO HARD!

What duration does it have?


Really? I was getting super fast Shadow and Instinct regen while doing shadow moves. I basically had infinite shadow meter. And I was getting INSTANT LEVEL 4 ENDERS. Seriously, one touch into LEVEL 4.

I just beat Gargos on Godlike with all buffs. Holy mother of god.


3 Days, probably to help with Godlike runs.
@SonicDolphin117 Jesus tap-dancing Christ.


It still took me all three characters and Cinder didn’t have the artifact, BUT STILL.


Which reward did you get?


A pretty pathetic artifact actually lol


A regular one? Or an unique one?


I got the consumable that gives you invincibility.


I’ve noticed that the rewards for beating Gargos are actually pretty meager apart from the SL item. You can get roughly the same amount of Astral Gems (and probably more) by doing the Fulgore Triple Testing, and you can make nearly double the rewards if you find the abandoned Ultratech Lab and go to Security Level 3.


Back on topic.



For those of us who aren’t skilled enough to beat gargos more than once on Normal, is this an item you get for killing him on godlike? Or is there some other method?


Fixed it :stuck_out_tongue:


It seems like a purely random drop.


I actually got another from a random Day 1 mission, so yeah, can confirm.


Ah, so there’s still hope we can get it! :blush:


I have seen people getting it for beating Gargos in normal. You have to do a fixed amount of points. How much? No idea. But around 40 turns, full debuffed, and around 140 killed mimics are enough


I now know why artifacts aren’t in the multiplayer mode.

As if it wasn’t busted enough already.


I like to do these two missions even if I have to go in a suicide way (without items or whatever), I remember doing the Fulgore Triple Testing about 20 times during early access (and with the public release my count on that mission is still growning) and got a lot of astral gems to buy two killer guardian pack and about 20 recovery item sets. But now knowing that the Shadow Lord items randomly drops… I think I’ll grind these beauties even if it take me A LOT OF TIME, my bros. don’t say I am very patient when playing games for nothing, they actually have a very hard time learning this game even if it’s VERY simple to understand the basics (maybe playing too much Smash 4 affected their traditional fighting games skills).


It’s totally based on Score. Each difficulty gives you a different version :stuck_out_tongue:

The scores per difficulty are different.