The "Shadow Lord" Item


A different version!?

That’s interesting…


#I was wondering why mine was only a Blue Rarity item!
That certainly explains a lot. Kind of a “Rich Get Richer” scenario, but in this mode you need it, so it’s all good. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mine was an epic rarity.

Wonder what the differences are.


I imagine that more and more power is added the higher the tier.
High Score on Godlike= Ultra Cheese?

I also imagine the unlock quota is much higher


This is what it took me to get 2 Epic ones, and that was with losing to Gargos.


I have 2 of them one for beating the game on challenger, then another one from doing a random mission. Gonna hold on to them for when I attempt my Godlike run.


It said it gave me another one when I did a mission with it equipped, but I think it’s a bugnaince I still only have the one.

Trying to see how long I can delay Gargos and build myself some Astral Energy for my poor starving guardians (it’s hard to come by, folks!), then I’ll use it alongside the Temperance and Vengeance item you get for killing Maya in Mira’s non-leader questline.


What does that item do, do you know?


Not sure. Seems like it gave me a longer Instinct, which I think is one of Gargos’ buffs, isn’t it?

Perhaps it gives you a random Gargos power every time you use it. It wasn’t anything crazy; TJ didn’t sprout wings and start portal punching anyone, but I do wonder if you get some of the crazy stuff Gargos can do in his boss form if you apply it to him…

I should also note that I only got to use this for one match; I ended up starting a new run while it was still active because…I dunno, I’m an idiot, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, I still have one more, and if I can earn it once I’m sure I can earn it again.


So What the hell?


Either it’s random with the buffs it gives you, or it’s based on the difficulty version.

Again, mine gave me massive Shadow/Instinct gain and one touch level 4 enders.


What if the rarer the version you have the more of gargos buffs you’ll have on you while the more common ones you’ll just get one or two.


But I have the Epic version though. Unless there really were more powerups that I didn’t notice, which is possible. Maybe I had parry and something else that wasn’t immediately noticeable?


Question, how long does the item last?


There are various tiers/ versions of the Shadow Lord item, so i’m assuming depending on which tier the item is it will last longer. The one I have says it lasts 2 turns, but someone else said theirs last 3.


I got 2 of the 3 turn SL items and it was off of 1 gargos beat down on normal.


I think this would be a good time to summon the devs…
@developers could you guys give us a run-down of what the Shadow Lord gems do exactly, or do we have to keep stumbling around trying to figure out what they do and don’t do?


I managed to last to day 30 on normal, it was getting VERY hard so I just ended it and managed to beat Gargos and got this item x2. No idea what it does.


Same here. As far as I know and what some have speculated is that it gives us one of the buffs Gargos can obtain, but still unclear at this time. I have 3 that I’m holding on to until there has been some sort of clarification.


@CrimsonRick117 @xCrimsonLegendx I can confirm that it makes the Gargos fight easier. Just how so is still unknown, as we’ve had some mixed results, but we know it helps.