The "Shadow Lord" Item


As far as we can tell, it lends the player some of the power of Boss Gargos.
Read through the rest of the thread for details. Some of us got different powers/more powers depending on the strength/rarity of the item


I really do wish they would just flat out tell us what it does exactly. I mean hell, for all we know it could be 90% placebo.


It isn’t a placebo, that’s for sure. It would be nice to know what exactly it does though. Maybe a pop-up after you equip it?


It gives you a large bonus to health, damage, potential damage, and other passive fighting game stats. As far as how big a boost, well, it is enough to trivialize full buff godlike gargos. If that doesn’t say what it does then I don’t know what to tell ya.


Hmm I will eventually use my Shadow Lord item, but don’t want to risk it yet


I used the worst one I got from normal mode, I have no idea what it did.


I got easy Lv4 enders on combos and on my video fighting Gargos with Rash (when I believed the AI gave up but it was a glitch…) I got Instinct absorb with my Shadow Moves (with the Rare version, I still have 2 Epic and 4 Killer versions ready to be deployed on future runs (could Eyedol made me use one in case I have to fight him in order to unlock him?), but yeah, even a full buffed Gargos on Godlike will be a somewhat “fair” match.


Sorry to necro a nearly year old thread but I figured it’d be better than making a repeat topic.

Has anyone figured out the definitive way to earn these items? I want to beat Godlike but clearly I’m not good enough, I need to farm these things and have a stockpile that I can use versus the Omens and Gargos. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s definitely high score related. Try and have as long a run as possible and do every mission that you can every turn. If you make it to about 30 I know for sure you’ll get one, though you may be able to get it earlier or later depending on difficulty.

Also, should’ve waited another month to resurrect this thread. Then it would’ve been a full year, and we could say it was an ULTRA NECRO THREAD


you should get it after each run, if you beat gargos.
seems there are shadow lord items for each category and difficulty. (i’ve many of them, but i’ve never used them, since its not stated if it’s worthful for a slot - no stats - why should i use a item, which gives me the power of a shadow lord, when i have already beaten this loser with my current items?)

btw: try fractured ward and shield items for godlike, and use the shield items only if the enemy freaks out :wink:
and of course middle or high buffs for dmg, def & reg. (3 of 4 slots for this)
play one time the easiest mode, then one time the middle mode and then you are enough prepared for 100+ godlike rounds. (it takes a lot of time if you play it self without the auto-fight [which only sucks off your items and gems - it’s only good if you really don’t like a enemy)
don’t forget shadow worms.


I’ve done countless runs and have only gotten the item once, that’s why I was askin.


hm i’ve tested it on the middle difficulty. ~30 rounds and defeated by gargos but i got the purple sl-item.
it’s perhaps based on your points, because less than 30 rounds is not much since it works well without using shadow worms until 30. (others in this thread got no item with 28, 30 is perhaps the limit, but idk)


Yeah, I just suck against the AI I guess. I’ll hit up normal and try to go 30 rounds and see if I can get one. Wish someone had a defined score though that we knew we had to reach to guarantee it.


The rarity of SL item you earn depends on difficulty. You’ll get the least powerful version for meeting the unlock criteria on Normal, and the most powerful for meeting it on Godlike


Yep. purple for the middle difficulty.
But it seems that he need more rounds to unlock it, since he get too less points, and one can get it also while he was defeated by gargos.

Would say if it’s not the (round) round value itself, then it’s the score, but i prefer the round value.^^ Anyway the higher the difficulty the less rounds for that object, because you get more points. They going almost hand in hand. (i dont’ think that it is on all difficulties the same round value (if it’s the round) but i also don’t think that it’s pure %)


I beat shadow lords on easy difficulty.
Now I have one.
I can use it on barracks.
I’m guessing it gives me 1 more life bar like 3 life bars. Just like how Gargos dies after 2 bars
and regains another red bar.

Wonder if it has an expiration after few turns.
Or would it last until I completely lose once or die or reassemble a team.


Believe there is a thread regarding this already. Will merge this thread with that one once I find it.

EDIT: found and merged.


Do you get these items from only beating Gargos?




Yes, though sometimes the reward display will be delayed and you’ll receive the item on the first mission of your next playthrough after you earn it.

As far as I can tell you need a certain score, best achieved by playing every available mission for a certain period of time (30 days/turns to be safe)