The "Release Ultimates for all Characters" Request Thread. Share your opinion!

Same. Definatly Same.

I think they have an input on that. You bar must be in the green to do an Ultimate. Besides it won’t prvent the issue of rage quitting which happens online when the quitter is getting ultraed.

So… there yah have it!

The longer KI doesn’t have Ultimates or No Mercies, the more disappointed I am with this game.

It’s like I like the game’s characters, the fighting engine, the music. But it’ll never reach 100% Killer Instinct because of the absence of a single signature feature.

The demand is overwhelming, but majority voice continues to be ignored. If reallocating needs to be done within the game’s budget, then so be it. I really don’t get it.

But is it a signature feature… of Ki…? The ultimates and no mercies are just ripoffs Of Mk’s fatalities.

I honestly don’t care. Plus Since shago’s combo trait is useless, He got a replacement: His Ultimate.

So It’s kinda Shago’s thing now IMO.

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His combo trait is useless?

I do feel disappointed if ultimates do not go for everyone. I’m sure they know there is a lot of us who want them in (myself included) but Ultimates may help make this game more Intresting. Not to mention it’d be a great alternative to 100 hit ultras which can get redundant and force people to quit. I know some people who are not for ultimates don’t consider that a big los, and they are free to think how they want to think, but some of us have been wanting them since season 1 and it’s time for something different to end a match.

Killer Instinct is still doing well in my book and if we can at least get more ultimates down the game’s life span (which hopefully lasts until the Xbox one’s is done) If we don’t get it this season then at least do it for season 4 or later. I doubt this feature would interfere with character inclusions because that’s goanna always happen.

Instead of a hundred hitnultrs,it can be a 70 hitnultra into an ultimate.

Maybe, bu I think just pulling off the ultimate during a normal coba would have the ultimate play and then make ti as swift as possible so that the looser doesn’t have to sit through it or even think about quitting.

And Jago is a ripoff of Ryu. KI’s entire button scheme is a ripoff of Street Fighter. Killer Instinct is a mash-up ripoff of a lot of different things/ideas ppl love.

Mortal Kombat is still the top selling fighting game today, and Fatalities/Brutalities are a major selling point as to why. So to not include Ultimates/No Mercies in the new KI, even though the KI franchise traditionally has them & are in high demand by fans, is hustling-backwards.

Ultimates aren’t just a Shago thing, it’s a Killer Instinct thing. Imagine if we waited this long for Ultra Combos, and only Fulgore had one… smh. I guess ppls justification would be “They’re too long anyway, and have no true effect on the match. Im more interested in real combos.” :expressionless:

Fan service, It goes a long way. Have we learned nothing from Deadpool?


I find it kinda funny when I see people debating how “hard” it is to actually make a new mechanic for a game, as for ultimates, the animations and stuff. Come on. It’s 2016. Look at the tools that exist for developing now. It was 1990s when people made an almost flawless game with characters, stages, combos, no mercies, ultimates, combo breakers, ultra combos, and a bunch more of stuff. And made it fit in a frigging Nintendo tape. Now how can we even discuss hard.

a fairly good point.

I just want to question why even let Shago HAVE an Ultimate if no one else is getting one? why make it even work on all stages? why do all that just for only ONE character?

in my opinion: if only one character gets an Ultimate. IG/MS have done NOTHING with Ultimates.

All we have now are just dull Ultras with same style animations with no dynamics to them, that can be EXTENDED to even LONGER combos with no real variety in it. Outside of just annoying the other player.

And a few stages with an occasional option to kill an opponent with the stage enviorment. Which means if you wanna TRULY finish off your opponent, you’ll have to limit your stage play. So expect to go play only on those stages if you want a truly satisfying victory in every match.

All that rambling aside I think I’m pretty much given up on the idea of more fun new ways to defeat my opponent ala Ultimates. I admit, they could of made KI that much closer to perfection for me. Still a hell of a lot better than other fighting games I’ve played though. But it’s a big disappointment and just pointless. I think they should’ve of just let Boss Shago keep the Ultimate.

They REALLY could of done so much with this, but they didn’t really bother.

KI won’t ever be perfect but it still better than most games in my opinion. sad to say we’re better off trying to make peace with this.

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It’s probably going to come down to “we wanted to do Season 3 with this/that feature, so maps and Ultimates didn’t make the cut.” Hopefully whatever this is makes KI a better game.

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I don’t care for Ultimates. Especially since the don’t even look good quality unlike the original Ultimate Shago had. Not only that but if every character gets an annihilation move with their ultimate I’d be more frustrated. Also if it means more things being cut from the season then I’d hate Ultimates even more.

Because he had one from the start when Double Helix made him a hidden boss. It’s obvious they wanted to make Ultimates at the game at one point or another but have you see the difference between Double Helix’s Ultimate and Iron Galaxy’s? The Ultimate in Double Helix’s game is better looking but seems to only work in one stage. Iron Galaxy used the tech they made that lets the screen go black for Aria during her instinct and used that to let Shago’s old Ultimate animation be used anywhere. Iron Galaxy showed the tech and said they could get Shago’s ultimate to work anywhere and it did. They didn’t have to do much work because it’s just aria’s and shagos old assets. Nothing really new was created and that’s why other characters don’t have ultimates. They would need to create the animations for each character doing an Ultimate, something they won’t do because if you haven’t noticed they don’t make many unique animations as it is and recycle them whenever they can to save money and time.

You dIdin’t care and that’s fine, but I DID! and to me it was one of the BIGGEST things I wanted in KI to come back so you got your wish at the expense of mine, which honestly I do feel pretty damn sour about.

and again you make the WORST assumptions, Ultimates won’t ever happen so you will NEVER have a definitive answer whether everyone gets an annihilation move or not.

And even then you would have hardly a thing to worry about when it came to Ultimates because all you had to do was get the enemy to red and the only hing they can probably beat you with is a 100 hit + Ultra

But I know a definitive answer for my case: KI will NOT be a perfect game for me and I finally have something I DON’T like about this game. which compared to others is still fairly a good thing since it’s one major thing I think is a flaw about KI3. I don’t expect all ames to be perfect, hell none of them really are, but this is a pretty glaring factor to me.

However I am not so upset that I won’t drop the game or give it up since this may just be the only KI will get ever in 20 or so years. Kinda sad the only finisher that’s consistant is a stream of hyper-combo-esk Ultras in KI which really I’ll just skip with an Ultra ender since even I don’t like sitting through them even if I’m the one giving the business.

and stage Ultras are not on every stage so that means if I want to get a satisfying victory I have to limit my choice of stage selection.

KI3 may now have what is basically a few missing teeth, but I still love the game.

In that case they should of jsut left Ultimates alone period. Because if Shago is the only one that has one then IG didn’t do a thing with Ultimates at all. So safe to say this KI has no Ultimates.

I could care less about how much better DH’s Ultimates are, I honestly had enough faith in IG that I beleived they could of pulled it off with the quality, and even if it wasn’t as good I’d of still enjoyed it anyway because unlike this case at least they tried.

I didn’t have really any issues about the animations in the Stage Ultras. I thought they looked nice. Just too bad it’s only on a limited amount of stages, so looks like our options of finishers are pretty much limited.

Plus a whole new method of finsihing my opponent, the varying degrees and options I could have hell I’d actually have a damn good reason to get even better for supreme victories. Seeing as there’s really no reward for it I think only thing worth with matches is to just simply not lose.

Yeah that is apprarent since the Ultras themselves are just recycled animations in of itself. It’s probably something I’ll more than likely rant less and less about, but it sin’t something I’m going to completely push to the side.

So now I can safely say, lack of Ultimates is really the only thing I dislike about the game and in this particular feature, IG/MS kinda pushed it under the rug.

but other than that, the game still has a way more interesting character roster, game play and music. Save for stae Ultra’s there’s really no way to put a cherry on top of your greatest matches.

Logically I would have a more gray area and say there IS one, but really it’s only one character and it happens so little there’s really no point in even acknowledging it.

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I cared for ultimates. Also, whatever it is you’d feared getting cut, it probably would not get affected anyway. If it’s characters, that won’t get affected.
What were you concerned about getting cut anyway?

Not really, what IG did was make it so that in the future they could do Ultimates without needing cater and fix each stage. The original Ultimate by Shago looks like it couldn’t work on every stage. Probably because the sky on each stage where Shago sends enemies flying wasn’t completely modeled on each stage. The black background on the new ultimate hides the stage. So while you think they didn’t do anything, they made it so in the future Ultimates can work on any stage.

Yeah they could have made Ultimates on quality to the original Ultimates or just use the current black background and give Ultimates to each character but that would take time and money and like we saw Friday, they don’t have the budget to do everything and if they did do Ultimates they would have to cut something else. Maybe even cut any other stages.

So you would assume, BUT since they are not, all that time spent to make it work was pointless.

I wouldn’t believe that. Because honestly if Shago is the only one what will have it, then we can expect there will be no Ultimates in the future. nor in the present. I’m sticking by my conclusion cause for me it’s just easier to swallow: there are no Ultimates in KI3

The black background I think was a nice solution because it was kind of playing back to the original KI’s darkening screen. And I think it would of worked. I honestly feel pretty much cheated.

Not that would matter anyway because we only got three stages anyway so even if that was the case that couldn’t hardly play a role in cuting stages. And I’m very skeptical about what this “big thing” is. So lowering my expectations from here on out in season3.

At the end of the day the only finishers we got are once in a blue moon stage ultras and ulras that I honestly don’t feel like sitting through with doing so I skip it. So really, only one way to finish off your foe with satisfaction and it’s scattered by just a few stages.

If your concern is about the stages we are only getting three and nothing more. something big is coming and I do not think it’s ultimates, as it stands this thing they are planning is not anything that the community is thinking of right now.

Now you expressed concern about something getting cut, what is it exactly?

Nothing will be cut because it’s not in the season but if it was then something would def be cut. Remember that Ultimates were something to consider for the community fund, meaning it’s an expensive add on to the game for it to need funding. Which is where my concern would come in. If it was coming in the season. But it isn’t.