The "Release Ultimates for all Characters" Request Thread. Share your opinion!

That’s why ultimates he;ps this. That way you don’t get forced tow atching an ultra when you don’t want to rather than ahvign to rage quoit all the time.

They are still working on other major things for the game. All we can do is wait till season 3 enfds which is likely where it will go if they do reconsider.

After playing MKX and having 12-15 ways to finish a fight KI gets boring really fast

Yeah, but MK fighting is so much more linear and one sided, I like KI’s gameplay better…The ultimates would just be the cherry on top.

Fatalitities and Brutalities, ect is all MK has going for it. Other than that its way less entertaining thank KI

I agree, while I do love MKX and think its one of the best games ever made. KI’s gameplay is abit faster and youi don’t have to se the same combo done over and over. However, KI is still missing Ultimates and as long as we get it at some point I think there is nothing to worry about.

Not to mention this shouldn’t interfere with anything else they have has a priority.

according to @TempusChaoti there’s a little chance to have ultimates back at this game. It’s just a matter if we chose between retro stages or new costumes over finishing moves. But of-course, ultimates all the way. And so annihilation move for everyone too (working as the new no mercy move and different from ultimate finisher). These other things can wait. They’re no priority at all. I would love to see the classic street / avenue stage, Eyedol’s chamber and or sky stage but no if it implies on ultimate’s return.

Find more at his interview with LCD at the KI twitch channel.

I feel ultimate combo’s should return…but I am not sure if they would look good

No offence to IG but the stage ultras combined are still not nearly as good as shadow jago’s ultimate in my opinion (Hisako had a ok one)

I would rather see ultimates return for all characters (Including Omen), than a new mechanic called stagger or whatever or Rash…Heck I would just ask for 5 characters for season 3 if ultimates came back (probobally in the minority here)

At least the retro costumes are there…some better than others but almost everyone has one…can the same be for ultiamtes?

I would wait longer for characters to come out if they come with awesome perks (a.k.a ultimate combos) Like SF5. 2 characters per month would be cooler if we got ultimates as a result

Totally…If ultimate combo’s were more like brutalities (specific tasks for specific kills) I would prefer that!!

The issue with annihilations is that people will be too reliant on them and they can get countered
Just ultimates will do fine.

Unforitinatly I think our options are limited. I’d love it if we could get all 8 characters and still get ultimates but that may not happen at the same time all e do is ask for them before the start of season 4 or after.

I’m the opposite. Having my time constantly wasted by people doing fatalities gets boring really fast. Thats the reason tournament players almost never do fatalities despite the chat constantly begging for them.

Ultimates can potentially lighten the load. If you get bodied and your opponent perfroms an Ultimate you won’t have t wait so long rot eh match to end.

While it is an opinion for me I still cannot help but agree with you full on. I was willing to be paitent with them putting in because of the time they needed to figure out the problem and some more stuff coming in. They figured it out, so there’s o reason to make it exclusive to Shago, otherwise they didn’t do a darn thing with Ultimates.

The linear style is why I don’t find MKX as fun as KI. Only reason to really paly it are the fatalities and it is VERY easy for stuff to get one-sided. watched some of Max’s vids recently and while he’s very good there’s not much to take in. It is ALL onesided very easily, just like MVC3.

If KI gets Ultimates for all characters it would be amazing.

I think retro stages are less-likely to happen as I remember them mention stages take quite a bit of development time. Skins are simple to make so I think should be a bit below Ultimates which will add alot more meat than either of those. Annilations are a terirble idea as people will just simply use those instead of instinct and it will just kill the character diversity in the gameplay. Despite the drawbacks to Shago’s annihilation it doesn’t mean everyone should have a high-damage move like that. I feel they will do their damage properly. The Instinct mode should be useful as it is. Otherwise there is no point to having except Annihilation.

There’s already a SPECIFIC TASK! You have to keep a green lifebar which means that they’re still rare occurance if you consider your kind of competition on KI.

If that’ the case you probably don’t mind waiting half a second of being trippled ultra. That’s a real time waster. an Ultimate is only three seconds of your time, and the only way you can get killed by an Ultimate is if the opponent manaes to keep their green lifebar. Which I’m sure you can get rid of more often than not.

There is seriously nothing stopping IG from implementing the character’s Ultimates since they figured it out already. Yes there is time they need to develop it but that is to be expected.

That’s why some of us are proposing to do it after season 3.

it’s a real question wheather they will EVEN do it. If Ultimates come after season 3 I’m ok with this.

Asking for them afterwards can help for several reasons
1: doing ti after season does not interfere with priorities.
2:Those who wanted ultimates can now do them
3: It is actually a reward for keeping your green bar.
4: It gives options and would give the winner a pleasing show while not wasting the losers time so they can move on to the next round or match

the issue is if they’ll even decide to do it after the season is over.

Ultimates are more likely x-ray moves. If they follow shago’s style thats it. I wish they was like the brutalities from MKX but you know about the game rate and gore are not welcome… So let them be more like x-ray thing. Thats fine. But i hope they do right with Cinder. Burn your enemy with shadow inferno then it vanishes into ashes just like how the victim dies on Aganos stage ultra. Same for Fulgore with his devastation beam. Makes the enemy disintegrate in a blink of an eye using a blue beam. They can do a lot of good ultimates taking advantage of the particle system.

ALL I know is Ultimates were way higherpriority az comunity addition than CAM was

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If Season Three comes with no Ultimate’s and they add say 3 more Stage Ultras and none added to the Season One Stages I say we riot!!!

We need more ways to finish fights or else after unlocking accessories (usually at level 25) unless your a competitive Tournament Gamer the replay value is gone.

Ultimaes should be as they are. Something you can pull off when the foe’s life bar is blinking.

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If Ultimates are put in for additional characters, I think they should keep the input similar to Shadow Jago’s - pick a special move for the character, and trigger the Ultimate with that input and LP+LK.

I was considering what they I’d like to see IG do for Thunder’s, and I settled on the Call Of The Earth input, with an Ultimate which focuses on multiple COTE grab’n’smashes with multiple lightning strikes.


i think ultimates would be better as an input after the first or the second ultra