The "Release Ultimates for all Characters" Request Thread. Share your opinion!

Today Shadow Jago’s moveset was revealed together with his iconic Ultimate. So this means everyone will get an Ultimate in Season 3, right? Apparently this may not be the case. During the stream the devs mentioned that Shadow Jago will be the only character in the video game which has an Ultimate.

It is sad to see that the potential of the iconic Ultimates (which finally work now) may be wasted.
Ultimates add another layer of depth to the game which makes it truly more enjoyable:

  • The idea behind the restricted use of the Ultimate (which can only be done if the player has managed to keep his life in the first/green life bar) is satisfying and rewarding. Same goes to the cinematic camera angles and transitions which make the Ultimate seem like the equivalent to Mortal Kombat’s Fatatlities or Street Fighter 4’s Ultra Combos.

  • Ultimates add variety to player choice. Do I try to land a crazy triple Ultra Combo? Should I use the stage ender? Or can I manage to perform an Ultimate?
    Season 2 brought us Stage Ultras back. Now it is time for Season 3 to finally give us Ultimates.

  • Iron Galaxy showed us how amazing they did with Season 2. They got better with every character. Just compare TJ Combo’s animations to the ones of Riptor or Cinder. Iron Galaxy is capable of doing epic and powerful looking Ultimates and I would really love to see them!

Ultimates are a highly requested feature by the KI fanbase since the launch of KI on Xbox One 2013. We were never closer to actual Ultimates than now. Please make it happen, Iron Galaxy! :muscle:



Amen, Ultimates were the #1 thing I was looking forward to in S3. Here’s hoping that if we yell loud enough they’ll be added to S3 at some point…


Agreed. I’m also disappointed by ALL characters not having an Ultimate. I’m hoping for a swerve and that they actually did include Ultimates on all characters in March. They need to make it happen/


To be frank, I don’t really care about Ultimate. If they have time and money to give one to each character, good, otherwise, that’s not a big deal for me.

I would rather have an online training or a bigger story mode, for exemple, instead of a gimmicky finisher move for every character.


I agree, if we give them feed back and point out that we want this feature then they will likely listen to us.

I agree with everything you mentioned OP. Pretty much all of it. Even if they don’t do them for season3 I still want them to do it at least once everyone in season3 is finished.

I’ve been wanting Ultimates for season3. So I hope IG reconsiders this and actually works on Ultimates.

As was I. But knowing Ultimates may not be implemented in S3 has stiffled my hype so I hardly have anything to look forward to for S3.

I won’t expect by March but I’d like it if they could at least do that after season3 has begun.

That stuff may just come anyway so yeah. Your desires are not threatened by this. At least that stuff is more likley to happen than Ultimates for everyone which is why a lot of us are pushing for it. That stuff will come you’ll be fine.

For the first time bro I may be unsure about your statement. Because people were wanting Ultimates to happen so far it sounds like IG doesn’t want to do it, save for just Shago which they already did. But I hope this thread can change their mind.

But who knows, IG’s not a typical developer, they may actually listein and hopefully reconsider their option. By doing what they did with Shago and doing it for the rest of the cast they’ve solved the issue of Ultimates for everyone. It seems they got everything and I can’t help but question why just stop at Shago? why not at least make some considerations for all the other characters later down the road.

And pelase no one tell me it’s cause of “characters, stages, modes etc” I know those are important, I’m not saying IG should throw that aside and do Ultimates yet, I’m saying they should do that after that stuff is out of the way. They have it set with Shago there’s NO reason whatsoever for them to deny that all other characters will have Ultimates. If it isn’t the case the only way I want more options with finishers is to play Shago which will decrease alot of variety in what characters appear online. Shago will more likely be the most played in season3 in the long run because he has this finishing move that the others don’t.


I disagree with this. It’s not just Iron Galaxy working on this game. Yes, they’re developing it, but it’s a joint effort from Microsoft as well so everyone is involved. Maybe Iron Galaxy wants too, but NDA says that they can’t disclose if they’re doing it or not, we heard it from James Goddard mouth so that means something right?

It all comes down to what is contracted for this season. The community wants multiple different things. We can already name off a few we’re getting already:

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least 8 stages

I’m not saying it’s because of these items we’re not getting ultimates, but there have been multiple threads already on the topic of what we wanted for Season 3 ranging from:

  • More Stage Ultras - Enabled on S1 stages
  • More Story Mode
  • More Modes
  • Ultimates for every character, including S3

I might be missing a few, but I believe those were the biggest. There’s a give/take relationship between all of these. I may not have it all full circle, but I imagine this is pretty close to what could have been in discussions between these two places and something had to give.

In the end, we don’t know, what we don’t know. I would also like Ultimates as much as the next guy.

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Amen to that!!!
Bring back Ultimates!

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It is very vague from what they said on the stream, almost like they were trying to tiptoe the line after what I assume was prematurely showing the Stagger mechanic without first talking about it a little. So to people who feel like @JEFFRON27 does, relax. Its not the end, Season 3 is yet to drop. Shago is like KI S2.5, I can understand your hype being cut down from the number of times I’ve read about it in the multiple threads for Ultimates (seriously guys, one topic would have been enough). Please note that no dev has yet to comment on any of these threads with a confirmed “not happening at all for anyone else, this season or next” and we know that they pay attention to these forums. If the hype trailers are anything to go by, I’m sure we’ll know about the Ultimates as soon as Kim’s trailer drops. Until then, stop assuming the worst.

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Ya know what’s funny is I usually don’t. I really do tend to stay pretty calm and never assume the worst until it actually happens, but they seemed really sincere about Shago being the only one with an Ultimate which is why I any who feel the same way I do assume so.

Additional characters, mechanics, accessories, costumes, and stages are important to me going forward, along with online Practice and character-specific Dojos.

If Shadow Jago is the only character with an Ultimate, making him unique, then I’m fine with that. I don’t think Ultimates are that big of a deal to get super worked up about.

On the same token, if Ultimates are given to all of the Season 3 characters, I believe that all characters from previous seasons should receive them as well. I suppose that means I have mixed feelings about the whole thing.

I agree with you that we can’t “blame” IG for not having Ultimates in KI right now, that isn’t their call…it’s MS’s…but knowing this fact doesn’t make it an easier pill to swallow. Honestly, placing blame, I don’t think, is anyone’s point anyway; everyone is just frustrated that on this issue we are seemingly being ignored.

I whole heartedly disagree with your statement that the community doesn’t know what it wants though. Sure we want a lot, and sure our wants / needs shift daily, but Ultimates being in KI were never a part of that discussion.

Ultimates have been a constant request / demand / expectation from day negative 90. Them being outright denied YET AGAIN for another season, is a disappointment through and through. I, like many others, have felt the hype for S3 dissipate from us with this news. Sure Shago looks great, and sure the proposition of S3 is a bright one, but the Ultimates discussion is bigger than Shago, and goes back to before “S1” was a thing. That is why you’ve seen so many people, who are frankly still happy that Shago and S3 are a thing, hella sad and frustrated that KI is still going to be missing a key part of what makes KI…KI.


I definite want Ultimate’s…really wish they could squeeze it in to there production plans.

I personally want them to be like Brutalities… I feel that is the funnest way and most challenging way to have them. Certain task that have to be done to initiate the Ultimate. I know that prob wont happen…but if i had to decide…that’s how it would be.

Im hoping they are in S3 and IG is just hiding this or trying to trick us and then boom…surprise! I was really hoping that the new moves hinted for each character is actually there Ultimate

The thing to me is that 90% percent of matches end with ultra’s, stage ultra’s are to place dependend to be used in competive play. It would be nice to have a diffrent finisher then just ultra.

If I said that we don’t know what we want, I apologize, it isn’t my business to speak for everybody. The point of my comment was to say that those things were the most heavily requested out of us, but it comes down to the scope of what is feasible with MS direction of what they want. Primarily those four things were, as my guess, what was probably going on in the round table discussion between the two parties.

And the comment of “We don’t know, what we don’t know” was directed more towards the discussions that go on between MS and IG, because they can only be so transparent without spoiling everything. We don’t know what goes on in these discussions.

Sorry to be harping on this, but this right here is part of the issue. Ultimates shouldn’t be getting “squeezed in,” or squeezed out for that matter, they should be a focus, a staple, a bullet point for the game.

If they wanted to, they could have done it. The bottom line is that it wasn’t a priority. They put other things over having Ultimates in the game, and that, for me at least, is the issue.

Please know / understand that I think S3 will be great. The new stagger mechanic looks intriguing, I’m really looking forward to the new UI, and Shago looks fuggin’ awesome! I believe in IG, they are a great Dev, and with the MS working with them, they seem to be improving on what has already shaped up to be a solid game. I’m on board with whatever S3 will be, and I’m already waiting on pins and needles for new news when ever it drops. STILL though, I’m salty about all the things that were prioritized over Ultimates…because…Ultimates.


Don’t you worry about those,they will be in regardless. Ultimates shouldn’t interfere with that. They will always get added


I just meant if they’re truly limited on development time, those things are much more important priorities than Ultimates in my opinion.

I would wait even longer for Ultimates to come out

I have to wait till around 2016 to see Juri, Guile, Urien, Balrog, Ibuki and Alex (characters I really like) in SF5

and most people would wait even longer for the likes of Sean, Akuma, Sagat, Sakura and Q

So they could spend 3 months on ultimates for 2 characters and I would be fine…So long as they look good