The "Release Ultimates for all Characters" Request Thread. Share your opinion!

If I have to wait till season 3 gets all of its roster in the game, I will

That’s why i feel more and more pushed to MKX.

There’s no point when a fighting game has the word KILLER on its name and not have finishing moves…

Someone please, save season 3. We need ultimates.

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For the last time: we’re not saying that stuff shouldn’t be dropped for Ultimates, what I am saying is that stuff will come anyway. So that’s really no big deal.

The way they worded it makes it sound like Ultimates are not even coming at all and that’s what some folks here are so worked up over. But others throw down their thoughts which may give hope. Sure the characters and stuff are important, we get it. Now if Ultimates were to come later down the road this stuff will ease down in time.

I don’t think season 3 is in any big-trouble because there are possibly no Ultimates, but in my opinion S3 will not have much to be hyped for save for all the original KI characers returning.

But they never were a bullet point or focus of the game? Never! Not once have they ever mentioned working on these…its always been asked by the community and there response was anything can happen, or maybe if we have time.

But its never been a staple of this reboot

It hasn’t but the important stuff is going to come anyway. When you’re uncertain about things often times it can be hard to focus on anything else.

Hey Im all for them, but some ppl are putting words in the devs mouths saying they made a promise and are now backing out… that never happened. the only hint that ultimate’s were on the drawing board was the fact that Secret Boss Shago had one. thats it… they never confirmed that anyone else would ever have one…its all been speculated… so no one should be mad at IG or MS for there not being more… if blame goes to anyone it goes to DH for giving shago one and not creating some sort of follow up plan for IG

That is the point…and the problem.

In KI1 and KI2…Ultimates and Ultras WERE a bullet point.

People have been asking for them to return…and be a focus…and they aren’t doing it.

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Some have speculated that they said what they said on the stream in hopes that they do not want to reveal anything and that Shago is really a preview of what’s to come in season3. Whether or not they are I suppose will be decided much later down the road. As of right now, it just seems like they were concrete on no.

DH put it in because Ultimates were intended to happen, so it sounds to me like that they should be a thing and they either A: Just don’t want to do it, or

B: They have plans for it and we have no idea.

It would be awesome if IG added ultimates for each character. For sure would like to see this for season 3.

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I hope its B…that’s my thoughts anyway…they are working on it…have given hints and want it to be a big surprise. If that is not the case…owell… we still have a great game.

trust me…i want ultimate’s more than anyone… Brutalities are my fav part of MKX… I think they are genius… but Im not mad if we dont get them

should we wait for the end of season 3 to request this? I’m not so positive about them trolling us. But hey, it can be applied later. Phil Spencer save us all.

I think that’s what we should do. wait till season 3 is done then add ultimates.

I just don’t understand why some people think the priority should be switched. We know they have thing son the top of their to-do-list right now and all these colors, characters (eepecially Kim Wu and Tusk) . accessories, their all gonna be in the game no matter what. So thos people who are concerned for accessories, characters and colors have nothing to worry about.

This thread is so funny and disappointing at the same time. I remember back before DH established their forums and all they had was a black screen there was a poll based on community requests, and if I remember correctly, ultimates and no mercies was in the top three, that was 3years ago and we still was denied. At this point it doesn’t matter to me anymore. When the execs sat at the table and had to fire the former CEO of Microsoft for stupid decisions and not putting the gamers first, then they caught all that backlash and PS took off they had no choice but to make KI the way it is now and thats making it available to everyone without any restrictions on rating or any other crap. So playing it safe is keeping everyone employed… It’s sad, but reality. Get use to Shago being the only one with an Ultimate. Just my opinion.

Yeah I remember that list…looking back it’s pretty sad that over 2 years later we still don’t have one of the top requested features…


My only excuse is the addition of characters and what not. I fel the real problem is chances are IG may not want to do a damned thing about Ultimates. But others have their own thoughts on it. Still I cannot help but lean more toward’s the negative side.

Wow. Finally you are seeing the light Red. but it’s not IG. it’s MS.

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Thanks for reminding me there, I forgot that IG isn’t the only ones working on the game. This whole issue has not made my head very clear, which is funny because this is the only issue I can really think of that has made it pretty ■■■■ emotionally focused and I am ashamed to admit that.


What’s funny is this: when something in KI amazmes everyone and it’s all happy, everyone just thanks IG. When something goes wrong, it’s MS’s fault.

Now I admit I forget to credit both in the same sentence sometimes. But on a more happier day I’m usually more clear-headed enough.

I will never excuse either of them from blame. Both are working on the game, they shall both share the blessings and blame. So yeah if something in KI ends up awesome thank em’ both for once. If they do something wrong, you gotta be mad at both.

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Now that being said my brother isn’t saying that this KI is a bad game.

To me, Killer Instinct for XboxOne isn’t a complete KI experience unless No Mercies and/or Ultimates are available for the entire roster.

No Mercies/Ultimates are a signature feature of the franchise. It just isn’t acceptable without it.

This is almost as bad as MS saying “we can only give an Ultra Combo to one character.” Ridiculous.


looks like this game is not getting the treatment that it deserves… Sad, just sad.

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