Killer Instinct Season 3 Graphics Shine Brighter

I may troll around teasing news and information, but when it is written on the site, there is no trolling. What’s written is factual.

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I am curious to see what the trade off for fewer stages is but regardless it seems like an odd choice. Individual stages added a ton of personality to the characters. It’s going to absolutely suck to lose them.

It also changes things up from a value proposition as well. Buying the character got you the stage, so that will have to be replaced with something as well.

3 stages? That’s mean we will see rash’s stage! Wait…

1- Rash
2- Kim Wu
3- Arbiter



I just got even more hyped.

Hmmm but no one on the forums mentioned Ultimates…interesting

You’re looking at a good part of it in relighting 17 existing stages. From what I understand - and I am no dev - but this isn’t a copy/paste method.


You imply he’s getting one… Remember he’s a guest plus he comes through a portal

Okay, okay, now i’m really starting to question what IG is up to.

Grant it, I’m extremely hyped for season 3, and I remember Adam from an interview stating that characters and stagers were to two most expensive things to make in KI. That being said, it’s extremely shocking that S3 will only be featuring THREE stages. Like, jeez! If there’s only going to be three stages in S3, then they most be really good!

Now this leads me to the biggest question. Since stages are one of the most expensive things to make in KI, and now they’re only putting three stages into S3, what else could they be doing to make up for this? More characters? New mechanics?.. Will there be preorders for S3? :joy:

I use that reference because after that live stream everyone seemed to think we were playing coy.

But relighting isn’t going to be a selling point for someone looking to buy S3… sooooooooo

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Well that seems even more strange to me then. Less content to improve lighting is a very poor trade off in my opinion.


Arbiter get his own stage. But maybe we will see Rash’s stage for next week?

If there’s only 3 stages, do new characters still get dynamic themes? If so, do certain characters share a stage for their theme to play?

Dear god, it would be devastating if they only did themes for three characters in S3! D:

I imagine Kim Wu, Tusk, and Arbiter are the 3 stages.

We’ve already seen Arbiter has a stage in the trailer, and I imagine the other guests don’t beat Arbiter in terms of popularity. Kim’s stage is already known, and I would guess Tusk (being a known KI quantity that has existing lore) is probably the other one.


That’s a really good question…

Season 3 get only three stages? No new stages for Tusk, Gargos, Eyedol, Vampire and other characters?..
I don’t understand what they mean!

I really like what you done with the lighting and the details on the stages but will some of the characters get any graphical upgrades too?
I’ve been playing allot with Sadira recently but one thing that bugs me is the hair doesn’t look right especially in comparison to characters like Hisako and Maya which their hair flows naturally, also it has some major clipping issues.

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