Killer Instinct Season 3 Graphics Shine Brighter

Chad Greene, Killer Instinct’s Art Director, takes us through the lighting system changes coming to KI in Season 3.

Check out the full details here:


Thanks for sharing rukizzel!

in addition to also including three all-new stages for Season 3.

Soft confirmation of three characters at launch? Or no longer spending time on creating new stages since we already have plenty? :smile:
I’d be perfectly happy with this. Opens up more time/money for different things.

Edit: Are the Before/After pictures out of order?


After seeing the comparisons, I had to clean my mouth from constant drooling.

What I’m noticing is overall is more subtlety in the lighting. Particularly around things like the candles in Kan-Ra’s stage, or the lamps on Sadira’s throne.

Yea we need some clarification on the stages.

LOL. As I was prepping this I had a tough time trying to decide what was better. We opted for moving the slider. So if you moved the slider to before, you’d see the before image. But that means at default “before” sits on the left side with the after image.

What further clarification could I provide?


3 stages in total?

3 stages at launch?

WOAH! That looks so sick!!! Dude, S3 is going to look so beautiful!

@rukkizel, I have a question. With dynamic lighting in place, does that mean that if certain special moves go off, it affects lighting, like Call of The Sky, or an Endokuken?

Well, I lost my Guess on the characters for the March Date Guessing game… LOL XD

Awesome differences going on there!

…Now make Kim Wu’s face shine brighter as well. OR ELSE!

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Are all characters for season 3 going to get a stage? Or is that a stay tuned?

Any clarification is appreciated :smiley:

No! Don’t take her! Take me instead… :sob:



Usually, I’m not really good at seeing differences between pics but here, that’s pretty noticeable.

To be frank, I don’t really care about graphisms, even if I definitly want to see Thunder’s Stage, but keep up the good work guys.

HAHAHAHAH!!! nooooooo @TheNinjaOstrich :sob::joy:

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It looks way clearer.

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3 stages in Season 3

Sigh I knew she was going too far.



14 character season?

That’s really disappointing : (


Looks great also it makes seeing the smaller details on the characters easier.:smile:

While this is a bit disappointing, a stage per character is not my main wish. It could mean more of something else, and if it’s between new or improved modes, more / better characters, new costumes / accessories or more stages… I’d definitely rather it be any of the first three.

Oh, I forgot to respond to main announcement… Hehehe:
The lighting does look much more subtle and gives off a grittier, darker feeling while making characters stand out more cleanly. Great work!