The "Release Ultimates for all Characters" Request Thread. Share your opinion!

Nah man. He is just the main fighter character aka ryu, scorpion, ragna, sigefried.

There is difference though.

High demand yes. I can CLEARY see that.

Signature feature no. Ki was never JUST about the ultimates which I’m starting to think that’s all people want these days. But that’s not any of my business.

Although I called this a long time ago they weren’t coming back BECAUSE I think Ultra’s are the new Main finisher.

I have no problem with people who want ultimates. High demand is a factor…But sometimes it isn’t enough :confused:

He got denied from Saturday night live even when everyone wanted him on there. So there’s that.

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I’ve give up te idea that Ultimaes are coming in season3 so it’s gone now, wou;dn’t even bother gettin’ my hopes up here.

You have alot of understandable concerns about Ultimates but if ya ask me, their implementation would of hurt you a lot less than it would of anything else. Since it seemed they had quite the ground work.

But as they say, not everyone can be happy.

Ultras are nice but they are so repetitive it’s not even funny. I’ve been doing them since season1 and they simply lost their appeal over time. Because you really didn’t have anything else to finish the opponent off with.

Really they are not worth sitting through any more so they’re better off being skipped. You don’t have to really work at it to do them and they’re so common they’re practically like pennies.

Long story short, lack of ways to finish off your foe for a satisfying victory. I really don’t have anything to look forward at the end of matches anymore, so I’ll fight for fun but it will certainly be just business.

I really don’t have anything big that truly sticks out to me in season3, I’ll be going to season3 sure, but really there isn’t any big features to look forward to in season3 as of now.

Can’t help ya. We see ultra’s EXTREMELY differently then.

We certainly do. : U

The OP did have some good points though which one of the major reasons I think Ultimates would of been great, BUT since they aren’t coming. In my opinion this is KI3’s biggest and mos glaring flaw. But as I said before, not all games are perfect and this probably what I get for raising my expectations so high.


They could’ve sucked as well. I mean visually wise. Ultimates are tricky to implant. You can’t please everyone.

They kinda already do, I mean they’re recycled animations of random punches and kicks. Granted they have always been like that in Killer Instinct’s older games. But since they’ve been done so many times through the series I really just do not have any interest in them anymore.

Wait what? I was referring to ultimates.

Sorry guess we’re off the wrong page I was talking about Ultras, lol.

Ultimates are tricky sure but I would of given IG some effort for trying. But they did all that work to make it work on all stages and they won’t even make Ultimaes work for all the other characters. So when it comes to this particular feature, they didn’t even try.

And even if they didn’t come out a bit crazy they could of tweaked the animations later on down the road. I’d of been fine with that. And even then they would be rare because not everyone can keep their green life-bar. But Ultras do nothing for you. Just delay the end just a bit more.

And yes it’s true that you cannot please everyone, but I’ll tell ya this, they really disappointing me with the potential of this feature.

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Ultimates would’ve been grand imo. But it is true youc annot pelase everybody, that’s why season 1 retros are highly unlikely to get changed.

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Season1 retros I wasn’t so bugged about. Because honestly I didn’t have to select them, that 's just a tiny somewhat see through blemish that I may not even notice till I look hard enough at it.

Lack of Ultimates to me, though, while it is a small stain, is very ugly, cannot be scrubbed clean. It is a small, and ugly stain on an amazing and beautiful car. Still love it to death and will always be driving it, but I know that stain will always be there when I look at the car as a whole.

Like a little green dwarf once told me:

If they did go along with the ultimates, IMAGINE The backlash If they sucked.

I’m not saying Ultimates aren’t bad no no no, I WOULD LOVE for them to be in the game but I just can’t see it happening. Especially now.

Only 2 of them are Really bad IMO. But yeah…I gotcha

I gonna leave this thread now Because I feel Like it’s off topic. But Good discussion guys :slightly_smiling:

Considering they are never going to add Ultimates anyway that is just pointless to worry about now. I understand the rational behind this, but for me it is never going to soften the blow that this feature won’t ever truly be in the game.

Since the blow is already been struck, it’s a simply a matter of healing.

You’re smoking some powerful weed if you think Jago isn’t very heavily inspired by Ryu :joy: You’re alone on that one.

No Mercies/Ultimates are most definitely signature features of KI. They were in KI1 and KI2, that’s an undisputed fact. If you had a complete non-gamer play KI1 and KI2 for months, then play KI for X1 and ask him/her “whats missing from this sequel?”, No Mercies/Ultimates would be close to the top of the list, if not at the top.

Killer Instinct right now is like Deadpool with a PG-13 rating. The movie still would’ve worked, still funny, still very faithful to the source material, but its not 100% it.


now that ultimates are gone…

No Mercy?

Have people seen the cool no Mercy thread over at the feedback section?

I’m gonna have to stop you right there. I’m just going to agree to disagree on this topic.

I disagree. They are not a signature feature. They are pretty much no different the ultra combos. They are finishers. all of them.

KI was never about finishing your opponent. It was about a wacky cast, combos, and an amazing announcer.

So they decided ultras are probably better to bring back.

But like i said: I’m going to agree to disagree. Are we cool?

He is. He is the fighting game main character trope. Lol.

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I feel the same, the game is great in almost Every area.

KI has gotten more hours on my Xbox than any other game.

That’s HUGE for a fighting game to be the main app.

But it doesn’t feel complete without Ultimates


ii dunno man, when TJ combo hit his opponent and they hit the screen of the arcade cabinet, was pretty epic ■■■■ for its time. KI went toe to toe with MK finishers and a few went as far as to make fun of the idea. To say finishers didn’t encapsulate what KI was about completely undermines the title of the game. killer instinct means to me at least read, execute and finish your opposition to the point that it comes as second nature, if u will.

Are there tools in the game that crushes ur enemies before you? that’s up for serious debate buddy.

I seriously DO NOT CARE about ultimates!!!

Totally understand other ppl wanting them tho

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i would like ultimates but i would prefer the normal camera.not different angles.