The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


She becomes throw vulnerable after her invincible frames, yeah, but that stomp has tons of block stun. You’re not going to punish/interrupt with a throw. You certainly won’t grab her if she follows through.

If you throw dragons into the mix, there’s ways the move can become over +20 on block.

Hisako has the edge fighting Kim, but it’s through dragons that she can make Hisako second guess things she would not normally.


Did pretty well today handling @Cabp15’s side characters, but then went 0-3 against his Arbiter, almost getting perfect’ed on the last.

Once a grenade is on, the life bar is gone


I was thinking more in the lines of Kilgore’s Short Circut, then following up with a throw after stomp.


Nah, i know for a fact that doesn’t seem to work. I remember Maury trying it in sets we used to play but he’d whiff the throw. So he settled for dodging into DP juggles. And i don’t know if i should even think of it as a compromise. That’s straight into juggle territory and probably with white life on me that he would capitalize on.

But to be fair, he was doing the spot dodge in reaction to my DP. Maybe if you did it as an anticipation, it might work, but that’s kinda presumptuous.


Yep. You really wrecked my Kim Wu. I gotta improve my gameplay with her. She’s a little bit helpless against Hisako. You gotta have dragons to have a chance. It was a very fun set. Ggs, @CodeComplete85.


And GGS to you!!! Your Eagle gets nastier each time we fight!!! :smile:


Yeah it’ll apply more as a read, but it won’t work during the freeze, maybe? If she does whiff the stomp he can follow up with grab in this situation.

Check this out (4:25)


Man, I hate your Sadira. It’s almost impossible to block. All that jumping around… Ggs! :sweat_smile:


Interestingly, and I discussed this with @WebNRagnarok, I’ve been matched with UA Kalypso and found him easier to deal with than Web. Kalypso wanted to just hang back and throw air knives at me and gave me plenty of time to scheme and plan. Web gave me an even mix of grounded game, jump kicks, and knives that didn’t allow me too much opportunity to learn patterns and counter.


OMG you guys @CodeComplete85 and @Cabp15 are going to give me a big head. The good news is I have a fighting date with destiny… namely @STORM179 tonight, and if it is like any other time I’ve fought him, it will be a massacre. :joy_cat:

I’m sure he’ll record the fights so y’all can sift through the rubble that is my broken Sadira body. :joy_cat:


I appreciate you trying to be humble, but your Sadira is a nightmare for most players and you know it. As someone once said “I just press buttons and cool things happen”. I’ll never forget that! :joy::joy::joy:


can we make a lobby? I don’t want to wait for the recording :laughing:



I take it @STORM179 could probably sell tickets. :joy_cat:


GG’s to @WebNRagnarok

F***ing spiders…


Well, through some horrible twist of fate I seem to be awake already, so do you want to play now @WebNRagnarok?


Played a super long set (close to 40 matches) with @Cabp15. Finally got a match (maybe 2?) off his Arbiter, but setups are definitely his specialty; his Eagle is nearly as strong.

Also, my throw (particularly anti-throw) game needs work


Ah, darn. If my daughter didn’t have a playdate, I’d want to catch a few with you until Web shows up and see if I take a little less damage this time


GG’s to @WebNRagnarok. Had a lot of fun. Posted the matches in the Replay Analysis thread, if anyone wants to watch it.


It was every bit the massacare that I thought it would be. :joy_cat: My Sadira body wasn’t ready. :joy_cat:.

If I could only syphon all Storm’s Sadira knowledge out of his head, I might have a slight chance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also @STORM179 maybe next time we can chat as well. :smile:

Also ggs to @MandrillManiac and @KombatKronicles. Always a pleasure.


I pretty much only ever play on Win10 so no mic, but we can message a bit next time if you like.