The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


That would be fine! :slight_smile:


Oh, so the mic’s not supposed to work. No wonder mine didn’t work in the game directly.

However, someone invited me to a chat (or maybe party?) in the Xbox app, and I was able to speak through that, so that seems to be an option. I’ll try to replicate that again sometime.

@WebNRagnarok Maybe you can take out some of your Sako frustration on mine sometime and we can try mic’ing up


Pretty sure mics should work normally with Win10 KI. The port on my motherboard just doesn’t work for some reason :man_shrugging:t5:


Ohhhhh, well then, there are super cheap and great USB audio devices like this:


@STORM179 is silent but deadly!!!

@CodeComplete85 That would be cool!


Actually, I think my USB mic maybe isn’t being picked up by KI because it’s looking at the mic jack on my motherboard. This would be a similar programming error to how other people’s mic audio always comes out of the speakers hooked up to my motherboard rather than the other audio device that my headphones are hooked up to.

I think I might have just cracked the code


GGs to @WebNRagnarok. We had a pretty sassy fight in Ranked. I decided to just go nuts and chase him in the air more.

Also, later that day…


It has happened!!! Congrats! Welcome to the seventh sphere of haites! Mwahahaha!


Congratulations, bro. You deserved!


Thanks everyone for everything. While the rank is nice for the street cred, it’s what happened along the way that I truly value. I’ve gained knowledge/skills, learned to appreciate the depth of this game, come to really enjoy trading wits with opponents (win or lose), and found an awesome community in the process. Here, on the Discord, and just bumping into people on Ranked.

My life is meaningfully different now than it was a few months ago, and I appreciate your help in getting over that initial hump.


Any chance someone’s up and wants to do some rounds?


Im on for a minute if you are.


I’m still at work, unfortunately


Had a snow day here yesterday and caught another mega, 40-match set with @Cabp15. His Tusk is getting pretty scary. GGs


And your Hisako is already very scary. You’re becoming the STORM179 2.0. GGs, bro!


The GGs thread has been kinda booming a bit huh. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it.

I’m kinda looking forward to fighting some familiar names, anyone down for a couple rounds soon?

Also @CodeComplete85, congrats on completing your road to killer. It’s nice to see some new names playing the game. I’m interested in playing against you sometime soon. Although I mostly play Eagle, I can face off with other characters if you’d like. Looking forward to fighting some good Hisako.


Thanks, I could use some practice with Eagle. Really, setups are overall something that I need to confront. Zoning in general I’m starting to get used to, but stuff like Screech + Overhead Arrows + Slide just breaks my brain.


Don’t worry, with enough time you’ll be great at avoiding those setups.

Just tell me a time you’re usually on and we can figure something out. If you have a mic as well that’d be great


Thank you @MaruMDQ and @NWOCyberWulf for the sets of games over the last couple of days. Hopefully, I’ll mold the advice and notes into something to make Sabrewulf more tolerable to fight.


Oh boy, @FallibleJoker14 was far tougher than I ever expected. Even switching to a non-setup character, I still felt the pressure. That kind of experience really lays my faults bare though and shows me how much farther there is to go. Thanks so much for the insights and coaching!