The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


Yeah that guy is a machine. I remember a while back we’d spar and it either be fairly close or he would get stuffed under pressure. Last time we fought with his Eagle vs my Jago, if I recall correctly, I was shut down.

I really have to force myself to be patient and play consistently optimal.


THANK YOU! I see his tag and am like “oh wow, you have a star”, and he says something to the effect of “oh don’t worry about that; I’m not that good”. Retrospective LOL


I’m starting to get the slight impression that a lot of us amongst the higher rankings of KI use that phrase, lol.

Crazy enough, he developed fast much like you are. He was actively seeking sparring partners and advice here. I’ve see you frequent the forums for a while now, so I wouldn’t doubt you being at that level a year from now (assuming you’re still invested and whatnot).


The sets with high-level people are SO helpful. I played a set of 20 with Infil then a 20 with Storm within a few days of each other and it made a very noticeable change. It’s that moment where you realize your patterns and things you’ve been leaning on so far are just simply not enough against this opponent, and you have no choice but to think, experiment, and expand.


GGs to you! These last days have been fun with KI. Whenever I feel a bit frustrated about another fighting game I go back to KI to put a more decent challenge :joy:
It’s been fun!. The only matchups I haven’t forgot are Sabrewulf, Orchid, Jago, Glacius (who would have say?) and probably Hisako (more or less). So it was really fun playing against your Kim!. Yeap, I find her interesting to fight because of her style. Funny fact, I was more focused on watching what your character was doing when hitting me then when I watched my lifebar I said to myself “Oh, I really need to start breaking more” lol.

I know it’s not easy for her to challenge Sabrewulf but still not impossible :grin: Thanks for the matches and see you around

Yes I don’t play much, but my Wulf can still put up a fight :sunglasses:


More than a fight, the way I remember it on Ranked. Still wanting a “rematch” sometime. Maybe I’ll trade more damage next time around :slight_smile:


Let me know, I hate that matchup, but if you want to practice I’m good, lol.


Yeah @MaruMDQ is a Sabre goddess. :joy_cat:

I did manage to win around this time, before my subsequent mauling. :joy_cat:


Oh, I know; she carved that knowledge into me. I’m also kinda happy to hear she doesn’t like fighting Sako; maybe she can teach me how to make other Wulfs not like fighting Sako :grin:

Also, while we’ve had run-ins on Ranked, we haven’t done a proper set yet. Feel free to message if you see me playing.

EDIT: I’m watching one of her videos and see your match with her. I’m never going to un-hear “I like to jump!”


We should get a set going! I’ll be busy tonight. Got clan raids to do in Destiny 2, but this weekend for sure. Who knows I might bring out my Sako. :joy:


I’m really sorry we have the rollback going on every match. But you still know you drive me crazy jumping all the time right? :joy: I would poke the Wulf a bit more. Still annoying me is a lovely tech, lol.
There was a Sadira player who would jab x2 or 3 and also punish my lows a lot with that special move that goes through lows. Once Sadie is on the ground is playtime mode, most of the time :3

I believe only Arias and a few more would like figthing her. She’s a pain. Her small hitbox and her normals priority, range and stun makes the match hard for most of the cast. Since I have no projectiles and my wake up option with shadow is 100% reactable for her parry it’s a difficult match no doubts. You might not like figthing Sabrewulf but I don’t feel Hisako does bad vs him at all.
Just get that knockdown and make them guess, it’s like figthing Fulgore’s vortex but with no wake up option at all.
Still I’m happy I picked Sabrewulf that time, I could have gone with Riptor but tbh I probably do better with my main. With Riptor I might lose easily.

PD: Please guys if we come across or play a set pick either Thunder Stage or Aganos. I can see what’s happening (my vision with all the effects is hurt and can’t react much) and they are usually the least lagged stages for me =)


Welcome back @MaruMDQ - it’s good to see you again :slight_smile:

And yeah, Joker is very, very good. Ignore him entirely when he pulls the “I’m not that good” card :joy:


Speaking of that, GGs to @Infilament, someone who is also entirely too humble about his skills. He is compliment invulnerable. Played a fun (but stressful) 20 rounds with him last night


Lol. Infil’s protestations of goodness are at least a bit justified. He’s really solid at a core level, but he’s also not generally practiced enough to use a high amount of dirt. When he’s beating you, he’s just outplaying you in a lot of small and fundamental ways. Joker is unleashing the whole suite of nonsense and setplay when he fights :joy:


Guess the Joker in his GT is fitting :joy:

Speaking of setplay, Infil even managed to shut down mine. Dashed out of influences, blocked TKs, and DPed Possessions until I just respected his wakeup. Within a few matches, I was just like


GGs to @FallofSeraphs76. Had some fun (and tough) matches with his Omen/Kilgore


Absolutely! Let’s do it again sometime… excellent job with your pokes, combos and breaking!


Ggs to someone called HURT M3 PL3NTY1 yesterday. My first time playing KI in a while and I was mostly messing around with Fulgore. But when I saw a Glacius Killer show up I went to Glacius. Really really fun match. He ended up taking round three with a magic pixel instinct comeback. I sent him a Ggs but was too slow to respond to the invite to a FT5.


lol, I still remember that guy when I played 2 months in a row. I believe that Glay must have hated me.
It’s nice too see how ppl still support the game and play it often. The game really deserves it.


GGs to @SneerfulWater57, who has taught me some respect for Kim Wu. She’s a lot more than just a pretty face (:joy:). Thanks for the fun matches, some “whoa, what was that?!” moments, and a lot of coaching and anti-Kim insights.