The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


Man, I was on yesterday for a few ranked matches and even more exhibition matches. There sure are a lot of angry folks online.

I was trying to level up my Fulgore and had lots of people taunting, do triple ultras if they won, and disconnect when I won. Why are people so salty all the time? In exhibition matches, no less.

Anyway, Ggs to @HappyFoal254925 who beat my Fulgore 9-0 with his Maya. I just couldn’t get anything going. I only realized after I left that we were one shy of FT10 - that was not intentional.


Triple ultras in 2019? I guess that means we’ve got some new folks after all? :sweat_smile:


Nah, I had a guy with 13 stars cancel a triple ultra into tea bag just last night


Ugh. Just as a practical matter ain’t nobody got time to be doing all that. :confused:


No worries. Keep at it and you’ll control the MU. There’s a plethora of Hisako’s to pull knowledge from on handling Kim along with the stuff we went over.


Yeah, it’s the time wasting that bothers me. We could be fighting again and you know - playing the game… At this point I have lost tens of thousands of KI matches and losing a few more doesn’t really tilt me.

I appreciate that fighting games are competitive and people get salty when they lose. But I don’t understand why people who win want to put so much energy into making the guy they beat mad. Like any competitive game/sport you actually NEED your opponent to keep playing.

I keep learning over and over that the world is filled with jerks who - given any opportunity - will always take the low road. Why would you send a nasty message when you just won? Why you mad bro? Lol.

Anyway, on the plus side, I’m always reminded of just how much the game has to offer. I just decided basically at random to get my level 30 Fulgore up and dang, that character looks good. And I had a whole bunch of matchups to try to figure out. If I had nothing else to do for the rest of my life I could probably play KI for twenty more years and still be learning things.


It was a fun set not going to lie, you played differently than other Hisakos and I had to adapt a bit to it lol. You got a bunch of really good parries as well, especially when you parried my DP on wakeup when I was Jago. I legit said ■■■■! out loud lol. Whenever you want I’d absolute be up for a rematch soon. What Tiger said was true btw, I wasn’t at the same level I was back then, I was waaaaay worse lol. There’s probably videos of my old matches that can prove it. You’d probably get to my level or better given more time so I’m looking forward to it.

Also @oTigerSpirit and @STORM179 , thanks for those compliments lol, but honestly I might just be a slightly above average player. Eagle and the fact almost no one picks him up is probably why people think I’m good. If more people picked him up, I feel like they would easily surpass me. But hey, Storm saying I’m a good player really lightened up my day :slightly_smiling_face:. I still didn’t forget that I declared you my rival a while back then, so I wouldn’t mind playing against you sometime to try and beat you. Same goes for Tiger and anyone else. You guys are fun to play with. I can only deal with ranked for so long lol


I wanted that “Killer” under my name for 3 months, but, now that I have it, I’m starting to not want to do Ranked anymore. Sets with friends is overwhelmingly more fun.

Anytime you see that I’m playing KI (which is about all I play these days), feel free to send a message. If I’m not already in a set; I’ll play you. @oTigerSpirit too. We haven’t played yet, and I know it’s going to be incredibly challenging, if you play on the same level with Joker.


Ive never understood it either. All it does is spread like a virus too. SOmetimes playing KI puts me in a bad mood and it shouldnt do that.


Eagle is strong for sure, and to a certain extent he’s why you’re so dangerous, but that doesn’t really take anything away from you in my eyes. I’m who I am as a player because Hisako is strong, and because of a certain extent she covers my particular preferences and flaws as a player very well. Your setplay is a huge part of why your Eagle is good, but the management of neutral is another core component, and that doesn’t just “happen.”

I’m down to play you sometime. I’ll probably have some time later tonight after I finish up with my work calls.


Plz record this, if it happens. I don’t think I weathered his Screech+Overhead Arrow+Low Attack corner shenanigans even once. If I were a Jago, I would invincible DP, but I have no idea how to escape as Sako. All I could do was get mercilessly slaughtered in the corner


We’ve got sets recorded. Check out the Hisako Video Archive and/or Replay Analysis Thread.

I never block the mixups either though :man_shrugging:t5:


Oh god, I found the FT10 on your channel with you two and IT IS INSANE. Seeing the level of Sako that it takes to beat this guy’s Eagle… oh no


Anyone up for some games? :slight_smile:


I can play


Cool beans. I’ll hop on now.


And here I am… at work. :crying_cat_face:


Soon I shall I play you again storm…

Stay tuned.


I skipped work…ing out for the opportunity to have some GGs with @STORM179. Squats can wait.

While I always have fun playing you veterans/pros, I’m finally starting to feel the stress level of trying to keep up with you monsters go down some. I also felt significantly less helpless this time around :grin:


Darn time zones, can’t play against you when I’m at school lol.