The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


I’ll send you a friend request next time I jump on Xbox if I haven’t already. If you see me on, send me a message, I’m usually openly willing about running sets.


Anyone up for a set?


Next time I’ll make it.

You’d think I could since I wake up at 5:30 every morning


It’s all good - we can play later another time :slight_smile::+1:t5:

GG’s to @CodeComplete85 - enjoyed the matches as always. I’ve posted the set in the Replay and Analysis Thread.


Ggs to @iDoMusic4Media!!! It was a fun set we had in Ranked. I know you were probably wanting to find a can of Raid. :joy_cat:


Finally caught some GGs with @oTigerSpirit. I was expecting a tough Jago, but was not expecting some tough TJ and Thunder as well. That was a ton of fun!


Ggs! RAIIDDD!!! :boom: :wink:


They were fun games dude! I can tell you’ve been putting in your time to practice. Let me know if you’d ever want to run another set with any character you’d like to play against.


GGs to @UABass. Thanks for the matches! I’m pretty sure you were adjusting down to my level of experience; I’ll come back another time and maybe not let you do that as much :grin:.

I’ll also play Mega Man 10 soon


Also, GGs to @s0undy44. Finally faced his main, and… ouch


Sigh…not gonna lie I’m frustrated rn. FighterZ is just…annoying to say the least. Like I love the game man but the fact that I’m going against the same 4 characters over and over (Bardock/Vegito/Rosé/Vegeta Assist) is driving me mad. Like what’s the point of learning difficult characters or unusual setups when you just get caught by the autopilot pressure/combos with a passive playstyle. I give myself a disadvantage for not following the meta.
Ig that’s why I like KI so much. Sure characters have their strengths and weaknesses, but I don’t think any characters completely dominate the field. If I lose, I know it’s by the other players skill or my own fault, not by some dude relying on strong bs like in FighterZ. ■■■■, I keep coming back to KI. Every character is viable and I love it. Such a good game that I wish more people played.


Offer’s always open


This is why I dislike any team-based 2d fighting games. Optimal/touch of death is the name of the game and most people tend to use the same teams too. I can’t even stand watching MVC tournaments because of it.


Ggs to @Cabp15 for the matches we’ve had over the last couple of days. Breaking in a new controller layout isn’t much fun. It’s like learning to walk all over again.

But you’re really a trooper! Keep at it!


You know what happens to me when I play ranked sometimes? I’ll run into a player who has a pro star that plays normally when he is able to beat me handily. But if I am able to give him a close match or even beat him in one match that’s when the taunting and the teabagging begins. It’s like “Man did you get mad for losing just one match?”. They usually end up winning the best two out of three anyways. :roll_eyes:


It’s been a bummer, but I’ll get there. Just a matter of time and practice. GGs, bro!


Something I’ve noticed in exhibition is that all the Killers are now qualifiers. I guess they got mad at being dropped down to gold at some point and reset their record. :roll_eyes:


I played a couple like that the other day since I de-ranked to Gold. Like the stuff they were doing was not beginner level stuff. It’s interesting what people will do to win or whatever.


I actually think this is about ego in presenting themselves more than an attempt to match up against more qualifiers and get more wins. I think they would rather be a “qualifier who hasn’t tried to up his rank” than have people think they are in gold and couldn’t get to killer. But that’s entirely speculation.

I should also say that I have had some really great matches that were a lot of fun. So it’s not like the whole player base is toxic.


I ran into a Bronze low level wulf yesterday, so I used Hisako, so that it would be a little bit of a challenge. Next thing I know he’s schooling me with high level tech, and tea bagging me every second he got, before doing a triple Ultra and then stage ultra. I get a message asking how a scrub like me got into Killer. I of course didn’t respond, but I did report him for smurfing. Creeps like that ruin the experience for everyone. It’s sad really.