The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


Unfortunately, multiplayer is filled with pricks like that. It’s really annoying to run into these morons. I’ve been quitting a lot of matches lately because of disrespectful behaviour. I can’t stand that.


I suggest you stay with your mains until you are sure how these persons play.
Such dumb smurfs…

@WebNRagnarok can’t believe he sent you that message…Geez


I can… he humped me so hard, I think Hisako is going to have puppies.


LOL, this is a thread for Good Games. You’re brave though. Wulf is one of my worst MUs, and I would not use Sako for him, if I had any other choice.


Just imagine how crummy his life is that he has to try to get his kicks like that.


GGs to @FallibleJoker14. Always a blast.

Also, I see @NWOCyberWulf has an account here, and GGs to him too, because we’ve played a lot. Depending on how you look at it, he’s either been helping me with the Wulf MU or mercilessly curb stomping me.


Ggs to Shaolin FX aka @Ggtei13Izaragid for our games today. I’m excited that I’m actually starting to win matches. Also ggs to @BiyemAssi237… I was surprised that I actually did any good against your Gargos… the fact that you chose Gargos, must mean you REALLY hate Sadira. :joy_cat:


I believe everyone hates Sadira. :joy:


After parrying Shadow Counters, my favorite Sako thing is Shadow air-ORZing a Sadira to the ground. Get down; stay down.


That is… if said Sadira would let you. :joy_cat:


Even the best Sadira will get grounded once in awhile. It’s on the rest of the cast to keep her there.

Can’t say I hate her though. She’s just a pain to bring her to the ground at times.


GG’s as always @VerminatorX - it’s always fun to run into you online. :+1:t5:


It always blows my mind that he’s using a keyboard. I haven’t used a keyboard since I owned MK3 on PC. :joy_cat:


I have a question for the Sadira main. Why do so many Sadira mains wake up with shadow moves that aren’t meant for wakeup? Like that shadow kick and shadow slice. Like I keep stuffing it and they don’t stop and im like please stop doing it. I mean thanks for the combo but come on lol.


I don’t know. The only time Shadow Recluse is good on wake up is if the opponent is trying to do a grab or overhead attack. Shadow Demon Blade is only good if the opponent is trying to do a low crush. Neither are good wake up attacks in general.

The only shadow that should be used on pressure is S. Web Cling, but even then it’s usually best to block the pressure.

As to why they do it. They panic.


They do it because it probably works a non-trivial amount of the time. Shadow recluse isn’t invincible, but it is 0 after the freeze with only 3 frames of startup. Point is it’s fast, so it beats people who don’t know how to meaty properly - which is most of the KI playerbase. Shadow demon blade low crushes, and so is also situationally useful as a wakeup. I used to use both to pretty good effect when I played her, and even now when I’m messing around with her I’ll often use one of those options over shadow web cling. Web cling is a really, really crappy reversal, and if I’m gonna guess I may as well guess big. :man_shrugging:t5:


Then consider me impressed with his reversal DP’s. I have a hard time doing that on hitbox.


Yeah Shadow Web Cling is probably one of the worse moves in the game as it’s invincibility is random and it moves very slow. The invincibility is supposed to last until you hit a wall, but it can and often will create a wall right next to an opponent. It is also worthless in a corner. The only time I will ever use this move is to escape a jump in attack. Other than that, there are far better reasons to use her resources.

On another note, I wish they’d patch Aganos unbreakables. :frowning: I don’t know why they made Pulverize unbreakable. I think he can still counter break off of it. I’ve had it happen. I’m getting a LOT of top Aggi players doing a stagger > Shadow Rain > Pulverize into whatever wall. You can’t break at all. If you try to break Pulverize, you just get a delayed noise. :frowning:


Anyone wanna play a set? I’m feeling some Jago right now :slight_smile:


I’m down

Edit: Is ki down? “I just got three opponents left the lobby” I a row.