The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


I’m game.


Since I decided to remap my controller, for the last two weeks I’ve been training against shadows in order to get used to it. Yesterday I ran into your Hisako shadow. I lost all faith in the shadow system, cause I was able to beat your shadow and it was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I’m sure this would never happen in a real match. I assumed the shadows were supposed to reflect the actual player’s skills.


Yeah you can never be too exact with it. Even if the shadow learns your breaking habits and your setups, it will always have a few mistakes in there that mess it up. So no it’s not perfect but I think it was still a cool attempt. My shadow has beaten quite a few people.


Still alive? Great to know that you’re still hanging with the KI community. I should inform you that I got into Kim Wu from watching the videos you posted on YouTube. This character is insane. Also you should have won that fight against Thompson last year on combo breaker. You had it, man. Amazing stuff!


Storm’s Shadow is about 1/4 the difficulty of the man himself.

Also (mildly) upset that I missed a chance to play him. Oh well


Ggs to @STORM179 for our gauntlet. Always educational. Ggs to @iDoMusic4Media and @Cabp15 for our run ins in Ranked


Do you mean pulverize (helicopter) or ruin (Superman punch)?


Opps… Ruin. :joy_cat:


I love how you casually called it a Superman punch. That’s the most sloppiest Supes punch ever, lol, which would completely fit his personality.

Seriously though, isn’t it literally Juggarnaut’s punch?


Juggernaut punch, superman punch…

And as a Kim main, i reserve the right to call it many other names not suitable for the forum…


If only I could like this post more than once. :joy_cat:


Think I owe you an apology Mandrill - not sure how I missed this note and you message o_O We’ll definitely play again sometime!

Gg’s to @WebNRagnarok. It’s a lot of matches and they’re long, so will probably upload to the Replay thread in pieces.


It’s all good man.

No worries!


Ggs to @s0undy44 for our matches in Ranked today. Always a pleasure!


Ggs to all who I fought yesterday! Including @VerminatorX. Always a pleasure to fight you!

And GGs to that tusk I fought who beat me playing TJ, next match I dominated with an Ultimate, switched to Sadira immediately (their main I’m guessing), I switched to Shadow Jago to fight her since I wanted to do an Ultimate again, barely beats me and T-bags and dodges me like 7 times in a row.

Next time it’s Kim Wu, and I’m pulling out all the stops. Be ready :slight_smile:


Lol. I feel the salt in your words :joy:


Words cannot explain how I felt. We will leave it at that :joy:


Invite me sometime, if you see me playing! We still haven’t fought. I never see you online, which hopefully means you hide your status, but it could mean we have completely different schedules


I’m usually on at like super late times. Like so late, I get Storm telling me to go to bed, because it’s like 5 his time or something :joy:


Ggs to @VerminatorX you’re a keyboard god as always. Ggs to @BiyemAssi237 barely won those matches. Ugh the grind to Top 32 is real. Currently sitting at 38. I wants my first STAR!!!

Also gg to PAG Zenkai and @BubbRubb4Real!