The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


GGs friend! I got lucky to even win one match. :sweat_smile:


I’m now T-32!!! Ugh… but the night is young… I need somebody to loan me 1000 points so I can sleep!!!

When does it restart 1200 am CST or ET?


Pffft, no invite!? I’d be down just to watch these matches. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you play.


Hard to match up with such a night owl. I go to bed at 10PM PST, and I usually have to stop around 9:30, because I play in the bedroom, and the wife needs me to stop slamming on the Hit Box, so she can sleep. Some part of my subconscious must think hitting the buttons harder will do more damage.

Also, it’s been too long since we played, oTiger. And @Cabp15. And @STORM179. And @FallibleJoker14 (I may even be brave enough to try your Eagle again). And I’ve never had a proper set with @WebNRagnarok.

Got a lot of catching up to do.


I’m always game, unless I’m just preoccupied with my studies… which seems to be the case moving forward these next eight weeks.

Still, just ask and I’ll be willing to make time. I’d rather play than study and analyze theorist and linguists.

Last thing I spent learning on KI was Rash, Aganos, Gargos, and some Wulf. So I’m eager to jump back to playing with them again.


I’m EST, so yeah, it’s a bit hard to match up. We will possibly soon!


Ggs to all the wonderful folks I played last night, but I have to give a special thank you to my bro from another mother from Belgium… namely Shaolin FX. The dude is a beast at KI, but sincerely has one of the biggest hearts. All month he’s been encouraging me on my quest to get my first star. As I only main Sadira I had to face a lot of uphill battles.

Last night was the hardest grind of my KI career. I got to top 32 and kept getting to 28 and then drop down to 34, to work my way up.

I started running into multi star KI gods and while I won some matches, they started pulling out Gargos and other characters that are bad against Sadira. I still did relatively well, but the mercy I had found with players I knew was gone. No mercy was shown.

Shaolin literally got out of bed to check up on me. He invited me to a party and continued to encourage me. He jumped in at the end and we matched up a few times. He played characters he never used and thus pretty much gave me the wins. In the end it gave me just enough edge to Rank in the top 32. In fact I hit top 8!!!

I LEARNED a LOT and I got my STAR!!! WOOT!

However… NEVER AGAIN!!! EVER… too much anxiety. I also need to really focus on learning more characters than just Sadira. Gargos is still broken in that match up… :joy_cat:


Yep, it’s been a while. Anytime, man.


GGs to @TRXPICSTRX, whose Riptor I ran into on Ranked and then played a FT10 with his RAAM.


And ■■■■■■■ did you destroy my Raam :sweat_smile: great games man :+1:


So I don’t know who to tag in this but I have a curious “problem”. Since the restart of the ranked ladder yesterday I have only recieved a dash for my rank. I still accumulate points and wins but I never receive a number rank. I don’t care about the rank I just love playing the game. But was curious as to why I just have a dash. Thanks and cheers!


GGs to @STORM179 this morning as well. Super fun matches, and it’s always nice to check in with the sensei to make sure I’m still going down the right path.




Yeah it’s no big deal just odd. I started the game up today and my record and points were reset again back to 0 and still played a handful of matches and still tallied wins and losses and points but no rank.


It has finally happened… you’ve become RANKLESS! :sob:


Haha :smile:. You don’t have to be that brave to face my Eagle. I’m not some final boss or something lol. Either way, sure. If you catch me on this week just send an invite. If you can’t find me during the week, we can think of something for the weekend. Can’t wait


Lol. I guess I’ve become so scrubby they just humor me with games.


I dunno… any time we’ve played, I get the feeling I’m fighting Shao Khan. :joy_cat:

I can just see you shacking you first as you say, “That was pathetic.” :joy_cat:


Haha :smile:. Out of all the things I’ve been compared to, Shao Khan is definitely a new one. You guys make me laugh


Not fooling me with that “oh don’t worry; I’m not that good” again! :rofl:

Seriously, I think the only corner pressure that has possibly been more scary than your Eagle is Bass’ Spinal loaded with skulls.