The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


Hi! if I see you playing I’ll try to invite you. I need to shake the rust a bit since I play from time to time. That makes a set a good idea. Still I won’t lie, I don’t play often but it’s hard to forget my Main 's tools lol.
The only problem is “fix my corner muscle memory”. When migrating from SFV I think they’ll cross me up in the corner when I’m back to KI xD
But well, shouldn’t take long to adjust lol.

Congrats for the star!! :smile: I get how stressing
it is when ppl start using counterpicks. But it does make you stronger in the end. Cheers my friend! :wink:


As the old saying goes… what doesn’t kill you… makes you stronger. :smile:

I faced a LOT of Sabres and won most of them. After facing your Sabrewulf all other Sabres are puppies. :smiley:


I put my schedule of times I’m usually available to play in my forum profile. I actually have a lot of predictable times I can play on the weekdays. On weekends, I have to ask my wife to keep my daughter busy.

Funny story: my daughter once woke up early during a set with Storm. She was asking questions, so I said, with the mic on, “I’m playing with my friend, [insert Storm’s real first name]”. Felt silly to tell a 3-year-old a gamer tag. I was then thinking “oh crap, I hope that didn’t freak him out”. Turns out he didn’t have his volume on at all :laughing:. She also wanted us to play a Riptor mirror (“I want two Riptors!”).


GGs to @Cabp15. It was fun catching up. Your Kim and Shin are getting very threatening, but I’m still trying to match your Arb.


GGs to @Cabp15 for a random set in Ranked. Fun as always… :smiley:


GGs, bro. Your Hisako is stronger than ever.


GGs, bro. Till next time!


Seems like the Joker is looking for a good time.

Lol I’m kinda in the mood to play a good Sadira…cough cough I wonder who I can ask @WebNRagnarok How’s this weekend sound for a set? I can bring out Cinder if you really want to have fun. I know how you loooooove his MU.

Btw Ggs @CodeComplete85 always a pleasure to see your improvement. This weekend might be a good time for a recorded set. School has a been a bit too busy for me to play in the week for long sets.


I’m always available during the weekend. Cinder… grrr He’s about as much fun as radiation therapy. :joy_cat:


GGs to @FallibleJoker14 and @oTigerSpirit last night. You guys are both a blast to fight.

I’m not exactly thrilled about having how badly you wale on me recorded, Joker, but I guess it would make for good critique.


“Pain…is a wonderful teacher.”

Lol you’ll do fine. You can hold your own against me. I don’t steamroll you for sure. You usually get my first health bar, if you don’t win. I actually have to think when playing against you. If you can do that and not make me just play on auto-pilot, that means your at least capable. I’ll look forward to it. Saturday seems like a good day for me.


It’s fun sparring with you as always. I enjoy moving around the cast because it helps us both learn. You’ve really been growing as a competitor. Keep it up!


Long shot, but anyone down to play? Please save me from Ranked!


GGs to @LetalisVenator for showing me another level of Aganos play beyond any I’ve seen before.


Ggs Man. I always have to counter pick cuz you sadira is good lol


Yeah, when I saw Gargos, I was like… yup he’s going in for the kill. :joy_cat:


Hey, I remember you on Ranked. Did you play Kan?


Yeah yeah and you the hisako player. Lol ggs. I got rekt


Late Ggs to @CodeComplete85, every time we meet you always show improvement. It was a fun matchup though, I’m still fairly surprised how well you managed Aria. She’s not a very common character. Your personal training against specific mains definitely strengthen any holes in your game that may have been there at one point.

I’ll give you like 1-2 more months and you’ll shut me down with ease. Maybe 3 if my stubbornness persists.


Yeah, you beat me to it; I had a long day trip with the family today. That was a high-octane set; I wish I had recorded that one.

We’ll see about shutting you down that fast. The first time I played you, it seemed like we were worlds apart in skill. Can’t imagine covering that ground so fast.