The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


■■■■…I’m scared of this potential.

If you got Tiger saying this than I’m scared what kind of monster player you’ll become. You’ll beat me soon enough as well. I’m looking forward to that lol.


Just had a fun FT15 with a guy named That Is Strange. Said he knew you @FallibleJoker14

Didn’t know who I was though. Gave him the chucks


Oh yea, he’s my friend and sparring partner. I play a good amount with him. His Hisako has given me trouble sometimes. We fight all the time with different characters. I’ll be sure to ask him out that set went.

And I swear that I’m not practing the Hisako MU to prepare fighting against a certain Storm :grin:

Oh and also Ggs @WebNRagnarok. It’s been so long since I’ve played a good Sadira. Pretty refreshing honestly. You had me blocking the whole time :yum:


That Is Strange is my (I think) 5th and newest Sako tutor. GGs to him, training me in different MUs


GGs to @TheNinjaOstrich, who I thought I had when sitting at 8 wins with a healthy lead, but then went all “download complete” on me and proceed to steamroll me to a 9-10.

Also GGs to @LeoFerreis, since we’ve been having multiple Ranked run ins. He plays a lot of characters very well.


Your Eagle pressure is godlike. I’ve never wanted a bird so dead in my life. :joy_cat:


Oh wow, this thread lives! With that in mind, anyone up for some friendly games sometime? Bearing in mind I haven’t played against a human opponent in forever, though. Also, connection may possibly be dodgy being as I’m in England. :sweat_smile:


It is indeed :slight_smile:

I’m still at work, so afraid I’ll have to pass.


No worries, it’s more a question for in future, haha, put a pin in me, so to speak! It’s been a long time since I played and reading back through this thread is telling on what a cool bunch of dudes this community really is and I was thinking, cool, people are still playing, I wanna go back! :grinning:


Ggs again (and always :blush:) to @TRXPICSTRX for our almost 100 match set, was a lot of fun as always! Apologies for so many complaints about how dreadful I’ve gotten, also. :joy:

Your Riptor is as fearsome as ever and your ability to sponge up tech for most of the cast is inspiring, nice one! :grinning:


Ggs to @Cabp15 for our match in Ranked!!! Also ggs to @DescartesTruth for our sets… just when I think I clutched a victory… you kill me every time. :joy_cat:


GG’s bro!!


Always a pleasure having these matches with ya! Your Maya is always challenging, even if your’e a little rusty, so If you ever wanna throw own just message me!


Another GGs to @oTigerSpirit. Always a pleasure, but you mixed me up real hard…


@oTigerSpirit I wanna run a Jago mirror with you sometime! I think it’d be a lot of fun :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyone want to play some games? Feeling the urge to play some alts right now :-p


You still on?


I can hop on now :+1:t5:


Cool I’ll wait for your signal.


Gg’s @STORM179 my dude.

I’ll play again Soon Just gotta renovate my studio for voice acting before the 20th.

Kind of tight on time.