The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


So yeah, apparently threads auto-lock after 10,000 posts. Who knew? :sweat_smile:

Please feel free to use this new topic to matchmake, tell that guy you just ran into “good game!” or otherwise discuss random things about this game that we all love.

Have fun and fight on! :smile:


And just for posterity’s sake :joy:


I’ll start!

GG’s to this ranked riptor who might be the most classy riptor player I’ve played.


GGs to everyone that helped to overload the former GG thread. That is an awesome achievement!!


@STORM179 You and me. FT5!


RIP GG Thread. You will be missed

But I’m glad it’s been reincarnated right away



A little piece of @Marbledecker died with the original GG thread complete and the new one rising up in its place. :frowning: I wonder where he is these days?


He’s doing well. I actually texted him when the other thread closed to let him know we’d hit 10k. He was pleased :slight_smile:


And I’m good to run with you as soon as I get my internet and X1 set up at my place Kev. Hopefully KI’s godlike netcode is godlike enough to handle 12,000 miles :joy:


Apologies for the delay but GGs go out to @TheNinjaOstrich who I ran into in Ranked a couple of times yesterday. :grin::+1:

Press F to pay respects to old GG thread.


Remember what game you’re talking about :slight_smile:


Glad he’s doing well. He seemed to just disappear off the face of the earth. His account closed and his Twitter closed too. Let him know he is missed.


If I can run a set against @INDIxion from sweeden (I think) to Ohio, USA with like 1 or 2 spikes off of a Wi-Fi connection on my side and iffy internet on his side, I have good hopes for your games.


I miss Marble… then again every time I see GG… I think of Galactic Geek.

Where have all the forum members gone… long time coming… :smile:


@STORM179 you made the last post so I blame you.


oh and just because im melodramatic. . . . MAAAAAAAAAARBLEDEEEEEEEEECKEEEEEEEEEEER!



GG’s @HWSlenderCashew

Sorry about the early leave.


Will do man :+1:t5:

And @SneerfulWater57, that’s what I’m hoping as well. Distance is distance, so I’m not expecting perfection, but definitely hoping I can still play you guys with a halfway solid connection.


Ggs to the old ggs thread, it took 10,000 posts like a champ!