The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


We made the best of it but I’d agree with Storm, I don’t think it’d be a good set to playback. Odd, since I’ve played him before since he’s moved to Singapore and the connection handled itself leagues better than yesterday.

I’ll try again soon. It’s nearly March and I need to start training up for Combo Breaker.


So when would you like to run that set @WebNRagnarok?


What times are you available? CT Time zone that is?


Gonna shout out a great dude, SPIRIT OF GOD77 (not on this forum). Plays a tough Jago, gave me feedback/encouragement after each of the many times he bodied me in Ranked, invited me to play a FT10 with him yesterday, and was a true sportsman when I finally took a match from him in Ranked today.


Good on you! I play with him occasionally, he certainly has one of the better Jagos so I understand how difficult he is as an opponent.


Oh yes, he made me work for that win. I even came up with a new mix-up to finish him off: hit Instinct and repeatedly hitting him with Descent-cancelled rekkas until one of them finally opened him up for an Ultra.


Those are reasonably unsafe, just so you know :-p

I ran into him tonight as well. He was leading my Jago 7-5 in our set, so actually had to switch to Sako to beat him. He guesses a bit too much within the break game, but his neutral is very clean.


I know, but I hadn’t used Descent the entire match, so I figured it would throw him off with the added pressure from us both being near Danger status

I noticed this as well. When he gets ahold of you though, he makes it HURT.

Speaking of, I hopped into my first Ranked match just waking up with my coffee and a wild Storm179 appeared. Storm179 used Mira. It was super effective. Then s0undy appeared, and he took it easy on me with Sadira, then two more matches with Storm’s Jago. Those went a bit better than Mira.


This is making me very nervous. Definitely up for some pre-promotion-match training sets

EDIT: Oh god, 28 points away now


You’re well on your way there! You’ve certainly earn the Killer title, don’t let anyone say otherwise.


Thanks, I’m glad you think that. There’s just that frustrating luck element with the promotion though. I’ve been getting victories against Killers for a while, but I don’t know if I’ve ever beaten a Killer with stars… so they’ll probably match me with one :sweat:


If they do, then you’ll just claw your way back up until you’re there again. You’re good enough that it’s just a matter of time and persistence at this point.


You’re better than most Killers I’ve fought, so you’ll do great. :joy_cat:


This one’s for you guys


Yeah, just have to get the right rando. I lost a close match with a Killer roughly my skill then actually made the climb and lost again already to someone who was just clearly better. It just took me ~280 matches to get to 1000 points, but a lot of that was spent pinned to the bottom of Gold or hanging out in the 200-400 point region. Since then, I hit a point where I gain points pretty fast


We will have to play sometime CodeComplete! I hear nothing but good things about your Hisako. :smile:


Hah, now I feel put on the spot. I feel like I got a little worse recently; been going up against a lot of people who try to wake up with buttons and constantly fall for far st.HP and/or neutral jump air-ORZ :slight_smile:. After too many matches against Storm’s Jago, I was finally like “wait, he’s not jumping constantly” and dusted off my Dash -> Shadow Influence

From your YouTube, I presume you’re a Kim player? I’ll have to read up on her; I don’t actually know the details of her tools and just wing it with Kim players.


Haha! Sorry! Not my intention. I just like to play with people and learn and grow with the community.

I forget sometimes that I have a Youtube channel, haha! I am, yes.

A lot of Hisako’s moves cover the range that Kim wants to be in, and ORZ can stop some options a Kim player would want to do. Most of the time, you will want to pressure, and keep Kim guessing. She has a parry and a Invincible DP w/ Meter (Shadow Dragon Kick) but the startup is super slow, and you can react to the freeze and counter it fairly easy.


I forget, is it also throw vaulnerable before the upkick? I don’t think the start up is, but the second hit is I think.


I’m reading Infil’s Kim page now. Dragon cancel is crazy! I friended you on Xbox, so we’ll catch each other sometime.