The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


… I never would’ve thought of that, but it is two hits. Practice room time


Yeah, SC is your best bet. At close range you can actually mash counter in between the kunai and the kick, but that’s a bit inconsistent so shadow countering is the better option. If you block it Hisako has no guaranteed punish. You can try to chase with ORZ, but if the Sadira wants she can just dive kick you out of it. You can down+HP to catch a button or that dive kick, but if Sadira comes out of it empty your down+HP won’t reach.


I didn’t know there was a gap at close range. Huh. The more you know.


Yep! KI is chock full of little character-specific nuggets like that. It’s one of the reasons I love seeing all the stuff you post about Kim :slight_smile:

Sidenote: I wouldn’t mind running a set with you sometime. Been feeling like playing some Jago lately.

I’m also down to play you sometime @CodeComplete85 if you like. I’d run Jago, and could maybe do some stuff to help you work on things :+1:t5:


Hah, I figured I’d be playing many more months before that came up. Absolutely.

Also, if you don’t mind, I’d like to have a round or two against your Sako. I’d like to feel myself the fear that my character is supposed to impose. It’s one thing to impartially watch footage; it’s a whole other thing to experience how that playstyle is supposed to make someone feel.


Also, on the topic of the air knives, I’m finding that an immediate forward jump + MP right after blocking the kick will catch her in the air and leave you with a knockdown fairly close. Close enough to land Heavy Influence on wakeup.

Maybe Sadira has something she can do to stop this, but I only remember seeing them bounce off after the kick and land with nothing in between.


She can stick out her HK after bouncing off. If she does that she’ll stuff any jumping normal you try to do.

When would you like to play? I’ve actually got some time now if you’re around.


Sent an invite. You can try to invite too; still new to this whole system


…aaaaand got held up by movers. Will try to invite you now :sweat: Sorry about that!


I stayed up past my bed time, but it was very much worth it for the experience and feedback.


GG’s to you as well sir :slight_smile:


Sure, let’s give it a go. I think it’s late there now, so I can try for tomorrow maybe?


I’m around to play now if you want :slight_smile:


I’ll shoot you an invite.


Send me another one please.


Did anyone record that match of Jago vs Kim? I want to watch it! :smiley:


I did record it, but my and Sneerful connection was…not the best :sweat_smile: Can post it if you want and he doesn’t mind, but because the connection wasn’t solid I wasn’t going to do it.

Also: GG’s to @CodeComplete85 and @SneerfulWater57 yesterday - had a lot of fun playing both of you :slight_smile:


Ok! We need to play a set too! It’s for sure been a while!


Oh good, I’m glad to hear it. I didn’t expect my current level of play would be enough to be fun for you


Never look at it like that to be honest. Always try and have fun, even if the skill between players is large. You’ll always learn something new, and grow together!