The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


Hopefully I will catch you online some time to play Maru! :joy: I think I’ve been saying that for a couple of years now, haha. Hope it all goes well for you, the world is a mess right now no matter where you go but stay safe and be well!

As a sidenote, I will be cleaning out my friends list on xlive somewhat as there are a lot of people on there I haven’t played in 2 years/have only played once/intended to play but it never happened because reasons. I aim on keeping most of the forum peeps, but if you think I might have forgotten or this might apply to you just message me. :slight_smile:

I only use xlive for KI so it’s illogical for me to have a huge friends list of randoms I don’t ever see online when I could just play exhibition. :wink:


Spinal? Spinal!! Noooo!!! What have they done to you?!


Looks like Sub-Zero got ahold of him. Lol


So… Today is my birthday!


Happy Birthday!!!


Went to New York Comic Con today. Wearing that Ghost Rider mask was more difficult than beating Gargos in Shadow Lords.


Learning the Adobe Creative Suite on a MAC… I’m also learning the MAC itself XD… it feels weird.


After collecting all of the Crimson Guardians, as well as being more busy with other projects, I’m pretty much satisfied with Killer Instinct as of today. I don’t really see a point in spending more time playing Shadow Lords nor spending time testing my skills against other online and offline.

Sure, I’ll be watching the forums as usual, but until I see something new from Killer Instinct, I’m pretty much going to give this game a long deserved break. It’s only fair that I have time to complete other projects in life.


Got a little sick this morning. I was feeling cold and then Abdominal pain. I feel better now. Sadly I had to miss a day of school.


Hey, I still exist!!

Haven’t had a lot going on. Just the same old meh day in and out. I’ve been spending a lot of time playing Zelda and Diablo 3 on the Switch lately (and Lumines apparently…I didn’t realize I had dropped 75+ hours into that game.)

Anyway, yeah not much going on. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving.


Still hanging around this forum here and there. Been playing a lot of Madden 19 lately since the Bears have been really fun to watch so far this season. I popped in to KI recently and did some bounties in Shadow Lab and really enjoyed it. Hadn’t played KI in a while and it’s still a blast.

I’ve been trying to get in to Soul Calibur VI but for some reason, the Libra of Souls mode isn’t really holding my attention. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of story in it and between the load times on XB1, the cost of traveling to the matches and all the relatively meaningless dialog leading up to a lot of these battles, I’m kinda losing interest, which I wouldn’t have thought possible.

Granted, I’m not really doing story missions; just taking care of a lot of missions as they pop up on the screen, but still… If you’re going to go to the trouble of setting up a lot of these fights with some sort of pretense or context, then I wouldn’t mind if it was a bit more compelling. No big deal though.

How are people’s Thanksgiving shaping up? We used to go over to my wife’s parents and they’d have about ten other people over, so it was a nice, big, family get together, but ever since her folks moved away, things have been more low key. My wife and I are just having her brother and his wife over. We were originally going to have her other brother and his fiancé over, but the fiancé’s mom just went in to the hospital and found out she has terminal cancer and likely isn’t leaving the hospital. It’s kind of a heavy time in the family, so I’m hoping a low key get together, some board games, some football on the TV, some drinking, etc will be a nice reprieve.


Ear clips have been neglected in the Bluetooth headphone space for too long thankfully Koss have recently just added a viable option to the market. For those of use who can’t stand in-ear-canal buds, but want a truly portable(and pocketable) option.


So I’ve been working like a madman for the last couple of weeks on my final project for class. And after so so so many errors my program is finally running. My neural network is actually training. I’m so relieved.


Well in recent times I’ve taken my Xbox out of storage, because as it turns out no one in the family knows if we are still moving or not. I’m still wary of course, but as I have more Xbox games than PS4 games I’ve been using it to revisit games I didn’t finish the DLC for, like Borderlands 2 for example.

Also I finally bought the season pass for Nioh, but I accidentally bought the Complete Edition on the PS Store (it was just cheap enough during the Black Friday sale to cover the sales tax, compared to the normal season pass) not knowing it was treated as a separate product. So now I have 2 copies of Nioh, and the physical copy is only good for a crappy gold reskin of an armor set that was included in the CE. Even more depressing is the fact that NG+ mode is far easier than the first mission of the DLC campaigns, despite recommending me to be over level 180 (vs the DLC missions 150). Still I’m having fun with the game, which is something I never thought I would say ever again.

On a side note, anyone else have problems logging in? I tried 3 times earlier to get in only to be greeted with a blank screen that doesn’t let me proceed. Then I found it my Firefox plugins (which I use to block ads and other intrusions) were blocking the sign-in process because of MS putting an ad for their app to let users sign-in through their mobile devices. Real talk, I don’t like ever turning off my adblockers, and this bothers me a good deal.


At work… working… that is my life… my reality… my world. :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell me about it…my life lately has been nothing but work---->home---->work---->home with pretty much nothing in-between. I live in a small town, and used to we would go to the next town over for a supply run on fridays, kinda make it a night out, go out to eat, do some shopping, etc. But with online stores like Amazon becoming more prominent and the logistics of having 3 kids as opposed to 2 or 1, plus I work mostly on weekends while my wife works during the week, we just don’t get out much anymore.
I tell ya, there are parts of getting older that just plain suck.


Resting on the weekend and trying to stay warm from the cold. Got writer’s block on my latest chapter


I got done with college.


Next year…PS4. Enough said.


My shoe is now ready for pre-order