The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


Got a promotion at work.


PS4 incoming!


Tried to find work closer to home, only to find out that many local stores are going bankrupt. Really wish I had a car good enough for the highway because now I’m basically out of options, since the remaining local jobs are only hiring people with proper experience.


Quit my job (I work in Tokyo) but wasn’t sure what to tell my Japanese boss without sounding too heartless. Couldn’t find the right words until I remembered a well known line from an episode from Fist of the Northstar :joy:

Raoh, Kenshiro’s brother, says “Waga jinsei ni ippenno kui nashi” (absolutely no regrets the way I lived my life and the choices I made).

I stole the second part of this line and told my now ex-boss “ippenno no kui nashi” (absolutely no regrets) for my time at the company as I learned a lot there :laughing: was praying he wasn’t a fist of the Northstar fan himself :smile:

Always knew watching hours and hours of Japanese anime as a teenager would end up being useful in life :joy:


…and to make it even more cheesier, went out for drinks with my new boss. He gave some lecture on team and collaboration. At the end of his soliloquy, I told “yes, stronger together”. Only @STORM179 knows that I stole that line from Anthem :joy_cat:

Maybe I could run for president one day just on video game memes lol


Almost time to get my PS4. It seemed like yesterday when I got my Xbox-One for the first time and played Killer Instinct and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, as well as Grand Theft Auto V.

I can only hope that the next KI won’t be exclusive to one console and the devs make things fun again.

As for my work life, I’m on early spring break, so for this week. I won’t have to worry about not being able to rest.


Some late doodling for change… I’ll post some stuff later.


It’s time to build them!


Well, the snow is trying to make one last hurrah before spring comes, and I found out that my story is now BOTW in a Wattpad book club. Been a good day so far.


I already have my PS4. COD Black Ops 4 will be my first purchase before MK11 (this is due to one of my close friends wanting me to play with him for the first time in years since Advanced Warfare). I “might” get Tekken 7 just so I can have a proper Jukebox and play all Killer Instinct tracks as a tribute. Every other game may have to wait.


I got a voice lesson with Erin Fitzgerald today and I am excited.


Wait… Is she voice of Nazz and May K-anker from Ed Edd n Eddy? If so, then that’s awesome!

EDIT: Why is K-anker censored??? Is it bad word or what?..


Yup yup.


Say hello to my new custom gundam!

@MandrillManiac @TheNinjaOstrich @WrathOfFulgore @BoJima404 @FallofSeraphs76 @Sasuke99I @BubbRubb4Real @FallibleJoker14 @Fwufikins @oTigerSpirit



You should probably wash it though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s soooo nice. Great stuff!


BTW, I think I’m going to be changing my gamertag tomorrow. I feel like probably should have done it awhile back, but I’ve kinda hung onto it because I’ve noticed that the classic T-shirt design I use for my avatar has 0 online presence without me, odd as that is to say. & it has as much KI history significance as Maximillian Dood’s Fulgore cardboard stand-up or any other classic KI merchandise.
Anyway, I’ll probably keep it as my avatar, but yeah, I’ll let you guys know what I’ll be changing my gamertag to after I do it tomorrow.


I actually liked your gamertag, to be honest. I hope your new gamertag is epic!


Nah. I am going to throw my latest custom gundam in the trash…


Thanks! :+1:


Dang dude awesome job!!!