The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)

I can tell you it will be derivative of this little guy…for obvious reasons.


1, 2 and…tada!
KI fan forgot Wrathof Fulgore
And learned G1 GlaciusPrime!!


+1 Respect from me for the pokemon reference


Kid #2 coming in August. It will be a boy, so I get to play the parenting game in both modes


Unless I’m mistaken T7’s Jukebox just lets you use soundtracks from older Tekken games that are in the game itself (though some tracks are not present for some reason). Not sure it even has custom soundtrack support like Tag 2 did on Xbox 360, but it’s still far better than the default T7 OST in the grand scheme of things.

On a side note I almost bought Season Pass 2 for Tekken 7, but with my area in recent talks about raising taxes I decided not to for the time being. Suffice to say, my paranoia over sales tax almost destroyed me that day.

…I’ve been playing Let’s go Pikachu with my boys lately, so Pokemon’s been fresh on my mind.

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Oooh. Oh well. It’s something.

I should’ve bought Tekken 7 instead of Black Ops 4. Black Ops 4 has no real identity to me (it’s plays like a combination of games that I’ve either played before or have no real interest in) and awful content (besides the skull content) that’s basically not even free.

Never again will I spend ANY MONEY on a complete mess of a Call of Duty game.

Black Ops 1 and 2 is better.

NOTE: I had more money on the PSN wallet so the $60 statement has be retracted

Sorry thing aren’t going according to planned but here’s a wip Mickey

I’m now doing a collaboration with a turtle themed online store… :man_shrugging:t6:


Also check out Shawn Coss along with Any Means Necessary online clothing store :wink: :slight_smile:

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Well earlier this week I bought the DMC HD Collection, and played Devil May Cry 2 for the first time ever. Even though it is the absolute worst game in the series for several reasons (clunky gameplay, extreme bias towards ranged combat, Lucia and Trish being far superior to Dante, etc.) I still saw a lot of ideas that were later refined in DMC3 and DMC4 (haven’t played 5 yet). It really shows that when Itsuno said he “didn’t want to be known for just DMC2” he meant it, since the later DMC games were so much better by comparison.

Also I played DMC3 again for the first time in about a decade, that game is still amazing. And part of me still doesn’t want to get Tekken 7’s Season Pass 2 at full price, despite the fact that most of my old mains are in that pack. Can’t blame myself for feeling that way though; it feels off to pay for characters that were included in previous games for free, but at the same time I despise not having every character in the roster. Either way I put more money in my PSN’s wallet so if I do end up buying it, sales tax won’t be an issue anymore.

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Has anyone played Blaster Master Zero 2? I’d highly recommend it. It’s a really good game. I particularly like how they managed to give the tank a wall-jump ability reminiscent of the NES Batman game, especially since they both were made by Sunsoft.

So, I’ve already mentioned this on Twitter, but I think I’ve decided I’m going to start a Youtube channel where I review Transformer toys. I’ve got enough of them I could make content for years and not run out of content to make. I’ve got a few things I have to set up first, such as getting batteries for old figures that have been dead for years, but I should probably get it going in the next couple of weeks.
I did a little bit of Photoshopping to throw together some artwork, and I thought I’d share:
Glacius on G1 Transformers background:

And Glacius on KI Glacius’s stage.

…for those that aren’t aware, there is a Transformer named Glacius.


This beautiful thing brought my soul to a tingle

So I went ahead and got my new Youtube channel up and running. I’m doing reviews of Transformer toys. I’ve only got 2 videos up so far, but I’ve got plenty more that can be made, not to mention I’ll be improving my setup as time goes on.

Guess what time it is

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Words cannot describe my disgust vergo.

I’m feeling kinda lonely right now. My wife is chaperoning a band field trip my daughter is on to St. Louis, and I’m mostly stuck at home by myself. Our youngest is spending the weekend with my parents, and my older son @Thunderb3E is playing lackey for his other grandpa because I’m working today and tomorrow. Sunday can’t get here soon enough.

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I dropped a link to a build of an MK11 arcade cabinet that I think you might find interesting in the MK11 thread.

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