The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


Bleh so my Xbox Elite controller is out of warrantee and they won’t service it. I am for sure not buying another dang elite controller. Can anyone recommend a good Xbox One controller?


Hey guys, I know I haven’t been around much lately…Probably in part due to me not playing KI in a while. I’ve mostly been playing stuff on my Switch. SF3 has been one of my go-to games as of late, as well and the Megaman X collections, Puyo Puyo Tetris and Lumines.
I’m glad the kids are finally back in school. I’ve been taking care of them during the day and working 12-8am shifts all summer, so it’s been hectic. Thankfully @Thunderb3E and his older sister are in their teens so they could take care of my youngest boy so I could get some sleep. Unfortunately I haven’t been to see a counselor all summer either. A lot of scheduling conflicts & junk. The medication I was prescribed for my depression has been mostly working. I just got taken off of one that was starting to cause tremors…er, not exactly “starting to”. It was more like the dosage kept getting lower and lower and it kept on coming back. Pretty much ruined a set of @Thunderb3E’s headphones trying to repair them. But anyway I’ve got an appointment with my counselor later this week.

@KevBones10, that sucks about your gallbladder. My wife had hers out a few years ago. For the most part, you won’t miss it, so long as you stay away from greasy foods.

@BubbRubb4Real what’s wrong with your Elite controller? Just curious. I had a shoulder button break on my first one, and I’ve heard it’s fairly common.


Lol I had already sent it in twice for the right bumper that would get stuck and they sent me a refurbished elite controller. But now it’s the down button on my DPad. When I press it it only registers a button press about half of the time.




Inflation doing a mess in my country, reaaaally messed up. Don’t know what will happen :disappointed:

I won’t also be able to go to the Capcom pro Tour as planned because of a sudden travel to Europe (Italy)
I wanted to go the tourney (I also tried KI was there, and if it is players may have more chances now that I’m not going :rofl: :wink:).
But this is something I can’t just ignore. I’m going to visit my european family before they get older and the new generation might not even know they have family in South America (though we are few left). It will be quite an experience! Also, I’ve never been to EU before.

About games, I’m leaving KI aside. Don’t know if for good or for some time. Also I might not come to the forums often. If any friends here still want to play casual matches sometime or why not? some Gears of Wars (can’t leave that saga) just add me and message me to my Xbox account: Maru MDQ :blush:

This forums were a very nice gaming experience. It was nice knowing a bit about all of you. My best wishes for you guys and gals .
I’ve learned a lot.

Cheers! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


@MaruMDQ Whatever you do from here, have fun. I’m going to miss you and remember; Family is important.



I hope everything will go great for you from now on, I hope you have a good time in the EU. You were awesome to play with and if you ever want to play again for old times sake, just tell me :yum:

You will always be known as the best Wolf to me. Best of wishes amigo

Btw, we gotta play GoW sometime. I’m really bad but it’ll be fun nonetheless


I added headphones to me Zazzle


So I spent a good deal of this morning doing some maintenance & adjustments on my KI arcade cabinet. Some of the LEDs weren’t lighting up, one of the buttons was sticking. It’s been a neat thing to have…it keeps giving me something else to do. Some people might say that’s bad, but I like it.
I don’t know if I want to do it or not, but I was thinking about clearing off a shelf in the back of the cabinet and as a neat novelty get a bunch of those tiny arcade cabinet keychains/toys and line them up in rows to make it look like a full miniature arcade inside. The only major issue is that with them being $15-$20 a pop and making a decent looking mini arcade would likely require around 10-30 of them, the economics alone would make it not worth it.
On the more practical side, I was wanting to get some kind of stand to set a fightstick on that’s about 3 & 1/2 ft tall that can be easily stored when not in use. I’ve been looking at keyboard stands( as in musical keyboard) but so far haven’t seen anything that looks like it would work right for me.


Spinal! But…where’s your sword and shield? You can’t fight without them…or can you?


I wonder if there’s a Twitch channel dedicated to arcade/console repair yet?


So I had a perfect opportunity in my work schedule to take time off and see Alestorm in concert. I did.

Venue was so packed that the only place I had left to stand by the end of the night was in a trash can. But it was still great.

Best part though? Met the singer outside the venue afterwards while we both marveled at some kittens in a bookstore window. True story.

He’s a super cool dude, too. Amd we had matching kilts!


Watching Disenchantment on Netflix right now


You had to stand in a trash can? Man that is dedication. I love it. :joy:

Speaking of concerts I went to one last weekend. Flew to Seattle to see my sister and finally got to see Andrew WK. Man that concert ruled.

Apologies ahead of time for the portrait mode and my bad singing. :sweat_smile:


So it looks like I’m going to be getting into game design. It sounds kinda odd how it all came about, but the guy at my work that fills up the vending machines is apparently a big gaming buff himself, and he’s been looking into starting a game company. We’ve been talking a bit, and he noticed my enthusiasm for games and wants me to join in with the rest of his group. None of us as far as I know actually have any actual experience in the field, but we’re all starting on looking through tutorials of Unreal Engine 4, Blender, etc, to get aimed in the right direction. Right now we’ve been just tossing ideas back & forth. But so far it feels like it’s going to be a neat thing to do.


In case you wanted a bit of extra help, my partner is a member here here you can meet up with all sorts of people working in the various facets of game dev, posting tutorials, offering help and generally chatting. Hopefully it’s helpful as a starting point and I wish you the best of luck in your new endeavour. :slight_smile:


Just read the 3rd Issue of Cosmic Ghost Rider and I’ll tell you…Thanos dressed as The Punisher (Frank Castle) is the greatest thing that I’ve ever seen.


Well recently my family has been preparing to move, apparently we have a few months to get ready but since I am generally paranoid about deadlines with these things I have been packing things I know I’m not actively using.

One of those things was my Xbox One, which I wiped and placed in storage a few weeks ago; it didn’t bother me because of cloud saves but the PS4 is a different story as not only is it a fragile slim model, but with no PS Plus subscription I have to rely on USB drives to backup the saves (which has severely ruined my ability to enjoy certain games since I’m forcing myself to finish them quickly). It also doesn’t help that it’s been 6 years since we last moved and I have to basically throw out things to save space for the things I actually care for (I always had less items than the rest of my family, but it’s still highly stressful to comb through literally everything).

So with all of that said I’m not gonna be as active on the forums, just in case something bad happens. I’ll still have the computer on hand of course, but at some point I’ll have to wipe it’s memory too for safety reasons (same with the PS4). And if I don’t come back, then it’s probably because the computer broke or got lost in the move, or because of no more internet (some members of my family may go their separate ways and take the internet with them).

Either way, see you later, in a few months, or never again. Depends on what life decides at this point.


Well, hopefully not never, fingers crossed for you getting everything sorted in a safe and timely manner, and hopefully we’ll see you again soon. :slight_smile: