The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


Just got my wisdom teeth taken out. Had to take all 4 of them out.

This following week is going to be…fun. :worried:


Yeah, it’s awful <=( But once after some time you get over it pretty fast


Yikes they did all four of them at once?? Geeeez it was painful enough for me to get two taken out at a time let alone all four at once.


So that happened to you before, I presumed?


Yesterday, I went to my dad’s funeral where he was officially cremated. It was tough holding back tears but I made a promise within myself to keep fighting for my true goals and my family and friends no matter what.


So glad that the weekend had come. Ouch, @FallibleJoker14 Having all four wisdom teeth pulled out is no fun. Of course, I had mine taken out long ago, but only one or two at a time. All I have to say is put ice on the swelling, and eat soft foods such as ice cream and yogurt.

@TheSkullAddict I’m sorry about your father. Losing someone dear is hard. I had lost my uncle in the last weeks of June, and I had to return home to give my family comfort. I’ll be sending prayers to you and the family.

Anyway, I found this on the KIUF page on FaceBook. It might put a smile on everyone’s faces.


Thanks for the kind words and prayers. I hope everything is alright with you.


So my school district is getting budget cuts. Bummer. Anyways. I take the bus to school. However, they are reducing the number of bus stops so now my stop is 9min driving distance or 50min walking distance. Wow. Hopefully I figure something out


Really sorry for your loss, I’ve lost a few loved ones this year, hope everything looks a bit better soon.


To report: Yes, I have been feeling better since my dad passed on. Thank you to the members that actually cared.

Today. I’m still waiting for Season 4 but this patch will hold me over. :grin:

Oh and to some very special people outside these forums, thank you. Granted the past is hard to get over but moving on and doing better things outside of Killer Instinct really helps. So for you and all forum members, I’ll keep on living, in honor of my family, especially my dad.

Have a great day and never forget to break out of the combos of depression, anxiety, fear, sadness and anger whenever you’re under pressure.


@TheSkullAddict Great to hear that you’re doing a lot better, as do I.

Anyway, I’m just chilling and posted a new chapter for my story. Not only that, my roommate moved out now that she got promoted, so I have the room all to myself until I get a new roommate.


That’s awesome @AquariusDragon0


Got new glasses and enjoying my last day for a break until my final semester begins tomorrow.


Finally got my drivers license, I should of gotten it a long time ago but I’m a huge procrastinator.


Jeffron27 is struggling with it too.


After hearing about the shooting in Jacksonville, I have this to say, if you shoot people over a video game, you’re a ■■■■■.


Hello everybody.

I’m going to have my gallbladder removed at hospital tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.


Best of lucks and get better soon Kev


I had mine removed last year Kev,minor procedure and i was home by the next day.Good luck!


Get well soon and good luck to you too, Kev