The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


I’d say you probably should report them if it get’s too far.


Smash Bros. Ultimate… Yes x 1,000,000


Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!
My family’s getting a bit of a double whammy today. It’s also @Thunderb3E 's birthday; he’s 14 years old now.


Hello everybody, I’m feeling better now. I do still tear up when I’m thinking about her, It was very heartbreak. But thanks to @KIGod420 @ItzTymeToDul @FallibleJoker14 @MandrillManiac @BubbRubb4Real @MaruMDQ @KIFANATIC8488 @TheSkullAddict @WrathOfFulgore @SoSRaGnArOk for made me feeling better. You guys are my good friends. Thank you, and God bless all of you.


@NitricZenith @Iago407


Glad you’re feeling better friend. Everything gets better with time.


I think it is the one thing that we all can universally relate to. Losing a pet is like losing an arm or a leg. Your heart feels phantom pain as you can still feel their presence. Don’t ever feel ashamed to grieve or feel sad. All those emotions mean is that your pet was truly loved.

I remember 11.5 years ago when I was blessed with not one but two chocolate lab puppies. As I held them tightly to my chest, (in case anyone doesn’t know, I absolutely love dogs), a dreadful thought crossed my mind, that someday in the distant future I would have to let them go.

About 6 years ago I had to say goodbye to one of them. Very soon, I will have to say goodbye to her sister. In my life I’ve had to say goodbye to many a canine friend. In so much, I ask myself, why do I feel the drive to bring another into my life knowing that someday they’ll have to leave as well.

The reason is this, a dog’s love is unconditional. Even though their lives are relatively short, the enumerable amount of happiness and love they enrich my life with far outweighs the passing moments of sorrow that I feel when they finally leave. There is truly nothing like a dog’s love. They never expect more of you or less of you. They never judge nor complain. They are happy to have you as you are. If only mankind could ever be so wise.


We love you kev.

The pain will subside but she will never be forgotten.


Yeah, like Ragnarok, I’m a huge dog fan. Four dogs have come and gone from my life so far, and each of them made an substantial impact. My wife and I currently have two dogs and they’re both awesome. That’s the wonderful thing about them though; they love unconditionally and they’re never in short supply. :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re feeling better, Kev!

Here’s a picture of our most recent addition. Her name’s Ruby, and while she’s scared of most people (her litter was abandoned, so she had minimal human interaction), she’s the sweetest, gentlest little soul you could ever meet. :slight_smile:

Here she is with our other dog, Bally. They’ve quickly become best friends and zoom buddies.


Glad to see you back with us. Things with Killer Instinct has been messed up but I’m glad you’re back. You’re are true friend.


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I might stick to playing Killer Instinct after reaching Level 135 on Grand Theft Auto Online. But on the side, I’m going to release my own instrumental of beats that I’ve created, as well two or three new ones.

Release date located in photo.


Happy July 4th!

Please don’t play Roman Candle War with your friends or you will get really bad hurt… Lol


Who ordered dinosaurs with extra cheese!!!

:star2:It’s movie night :star2:


I just found out my dad died three days ago. I am not happy about that.

I’ve dealt with dumbass trolls on these forums plenty but dealing with the fact that my own dad is gone before my birthday even came is really something I have to deal with. Please excuse me.


I’m terribly sorry to hear that. It’s not easy losing a father. I couldn’t imagine losing my own dad. All i can do for you is give my condolences to you and Your family during this time and I’ll ask for you to hope for better.

It’s not happy to lose a parent but i know that they’d rather go first than see you go. Mourn and grow. All i can give. Stay strong man.


Oh no… I am very sorry for your loss. : (


I’m really sorry :cry: