The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


I saw Black Panther for the first time and enjoyed it! However, T’Challa is pretty much doomed to die.


Ouch…my head…finals are wearing me out…I can’t imagine how it must be like in college


Finals are over! I’m free!




I’m waiting for the results on the Wattpad awards I’m taking part. Not only that, chilling over the weekend, trying to rest my weary left knee.


Hello, I want to tell everybody that my sweet dog girl, Goldie passed away this morning. I was shocked and very heartbreaking than before. I can still feel my chest hurts, it’s painful. I will always miss her so much. My family and I love her so much.

So I’m taking a break from KI, other games, and internet. I don’t know how long, but I will be back.

Miss you, Goldie.


That sucks Kev :slightly_frowning_face:


Nooooooo i didn’t want to hear this news. Another person’s dog i know passed away too. I can’t. :cold_sweat:


Your in my prayers kev. I’m terribly sorry


Kev… If you need anything… I’m here…

But taking a break is good.

I am sorry for your loss.


I’m sorry Kev. That’s terrible. It looked like Goldie was a very good girl. :frowning_face:


Sorry to read that Kev :pensive: :cry: .
Take the time you need.


I am very sorry to hear the passing of your dog now so take however long you need to gather yourself, Kev :frowning_face:


I’m sorry for your loss. Get well soon. We’ll miss you.


Man, that sucks. Hope all your family is dealing with it well.


So my wife and I had our 17th anniversary yesterday (dang, it doesn’t seem that long), and both her and the kids have been nagging for awhile to have a second pet. I finally caved yesterday for a multitude of reasons, mainly because our dog Izzy just went blind a couple of weeks ago, and my wife wanted to get something that could be her buddy. Anyway, long story short, we have a new kitten, who we named Tripod.

We named him that because he was born without the bottom half of one of his back legs, ergo he only has 3 feet. So far he’s integrating into the household pretty well.


Hey I just saw this, Kev. You have my sincerest condolences, man. She definitely looks like she was a sweet old girl and you and your family were as lucky to have her as she was to have you all, I’m sure.


So sorry to hear this Kev, hope things will start to look brighter soon. 2018 has been pretty awful to a lot of people I know so far, myself included.


I think we can all relate @KevBones10. Losing a canine is never easy. It always hurts. Just take things day by day.


Why is it that every time I post something on these forums I feel like I’m being spied on? I’ve kept quiet for a long time but I’m getting sick of some spiteful idiot I argued on the internet with once linking back to my posts all the time.

Look, you know who you are and if you want to speak to me I’d be glad to give you the details so we can speak properly in PMs or on mic like adult human beings, until then, stop professing to know me, you don’t at all, you can’t even get simple, fundamental details like my gender correct and you definitely have no idea whether I “deserve” bad things to happen to me or not, I argued with you ONCE on the internet, this does not make me evil, nor make me in need of some divine karmic retribution bs.

To everyone else, I apologise for this rant, to the person in question, stop being a creep, I dropped it a long time ago, why are you incapable of doing the same?