The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


Really sorry to hear that, man. It’s amazing how much these gentle creatures can leave such an imprint on us. Though the ending will likely be with you for a long time, try and remember the positive stuff as much as possible. Not telling you how to grieve, obviously, but it’s helped me in the last few months.

Jasper sounds like a really special dog. My sincerest condolences to both you and your sister on the loss.


I am very sorry for your loss…


Sad news Indeed, I’m very sorry :pensive: I know the feeling since I’ve been there too. They become part of our family and even part of ourselves.
Rest in peace Jasper, you made your family happy and they will always love you.


Sorry to hear about the news man.


The next time I raise my glass, I will do so in addition to Jasper. You have my word and my condolences.


I am very sorry to hear about your recent loss and I now offer my condolences too for your loss man :frowning_face: May he RIP now :pensive:


I’m really sorry for your loss. He looks like he was a good doggo. :cry:


I’m sorry for your loss. Sending condolences from Seattle


Sorry. I hope you’re okay. I too understand what it’s like to lose a great pet.


Coffee, cookies, and Tekken 4… Can’t sleep lol


This has gotten a lil quiet. Guess I’ll jump into it.

I haven’t been playing as much as I used to recently. School has finally gotten its cold dry hands on my neck and i can’t let go lol. SAT tests and ACTs are taking up most of my time. I have to buy Xbox live as well… I bet I’m super rusty now. Oh well, not much I can do there.

Prom is coming up soon and apparently I’m getting a free ticket…now I’m kinda forced to go…lol I wasn’t even planning to go in the first place :yum:. It’s going to be an…interesting time trying to find a date lol.

I’ve also gotten hooked to DBFZ recently. To be honest, KI has really helped me succeed in this game. Sure I’m not to familiar with all the tech but KI has really taught me how to play a FG. It can really help face of against good players online when I played. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to do great in this game (i doubt it :yum:) and be the only high player without Yellow Vegeta :laughing:.

Either way, hope y’all are doing well. Have a great one


Hello everyone, I unlocked all gow4 trophies! :smiley:


Been a while since I visited this thread. I got a doctor appointment on Monday regarding the pain in the back of my left knee. It hurts so much to the point that I have to wear a brace. I can only hope what the next course of action is because the wait and see approach has failed.


Don’t know if I told the KI crew yet but about a month ago I got a new job! I now work at a publishing company that produces Hunting Magazines!
The first magazine I contributed to will be out soon. Be on the lookout for Rifle Magazine #299!



Just turned in my term paper and its my last assignment for the semester.


Congratulations on your academic achievement.





Aaaaahhh! I finally get them from Amazon, it’s early than I expected! Other gundam gunpla will arrive tomorrow or next week.


Well, I’m back to work today. I started back doing the security officer job I had up until last year. I’m still not sure if I’m ready to be back to work, especially since I had a really bad panic attack Sunday, but it needed to be done. The part that really sucks though is all the paperwork I’m having to fill out. Since it is a security job I’m having to go through a lot of red tape to be properly licensed again…fingerprinting, passport pic, extremely thorough background check to make sure it’s squeaky clean…it’s a headache.
Also starting next month, provided financial aid goes through ok, I’m going to be taking online classes and working towards getting a degree in game design, so yay for that. All in all it seems like I’m finally on the mend.
BTW, thanks to everyone that has been sending good vibes my way. I really appreciate it.


You will see my new custom gundam gunpla soon or later. :wink: