The Bored at Work Thread!


Considering that you’re talking to me - enjoy your vacation.


Man, work has been SLOW lately. I know that’s a dumb thing to complain about, but at least when I’m swamped and deadlines are crashing together, the day goes by quickly. The last few weeks, each day feels like it takes forever. Like today, I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be at least 10pm by now.

Think I might go home and play some KI today and maybe even play… Online? I haven’t done that in years. Just Shadow Lab, Shadow Lords, Survival and other single player stuff. Love those modes, of course. But maybe it’s time to branch out a bit? Possibly?

Either way, I need to get through the next hour to get there, of course. Whoa, a whole minute just went by in the time it took to write all that! :neutral_face:


I know the feeling. Working in security there are shifts where I do very little, to the point that it’s a struggle to find something to keep me preoccupied so I can continue to stay alert.

Today’s been a mess. The last email I got from the guy I’m having the interview with mentioned that I needed to show up in professional business attire…which to some probably doesn’t sound like much of a big deal, but the last time I did anything that required dressing like that was a few years back, and none of it fits now. I’ve gained some weight since then, both from fat and muscle (my chest in particular is a problem area, because of all the shoveling and heavy lifting I did at my last poultry production job) So I went to Gamestop, traded in a bunch of excess fluff from my game collection, and went around town trying to find a suit…and could not find anything that would fit me…the jacket anyway. I talked to my current boss, and she tracked down a possibility of a jacket and is supposed to stop by on her way home, but if that fails, I’m likely going to have to see about either rescheduling the interview or seeing if business casual would suffice…not a strong look either way.

Edit: My boss found me a jacket that fits. She’s awesome!!


Update: after the 3 hour drive I made it to the interview, and they were super-impressed that I drove that far just for the interview. Long story short after going through the whole process on my way back to my current job afterwards I got a call back from them wanting to do a Skype session for a final interview tomorrow morning. So yay for me! From what they were saying the pay is in a whole 'nother leauge from what I’m currently making, so hopefully everything works out, and if it does it’s going to be amazing!!!


Update 3: Woohoo!! I got it!!
…now I have to study to get my insurance liscense.

Oh, and they said starting off I’ll be making at minimum twice as much as both my wife and my current combined income is per month, so

raw (1)


TFW you tell someone that you need them to give you the paperwork you need by Noon but its quarter-past 3pm and you haven’t gotten a damn thing


had a great weekend, and productive. unfortunately i cannot go into detail since someone will flag it


I want to make so many jokes to you about how you had a good weekend. I get it, I can make sexual taunts with Rash or the finger with Flugore, although a joke to you could be a problem.

I hope you enjoyed your “job” or weekend. :laughing:


OK, so time to put the Bored at Work thread to rest! The “NEW” Bored at Work thread will live on in a members only Personal Message thread. I will send invites out shortly. If you dont get an invite…well…maybe I just didnt think of you, so shoot me a PM and request to be a part of the thread.

The only rule is there are no limitations to topics, vulgarity, ect…

Have a good one!


But whatever, you guys go enjoy your PM club.

Edit: Anyway, I started a “Sunday School” thread (:roll_eyes:) here for anyone interested:


My college lecturer has just handed out an assignment to be submitted on the 23rd of October, what a great way to spend my 18th birthday :upside_down_face:


It’s still alive, though. :upside_down_face:


Hey guys… Today is my birthday! :smiley:


Happy B-Day. In that manner of speaking, enjoying my four-day and learning that I have another niece in the family.


You’ve been visited by the party bird. May he grant you an awesome birthday full of friends and family! Happy Birthday!


So I’m stuck in traffic. Big ol’ accident on the highway has everything gummed up.

Good news is that I’m already on the job so I’m getting paid by the hour. And at least it’s moving now, unlike for the last hour or so. And the sun isn’t in my eyes anymore.

…certainly a lot less fun than the office Christmas party last night.

Edit: Huh. Didn’t realize this thread has been so empty. Has everyone else been having that much fun at work?


I had ended the thread a few months ago when some people got butt hurt about certain comments of wild nights and partying. But its due to be revised now that all has blown over.


Ok so my busy season has ended at work and its back to being bored at work for a few months.
So if you are at work and you are bored and the KI forum is thin…lets discuss whatever keeps us from falling asleep at our desks LOL


Can we please not?


Not what? Dont go trying to stir up drama…I didn’t tag you and I didnt quote you…which you are doing.
So yes can we please not?