The Bored at Work Thread!


You didn’t have to tag or quote. I’ve been an active poster on this thread for a considerable amount of time before you moved it to DMs, in case you forgot. It popped up in my unread list.


No I didnt forget…I moved nothing to DMs but a group of friends that felt the need to discuss things uncensored. I created this thread…and if Im bored at work…Ill be damned if Im not gonna post in it when I feel like it.
SO with that said…move on… we already have. And as I said, I didnt tag or quote you and no one said it was you that was butt hurt… thats on you…not me.


Doesn’t sound like you’ve moved on so much to me, given that you were the one that brought it up again after all this time, but whatever. You might want to keep in mind though that no matter who starts a thread it’s still in a public forum that has rules regarding content.

Believe it or not I’m saying this because I like you guys and want to see you stick around and not get banned. But you know, horse to water & all that jazz.


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Please stop it…


To be fair, if something breaks the rules fo the forums, I’m going to flag it, regardless of the thread or who posted it. Can we just stop this though?


GUys…everyone just chill. Its over…back to normal posts.


yep i said what i needed to, another day another dollar


So I was really looking forward to work slowing down and being away from the work crew fro a while…but damn now Im truly bored as hell. Im ready to get a few workers back in here to spice things up.
Hopefully I can get at least 3 of the best workers to return in February.

Im tempted to bust out my PS Vita and play some SF Aplha but.


im in my office finishing a laptop and hearing the hangover music album by black label society. ive totally killed it on the job today, i drew praise from boss lady of current job site,so she gonna throw me free breakfast thursday morning when i return here. not bad at all if i say so myself


Wow… I hadn’t noticed this thread in months. Take a peek and epicness happens.

I would be bored at work, BUT I’m about to leave for the day! WOOT!


1 more hour for me and then its time to chiiiilllllll!!! Chicken and dumplings for dinner too…mmmmm
Might play KI when i get home… most liley going to check out Enchantress though.


you lucky sonofabitchhh lol, i wanna leave too


Could this day go by any slower?? OMG!

Just had a long talk with my mechanic friend about my oil pressure switch. Looks like Im panicking a bit too much. I just need to go buy the part and pop it on there and see what happens.

Figured out that when my temp jumped 210 a month ago is was prob due to I didnt top off enough fluid when i changed my lower radiator hose months ago. I didnt let it cycle at 210 and top off more. Owell… its good now… but now I know.


told ya its a 5min job, nothin to panic over. its just a sensor and those things are known to leak when theyre fuckkked up. youll be fine lol

210F is very hot, 230 is uh oh find a place to pull over a bit, 240+ TURN IT OFF QUICK.


Im just more worried about driving it unitl I get it fixed and if there are other problems IM not aware of. I just cant afford to be down a vehicle. We just lost the Tahoe and had to get a new car. I cant do it again.


i understand, thats how it is for ppl requiring a running daily. but seriously the only time you should panic is when the engine is going KLAK KLAK KLAK real loud and it sounds absolutely horrible, thats a moment to panic and prepare to eat a rebuild. ive been there…3 times. lmao

edit: dont even worry about other problems man, youll get grey hairs. its pointless, ■■■■■ gonna break, worry when it happens


Well Im picking up the part tonight… prob buy the socket that fits over it too.
Part is 22$ and socket is 12$
Should have it done tomorrow afternoon once it warms up a bit. Its damn 35 degrees her today. brrrrr

But for now to stay busy at work Im reading the book on Randy Blythe of Lamb of God… his trial for supposedly killing a person in Prague by pushing him from the stage. the kid died 3 months later from a head wound. Such bull shittt… Randy was arrested in an airport 2 years later and placed in the nastiest prison in Eastern Europe for 48 days.

Such a great book… a must read!


Well, I worked exactly one day this week thanks to today.
Sure it’s gonna be a meager pay check but this flu hit me like Tusk’s HP. I couldn’t hardly move for most of the weekend and was lucky to be able to stay awake during most of the week. It was brutal


Been a long time since i got sick. I take an Airborne tablet every morning. Its worked for a few years so far!