The Bored at Work Thread!


Helping my fellow battles get through railhead, as they are going to be away for three months. Very tired and beat today


I just somehow won a free month of XBox Live Gold! I was playing KI and got a message from MS. Opened it and it said congrats you completed Dec Game pass quest! Here is a free month of Xbox gold! Hell yeah! My sub expires Monday and I didnt really want to fork over 60$ right now…so now I have another month to bite the bullet. Thanks MS! Not sure how I did it or got on the quest but really cool… Id like to know where January’s quest is,… Ill do that one too!


I’m about to get off work in 15 minutes thankfully. But I’m also getting tired of getting assigned clean up duty at the end of my shift. Turns out to be only me out there doing it while others with the off time as me just don’t bother to go out there and do it.

As soon as I find out I don’t have anything to do I should just disappear. :unamused:


Keep o it man and make sure you boss sees you doing it, and see them not doing it. It will benefit you one day down the road. Trust me… as a director, those are the things that I notice and keep track of and remember when its time to promote someone or give them a bonus.
BUt I totally understand how you feel because I cant stand to do stufff that others blow off. It really sucks ■■■


He’ll if there are month quests for free Xbox gold if you have game pass then sign me up. I will need to look into that. I would gladly pay for game pass if it let me work for the gold pass each month. I just don’t want to pay for game pass when the only games on it that I want to play, I already own.

They need to stop screwing around and just say for 25 per month you can play all the new games. Most of the new games that are coming out are not worth 60 in the first place.


But I dont have game pass! lol… I had the 2 weeks free trail from 12-10 to 1-2.
I believe the challenges are somewhere int eh Games for gold pages.


im not lookin forward to goin to work tomorrow morning. holy fuckkk my house is an icy tomb right now, i got no central air. just space heaters lol


I know the feeling. I’ve got the same situation at my house. We do have a propane heater as well, but we didn’t really have a lot of propane in it, and it just ran out earlier today.

We do have a crap-ton of blankets though…


I was the only one to show up fro work the last 2 days. The owner said I could go home yesterday and today I drove by and again no one was there.
When it freezes over, sleets and snows here in North LA the whole city shuts down. All schools and most businesses are closed. They are terrified someone is going to wreck and die.

Im about to go play The Order 1886 and maybe some SFV AE


right now im working in a room. bad weather shut off the switch for this wing, easy job. just basically waitin for it to turn on. im prolly gonna bring my switch after lunch and play mario or some shittt, today is gonna be dead as fuckkk. lot of ppl skipped


Work is always boring.


it can be for sure, goes with the territory. thats why i like my days busy as fuckkk so it goes by faster. if im in the office with jackshitt to do it gets real slow


Back at work… cold as hell! Porb 27 degrees in this warehouse. Ill be staying in my office today thank you. lol


im in mine atm, figuring out an issue with a laptop. lol, slooooooooow day.


We had an old production water pipe blow the cap of a few hours ago. I walked out my office and heard a hissing sound…looked back and water was pooling across the floor. I had to rush into the packing room , tear down a bunch of boxes to find the old pipe behind it gushing water.
It was a dead end pipe with a cap on it. It finally blew the cap off. Then I ran up front to find the main valve…luckily i found it and turned it off.

Now I have to squeegee all the water to the old production drain. This sucks! I dont have any employees here to do the work so i have to do it…ehhhh

Its not a frozen pipe… its just these old pipes we dont use that was linked to the back bathroom.


man that sucks. i was at a girls house,


hearing the faucet but much louder. i step on the floor and theres water. goddamn pipe busted under the sink. so i unplugged everything before the rising water causes electrical hazard and we get shocked to death.

fuckking land lord, he was told 5 fuckking times some work was needed. but nope! oh but when the rent is due hes crawling up her assss 8am sharp


Damn man, that’s terrible! I had something slightly similar happen in my house last week. Woke up at 5am to the sound of my wife saying “I hear rushing water… I hear… Oh my god, OH MY GOD” I throw on some pants and rush downstairs only to splash in to about 3 inches of water on the whole first floor.

Thankfully she was quick about turning off the main valve. Turns out our fridge line broke off the valve and had (likely) been spraying water for about four hours. We live on a slab, which is good, but still had to sweep / squeegee the water out through the front door (when it was about ten degrees out).

Our laminate started cupping immediately, and the carpet was obviously soaked through. We had to move our entire first floor up to our second floor. Took FOREVER. But yeah, now our whole first floor is torn up, holes drilled, had fans and dehumidifiers running for days (thankfully that’s over), several parts where drywall had to be taken out, and now we’re in waiting mode while the company that mitigated the damage haggles with our insurance company over how much they’ll get paid, as we can’t do much of anything beyond window shop and research until we know how much $$ we have left over to play with.

On the bright side, I was able to hook my PS4 up to the TV in our bedroom and I’ve discovered two wonderful things I wasn’t aware that I’d love: The show Shameless and the game Bloodborne. :slight_smile:


Oh man! Carpet? Oh man that suck so bad! I hope you guys get plenty of insurance money to cover it. Hopefully it will be better than before!
You just now are realizing Bloodborne is the greatest game of all time?? lol… Man I love that game… its my favorite game of this generation by far! I have a killer Bloodborne shirt and Hoodie. You can actually get a lot of cheap merch straight off the Bloodborne page on your PS4 before you hit start. They have a PS store with like 20 items.


i want to be in my bed. asleep. also did side job and got rewarded for it. unfortunately not money, but rewarded nonetheless. visually. also got a free breakfast coming next week, free food is the best. pays to work hard! love it


Welder guy just showed up and we are going to cut off the maze of old copper pipes from the production room and seal it off at the 2 main ground stems. That should fix any future water issues in this room anyway. I just hope he knows what he is doing because Im no plumber!