Tekken 7


Not to jinx anything but Team Soul was the first company to start putting multiple guest characters in their games (long before NRS did it with MK and Injustice). After seeing Negan get into Tekken 7 I now highly doubt Geralt is the only guest we will see in SC6 (not to mention Geralt’s trailer mentioned “challengers” which can easily imply guests if they wanted). Now the real question is will they even pretend to get someone thematically appropriate to SC’s universe, in the wake of Link (Gamecube SC2) and the Star Wars and anime characters in SC4 anything goes at this point.

I did see Youtube comments in Max’s recent video suggest Jon Snow from Game of Thrones, that could work.


They could just give Gerald black curly hair and a black fur cloak on, and voila, Jon Snow.


Needs more dragons, but it would still fit better than Yoda either way. :+1:

Either way, all I’m saying is brace for impact, Namco is turning their worlds into Mugen at this point.


Wow, Game of Thrones DLC for Soul Calibur. That’s something I could absolutely get behind. I’d still love for GOT to get it’s own fighting game some day. I’m thinking something along the lines of a dirty Soul Calibur with Mortal Kombat levels of blood and fatalities to go alone with a George RR Martin-esque story for why it’s all happening. I feel like there was a tournament where Leanna Stark was “kidnapped” by Rheagar Targaryan, but that might’ve been a jousting tournament. Oh well, I’m sure they could come up with something.

Sorry, I think I just went off topic of the off topic lol. :joy:


Oh whoops, meant *Geralt. Just saw the error now. ^^;

Also, maybe a bit of insight:


Except, If AMC (an american company) pitched this to Namco (a japanese company), Namco would have ignored them. Japanese companies don’t work with American companies unless it’s their idea. That’s how this works. Namco, and probably Harada, had to want to do this first before any sleazy marketing executives from AMC could get involved at all.


The funniest thing from Max’s Tekken DLC reaction was that he joked “community funded”.


You’ve said this twice but I don’t see anything to support it other than your prejudice. The unarguable facts are that Negan is in Tekken 7 and Harada said a year ago it was a bad idea. When people suggest that AMC approached Namco to make it happen you saying “no, because Japan…” is meaningless. Unless you have some fact based alternative explanation then there’s no reason for you to do vehemently argue against the idea that AMC motivates this.


RIP Unshō Ishizuka, the voice of Heihachi Mishima, old Joseph Joestar, and many more.


Another Hieihachi voice actor died? Wow! just wow!. My condolences to his family and friends.


Dang, my favorite character. RIP Unsho Ishizuka. You did an awesome job, sir.


If it’s true that Heihachi made it into Smash, and he recorded his lines already, they should dedicate it to him.


It’s scary…Heihachi Mishima is pretty much gone according to the ending of Tekken 7 but now the voice actor is gone too.


Beavis and Butt-Head as possible guest characters in Tekken 7?


New moves, rage drives, and showcase of the wall bounces:


No. Just…no lmao




@KIGod420 @TheSkullAddict But why not? Beavis and Butt-Head enjoy fighting and overall violence very, VERY much no? :wink:


You’re talking about cartoon characters so dumb they can’t ever string together enough words for a proper sentence.I can’t imagine them in a fighting game attacking with uhhhh’s and fire fire fire…I know you enjoy them,but your starting to pollute a lot of different threads with this.


So sad, he was awesome, who’s going to be the perfect voice for these lovable old gits now? :cry:

Rather than ask why not, can we ask you why?

The only way these two should ever appear in video game form again, is in their own game, or some weird MTV crossover nostalgia game along with characters like Aeon Flux and The Head, they have absolutely nothing to do with martial arts tournaments, however.