Tekken 7


Honestly, me too. Same with Noctis. And geese really. I mean, I like guest characters, but I don’t really follow their franchises so it’s nothing too special. I do really like it when fighters do guests from non-video game sources. To me, it feels like more work has to be done to actually create the character that way. Glad to see Tekken has joined Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur among the ranks of fighters that do it.

I’m still in disbeleif that Negan is here. When i first saw the title of the video I thought it would be one of those fake prank videos that are so obviously not real. I’m surprised it is, to say the least.



Bladed weapon vs. blunt weapon? That’s my best guess.


What’s funny is that I usually hate guest characters, yet Noctis is actually really fun, imo.

As for Negan… Like… no one asked for this. If any at all, it would be a very insignificant percentage. I personally don’t care about him at all, don’t care about the Walking Dead… he is not for me. I’m not one of the 12 people in the world who wanted this.

Also, seeing so many fans of Kiryu from Yakuza being so bewildered by this is… honestly kinda funny. Though I do feel for them.


They could still do him later. But honestly, revealing him would be like revealing Lei or Anna. Sure, Tekken fans are going to know who he is, and the people who’ve been campaigning for him will be excited, but he’s not going to generate mass populous excitement. Negan is like this season’s Akuma/Noctis. Kazuma Kiryu can be this season’s Geese Howard/Eliza.

Also, here’s to hoping that they finally patch in an offline vs. CPU single battle mode.


I don’t entirely agree with that, because unlike Akuma and Noctis, no one really wanted or is excited about Negan but a very few. Most people, at least from what I can tell, are more like “WTF is he doing here?!” than being happy for his inclusion. Noctis was kinda a WTF character as well, but there were tons of people who were excited for him.

Akuma and Geese though… they got howling praise when they were revealed.

I kinda get what you mean though with he’d be like the Anna/Lei reveal. He’s so requested and expected to be in Tekken 7 that it would be more a “FINALLY!” once he is revealed… if that happens at all.


It’s entertaining to see Maximilian here near this live reaction guy


That guy is Kenny, aka Unrooolie, one of Max’s best friends. They stream together several times a week, along with two other guys, Matt and Steve, as well as Max’s wife.


I haven’t been a fan of Tekken since TTT2 but the addition of Negan has sparked my interest. Definitely looking forward to seeing him in action!


Negan is an interesting wild card. Tekken has been doing amazing with their Guests, so I’m super excited to see how he will turn out. It’s always fascinating to me to see how they will implement things and characters that don’t have any solid base in fighting games, and make them work.

Anna is cool, and I’m glad that people get her!

Lei Wulong is probably the hypest reveal for me. I love his Jackie-Chan inspired Story and persona. I’ve wanted to play him, but I always found it kind of difficult and discouraging playing him because of his different stances and his difficulty playing him. However, I’m going to take another hard crack at him and play him because I like him a lot.

It was a pretty hype reveal!


I just want to know why. Like, is Harada (?) a huge walking dead fan or something? It’s not like AMC asked them to do it. Namco would have just ignored them. Collaboration between Japanese and American companies only ever happens if the Japanese start the conversation.


Funny story, someone suggested Negan on twitter, and Harada was like “Nah man, he’s too weak”…

Yet here we are.


Can someone describe to me what makes this Walking Dead character special?


Well it seems more and more games are becoming more like Monster Hunter in regards to guest appearances, not inherently a bad thing but definitely out of left field to see Tekken going that route (though arguably some people have said this about Noctis as well, since he’s also not from a fighting game like Akuma and Geese are). I did laugh at Woolie’s reaction from that video posted earlier though; He keeps saying “What reason?!” about a game directed by Harada of all people, I wonder how Matt and Pat would have reacted if they were there. Still seems weird that Kiryu didn’t get in though, I heard Sega was okay with letting him in so if true there’s no red tape on that end at least.

It’s nice to see they haven’t forgotten that Anna and Lei exist, though I am surprised they made Lei look more like older Jackie Chan (I know he was based off the old Jackie Chan Supercop movies so it makes sense to age him). Anna doesn’t look much different from older games but neither did Nina so I can’t be surprised. And I haven’t seen Walking Dead since Season 1 so I can’t comment on Negan, but I am curious how they’ll work that theme into Tekken’s engine.

Honestly this really makes me bitter I dropped off on Tekken so hard, I used to love Tekken Tag Tournament 1 but now I struggle to care at this point. Part of me still blames Lars and Alisa (my two most despised characters in the series) for that; around T6 is when the fun drained out for me and it became edgy tryhard anime almost exclusively, and Lars and Alisa basically became the faces of said tryhard anime in my eyes. Dumping that Fun/Action balance that older games had (and Tag 1 embraced) pretty much killed it for me back then.

Did Tekken 7 do any better in that regard? Lucky Chloe reminds me a good deal of Xiaoyu from the older games (before she got re-written in the worst way possible) and Kuma still seems as goofy as ever. I’m really interested in this game now but I still have reservations about the overall package. I just want to make sure they at least tried to learn from Tekken 6’s mistakes (like how they learned from Tekken 4’s mistakes way back when).


Is anyone else starting to wonder if all these guests in Tekken 7 might mean more guests in Soul Calibur as well? Curious who they might decide to put in that game.

Anyways, as for T7, I’ve never been big on Anna and I couldn’t care less about Negan, but Lei returning is a huge plus for me. I might jump back in to the game just for him. Either way, I’m just happy that they’re announcing more characters. There are still a few question marks as well, so I’m curious who we’ll see.

Kinda hoping we get Craig Marduk, Bruce Irvin and maybe one of Michelle or Julia Chang. Ganryu would be nice as well. So would Wang Jinrei. I also like Christie Montiero, but she hasn’t really differentiated herself from Eddy that much, so I could take or leave her. Same goes with Baek Doo San, even though I believe he technically came before Hwoarang.

As for guests, I think it’d be cool if they could land a few more characters from other fighting games since they have Akuma and Geese. Perhaps Shao Khan from Mortal Kombat? Tusk from KI? Dmitri from Darkstalkers? Kasumi from DOA? Kage from Virtua Fighter? Baiken from Guilty Gear? I dunno, anyone else have any ideas? I wouldn’t mind seeing some characters from fighters past like a character from Eternal Champions or something like that.


I’m all for Julia. I have a fascination with Marduk, but I don’t know if I want him enough to pay for him as DLC, same thing with Alex and Roger. I would love it if they brought back Ogre, but that probably won’t happen.

I am all for the popularly requested Kazuma Kiryu. But my personal choices came from this line of thinking. Tekken’s core concept is a game about hand to hand fighting. And It started as a PS1 franchise. So I picked two characters from the PS1’s early days who were owned by non-sony companies and primarily fight hand to hand, leading me to choosing Solid Snake and Crash Bandicoot.

I also thought it would be a cool idea to see a modern Nightmare. Like, the sword survived sense the SoulCalibur days and has been picked up by some sap in modern times to reek havoc.


I hope not.


I hope so. That would be awesome!


Normally I’d agree on Solid Snake, but the fact that he’s in Smash Bros make me kinda hesitant. I agree with your line of logic though.

Crash… I dunno. On one hand, part of me would just prefer human characters, but on the other, I mean, they ha Gon in Tekken 3, they’ve had Mokujin, Roger, Alex, Kuma, Panda… They’ve had multiple robots in Jack, P. Jack and Alisa Boskonovich, so why not have Crash? It’d be kinda funny if he was a dude in a Crash outfit like the old Crash commercials, but either way. It wouldn’t be my first choice of DLC characters, but I wouldn’t mind it.

Some other early PS characters that might make sense: Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, Amarant from Final Fantasy IX (or more realistically, Zidane), Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal, Yugo from Bloody Roar, Sofia from Battle Arena Toshinden, Godhand from Ehrgeiz, Alundra, Gabe Logan from Syphon Filter, Fwank from Loaded and if we’re looking for weird or kind of random characters, Mr. Driller, Mr. Domino, Abe from Oddworld, PaRappa the Rapper or Klonoa.

Realstically though, I can’t imagine any of those would sell particularly well except for Tifa, though maybe I’m underestimating how many people want Bloody Roar to return.

Another idea, and I’m not sure how well he’d work, would be Kain from Legacy of Kain. I’ve brought both Kain and Raziel up a billion times on this forum, but Kain is obviously an early PSone character, even if I think Blood Omen might’ve been ported over to the Saturn at one point.

He might actually work better in Soul Calibur, but I think they could do some cool stuff that mixes punching and kicking attacks with his vampiric powers for Tekken, or his sword attacks with the Soul Reaver and his powers in Soul Calibur. I could see there being enough of a demand for him to maybe get some to buy in.

That sounds like an awesome idea! I’d love to see how that would work. I’m also curious how he’d play in Tekken give how much distance he can cover with that sword, but either way, a modern Nightmare could be really cool.

LOL I had a feeling that would be your response. Truthfully, I’m fine with just Geralt as a guest character, but given the sheer number of guests that have been in Tekken 7, it really wouldn’t surprise me if they thought more guests would bring more players in to SC.

Just going off of what I said above, I’d be more than happy to see Kain in Soul Calibur, wielding the Soul Reaver. Beyond that though, there aren’t a ton of guests I’d be overly thrilled to see in SC, at least not more than characters from the series that might not have a super high chance to make it in regardless.


Tekken 7 Season 2…hurry up!!!


Anna and Lei Wulong renders:

With screenshots: