Tekken 7


No, please do forget about her.


Agreed. She’s not like Raven.


Well, that’s the thing… she is EXACTLY like Raven. Just with breasts.
Would rather have Raven though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Omg I thought I was watching pre- production of soul calibur 6 :slight_smile:


I miss me some Soul Calibur. Not having one this generation saddens me…


Some Geese gameplay:


So I just bought Tekken 7 on PC for half off.

Yea, it’s pretty dope. Haven’t had a bad connection yet. Matchmaking was at a decent speed too.

I tried to learn geese but I’m unfamiliar with SNK fighters. My dumb butt thought that he was going to play like his CvS2 version lolol


I believe Geese plays like a mixture of Fatal Fury 3 and The King of Fighters XIV. His normal moves aren’t as fast as Heihachi’s but with great pacing and timing, any player can go from Novice Geese to Nightmare Geese.

Also: Big ups to Richard Epcar for his English Voice act for Geese in the mix with Kong Kuwata’s Japanese Voice act for Geese.


Is it Richard Epcar? It doesn’t sound like him and I can’t find any official source that confirms he is the voice actor.


Go on and check his Twitter feed. Last time I tweeted him about it, he actually liked my tweet. That, to me pretty much confirms it.


Tekken Mobile trailer, showing a new character called Rodeo…

Probably the character Harada threatened to replace Lucky Chloe with for the NA version back when people were whining and bitching about her inclusion. Generic US military man…


He looks like Paul’s younger brother.


Fox McCloud?


I quite like the new customisation gear for Tekken 7. Here’s Nina Williams as Orchid! :heart:
I put the tan on her, but her skin still look too light, but oh well…


Anna is back and she looks AWESOME!
Lei Wulong looks… weird. Like… it doesn’t look like him at all. But cool still.

I don’t care about Negan.


Are Anna and Lei from the Tekken Tag games? I didn’t recognize either of them. Im not too hyped for Nagen either.

But it seemed like lots of people were happy about the reveal so that’s good.


Anna and Lei are in almost all Tekken games.

Anna usually wears a red Chinese dress.

But I think because Nina is in bridal wear, Anna is now in funeral wear… which I think is pretty clever. She looks amazing, imo.

Lei looks a lot different, true. This is how he usually looks:


Why is Negan over Michonne? :frowning:


My theory is that Lei is suppose to look like Jackie in his latest films. I mean, have you seen some of them?

Oh and quick question to anyone that knows Walking Dead. What has Negan done that warrants him a spot in this game? Being a cool character is acceptable, I guess, but has he done anything really special?


I haven’t, actually. I think the last Jackie Chan movie I saw was Rush Hour 3.