Tekken 7

Well, guess I’m starting this topic, since nobody has made one yet when the new forums were up. Moving on then…

So this is just in, a brand new Tekken 7 update is coming, similar to what we had with Tekken 5 (Dark Resurrection), Tekken 6 (Bloodline Rebellion), and Tekken Tag 2 (Unlimited). And it’s called, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution! Interesting subtitle, eh?

For the first time itself in the series since Tekken 3, we’ve got another GUEST CHARACTER! And it’s no other than the Master of the Fist himself…AKUMA!!!

Looking at the trailer made it seem like they’re trying to put in Akuma to the main lore of the franchise, and his inclusion gives a taste of what’s probably coming in Tekken X Street Fighter!

So what are your thoughts folks?

(P.S. This must explain the reason why Akuma is not yet in Street Fighter V. He’s taking a vacation for this! Kappa)


Hmm… I never cared for Tekken; still don’t. Thanks for posting for those that do though.

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Akuma join Tekken 7!!! OMG!!!

THIS IS PERFECT FOR ME AND MY BIG BROTHER! My big brother really like Tekken series, I bet he’ll like “What? Is that Akuma? WHOA!!!” Lol

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Is this going to be on Xbox?

Yeah, it might be a taste of Tekken X Street Fighter. Cool!

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It would be exciting if Jun Kazama really came back!

Harada stated that more characters are coming, and definitely are Tekken characters. So expect some fan favorites to return, especially Jun!

I’ve never really been into Tekken like I am with Street Fighter or Killer Instinct since Tekken 3, but since Akuma is coming to Tekken 7, well…


Lol. And play Akuma too. Why not.

Yes, Tekken 7 is coming to Xbox. Although they have said there will be PS4 exclusive content. Based on the current cozy relationship between Sony and Capcom, it may well be that Akuma is the exclusive content. But they have been very tight lipped about things - including the release date.

Now that you’ve said it, it would be cool if there could be console-exclusive guest characters in each respective console, just like what they did in SCII. Come to think of it, maybe a KI Character could be in the Xbox One version? :sweat_smile:

Actually, that would be beyond awesome. I doubt it will happen, but still…

Well imagine the possibilities…Fulgore’s Rage Art being his Devastation Beam, Shago’s Rage Art is his Ultimate…BEYOND AWESOME IT IS. Only time will tell…

Aww…No Akuma?

Well, at least I still have Heihachi.

True. You could be right about this. I am not a fan of Tekken. I used to buy their titles like MK, but never really got into both MK or Tekken’s gameplay for extended time. If Akuma is ps4 exclusive, I will pass again.

Will there be canon endings again? I wish for a happy ending for Jin and some of the others. And a new beginning for a new generation!

Definitely hyped for this game. I didn’t know PS4 had exclusive content though. Hadn’t seen that anywhere.

If that’s true though, man… Why won’t MS invest in a fighting game outside of KI? Don’t get me wrong, I’m beyond ecstatic with what we’ve had with KI so far but there are so many series, both current and dormant that have a following and could be a solid benefit to MS and the Xbox One.

I said it before and I’ll say it again, with Capcom and Sony all tight, MS should look to rekindle their old relationship with Sega. Get a team that’d be willing to reboot Eternal Champions and then bring Virtua Fighter 6 exclusively to XB1.

Back on topic though, I’m getting more and more stoked for Tekken 7. It looks rather dark, which is nice. Heihachi’s my main, but I really enjoyed using Zafina in Tekken 6, so I’m hoping she’ll be back.

Also hoping the roster is pared down a good deal. I feel like it’s finally time to put a few of the clones out to pasture and in all honesty, I wasn’t that big on any of the other Tekken 6 additions beyond Zafina and maybe Miguel.

Any characters you guys want to see or perhaps prefer they’d leave on the cutting room floor?

I have no inside info, only total speculation. But if I had to guess, I would say they look at the money and shrug it off. Compared to the big franchises like CoD, or Halo, or Gears of War, or even stuff like Assassin’s Creed fighting games are just not a real winning proposition. If VF was making a lot of money SEGA would be making another one already.

But I think they are failing to realize how much it looks like they are just surrendering on this. It looks like they aren’t working all that hard to capture gamers’ into the Xbox ecosystem.

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The characters that must DEFINITELY return in my opinion…

  • Jun Kazama - Obviously. The fans are demanding it. It’s a high chance since Harada stated that she will be in future Tekken games when she returned in TTT2.

  • Mokujin - Where’s a mimic character when you need it?

  • Nina Williams - Yet another one being highly demanded by the fans. Come on, she’s been in every Tekken game!

  • Anna Williams - Of course, when there’s Nina, her sibling must be in it too.

  • Eliza - I’ve never got actually the chance to play her, but her appearance in Revolution has a lot of potential for her to be in it.

  • Kuma/Panda - Excluding Kazumi’s tiger, there hasn’t been any playable animals yet so far in Tekken 7.

  • Lee Chaolan - THIS GAME WON’T BE EXCELLENT WITHOUT HIM! Nah, JK. :laughing:

Those are the only ones I can think of…

The ones I see to join the game are…

Jun Kazama: Mostly! I would so love to see her come back since Kazuya came back in 4!

Nina Williams: It’s not the same without Nina. It’s time she got back to the phase where she’s related to Steve. And Anna being Steve’s aunt.

Lee Chaolan: This guy’s needed! He can assist Lars and get involved in the Mishima situation again.

Julia Chang: She’s missing!

Raven: This guy deserves more appearance! As in his story needs to be revealed than just being an agent!