Tekken 7


Part of me thought the new posts were because Tekken 7 is available on Linux via the Steam Play beta, but instead I got Beavis and Butt-Head…

But anyways, we got 6 days until Season 2, anyone have any hopes for who will be brought back? Or maybe even new original characters worth caring about? Part of me thinks Harada will be cheeky and put Rodeo into the main game (the dudebro character currently exclusive to the mobile version). Maybe even have Tekken Ball return, though after they made Tekken Bowl paid DLC for this game I don’t have high hopes for that one.


What about The Great Cornholio? Weedwhackers? Baseball bats with boxing gloves covered on top of them?


I’m honestly not sure how to even respond to this…


They’re known to get beat down pretty quickly. Plus they’re scrawny and not in the Slim Bob type.


Well Season 2 should be out everywhere by now, gotta say I really like how they redid the UI (especially for stage selection). Outside of that though there isn’t that much in terms of new content, but Anna and Lei are the first 2 of 6 DLC characters so now it’s just a matter of waiting to see who else gets in. With that said I’m actually most excited for Negan, since like Noctis he’ll be 100% original in terms of moveset, which is a big deal for Tekken 7 (which IMO suffers from feeling too samey with most of it’s cast).

Also for any PS4 users here, the Playstation Store is having a sale on Season Pass 1, which is now $10 until the 11th of this month (and unsurprisingly Eliza is not on sale). Considering how much Geese and Noctis add to the game’s variety, I felt it was well worth it for that price.


I haven’t played with Lei yet, but Anna is really fun. :heart:


Already bought the Season Pass. I can’t wait to see the other characters before Negan.


This is just a baseless prediction, but i’m thinking the next three will be Julia, Marduk, and Kazama Kiriyu.


Can’t have Kiryu without Majima. They can add those two in Virtua Fighter 6. Tekken? No.

I’ll give Harada credit if he pulls it off though.


Just make him a skin.


That’s the most weakest and dumbest idea ever. One of best supporting characters, a skin.

We are well past the Injustice stage.


It’s dumber to make him take up another slot on the roster if Kiryu is already representing the franchise. It’s like saying we can’t have Akuma without Ryu or Terry without Geese… yet here we are.

Kiryu might make it, but Majima not Majima as well.


Does he fight the same way as Kiriyu? Then he works as a skin. Plain and simple. He can have different voice samples, sure. But this isn’t Smash Bros. There are no Ecco Fighters in Tekken.


Kuma and Panda take up 2 slots on the roster, just saying.

Julia I could see getting in, and even though Jaycee is from the non-canon Tag spinoffs they could give her outfit as a reference to that. I don’t see Marduk getting in over Armor King for some reason, and Kiryu makes perfect sense for a guest character but Namco keeps dragging their feet so I’m still not keeping any hopes for that one.


I’d just rather see a more unique character get in over “another King”. I know they’re different and they play differently, but Marduk is more different. Kunimitsu would also be a personal desire, but I don’t see it happening.

And I did know about the Kuma/Panda thing. I just didn’t know how to properly address it and still try to prove my own point.


Whatever. I still want both of them, not that I don’t want Kiryu, even though it might not be possible. Might as well add Majima since he’s a better rival. That’s just my opinion.


You make it sound like it’s so easy.
They don’t just copy/paste him into Tekken. They need to build the character from the ground up. Takes a lot of money and man hours to make it happen.


How did I make sound easy? Seriously?


With this:

Like it’s a low effort thing to do.


The problem with Marduk is that Gigas exists, and even though he’s not a grappler like Marduk he still shares a lot of things with him. Armor King was always more popular so that’s why I mentioned him over Marduk, though I could see Marduk coming back if only due to fan demand (like Anna and Lei). Also IIRC Harada hated Kunimitsu so much he killed her off in the story, she ain’t coming back unless they make a Tag Tournament 3 (because that game uses it’s own timeline).

As for the Kuma/Panda thing, it’s Namco’s fault for being cheeky in the first place. Seriously, they shared a slot in Tekken 5, why is it different now? And them having different Rage Arts doesn’t excuse it, since Lars, King, and Lucky Chloe have different Rage Arts under certain conditions.