Tekken 7


Whatever. I’m still standing by my opinion of adding them both, regardless if one of them even makes the cut.


My thoughts on who’s going to be added.

Simply put, I am adamant that one of those 3 characters is Marduk. He’s not the most popular character but definitely popular enough to be added, I think Julia is a strong possibility to. She’s been highly requested. I think Armor King is also likely however, I don’t think all three of these character I’ve mentioned are all 3 going to make it because I have a hard time believing we won’t get at least one more new character/guest character, so I’m going with Marduk,Julia, and new character and we probably won’t get AK.:frowning:️:frowning:️:frowning:️


Maybe not for Season 2, but it depends how far they are willing to go with the DLC. Keep in mind how many empty slots could be added to the redone character select screen.


If we got a season 3, I would be okay with armor king, but I really want to get back Ogre and either Alex or Roger. Kunimitsu is also on my wish list, despite how apparently unlikely that is.

Edit: Also, if we ever get a Switch port, I want Mewtwo. I want to beat the crap out of Heihachi, Kazuya, Akuma, and Noctis as probably the only Pokemon that is any level of interesting or cool.


Which Ogre specifically? I always perferred Ancient Ogre (Humanoid version) over True Ogre. Alex got into the mobile version IIRC, but Roger apparently couldn’t get in because of PETA complaining about it (again, IIRC).

As for Mewtwo; assuming they even do a Switch port (let alone console exclusives) he would be a good choice. But there’s a higher chance of just having exclusive cosmetics instead, like Tag 2’s WiiU port.


Ancient Orge, with True Ogre as his rage art cinematic if possible. I’m not sure, but I don’t think this game has any transformation supers. The same thing would hopefully be true for Mewtwo (Mega Evolution).

That’s a shame. I prefer Alex to Roger. A boxing kangaroo is funnier than a boxing Raptor imo.


It also made no sense since:
A) Kuma and Panda got in
B) They chose until 2017 to complain about Roger despite him being in the series since Tekken 2

But I also remember Harada not caring for their garbage so unless Namco said no he might put Roger in anyways.

What about True Ogre as a transformation move, like how Kazuya can turn into Devil form as a Rage Drive? That way people who want True Ogre can still get it in some way.


That would be fine too. I’m just trying to compromise sense Bamco might not want to do that much work for a DLC character.

So, to compile my opinion, my ideal Tekken season three would be

  1. Ancient Ogre
  2. Roger
  3. Kunimitsu
  4. New Character
  5. Solid Snake
  6. Crash Bandicoot


The only character I’d want.
Loved her in TTT2! :heart:


Too bad Harada hates her, gonna have to wait until Tag 3 exists to see her again. But I say this as someone who’s favorite character was Tiger, so I know what that’s like (and no, Eddy/Christie are no substitutes for me).

Konami hates games and this isn’t published by Nintendo, so no chance of Snake. And Crash is too limited in terms of moveset, not counting all the gadgets he could get.

But now that you mention it, I am curious if they will put a new original character as DLC? With so many people wanting legacy characters (and Kiryu as a guest) I never stopped to think they might want to make someone new to surprise everyone.


I don’t get your reasoning on this. I could totally get it if you were talking about Konami making a game themselves, but we’re not. We’re talking about Namco giving Konami money in order to use one of those characters. They don’t have to do anything at all, just make money off of someone elses work. I’m entirely convinced that’s why we have a substantial amount of Konami content in Smash. Because they don’t care about their properties, why would they object to someone else paying them for the IP license and raking in the royalty payments on the sales. That’s just not good business sense, even if your a greedy shady company. If you have an opportunity to make money, spending no resources of your own, why wouldn’t you.

As for Crash, he has two whole games that are combo heavy action games. As long as he dosn’t have the same physical models from those games, i doubt people would care if a lot of his combos came from there.


True, I’m probably being paranoid since Konami had no problem burying all of their legacy games within the span of a few years. And I didn’t play any of those Crash games you mentioned, I only played part 2 back in the PS1 days, so I didn’t know anything about that.

But why Crash Bandicoot exactly? Even by Tekken standards it just seems random, at least the other animal characters were at least designed realistically. Also the Crash Bandicoot collection isn’t really relevant anymore, especially with the Spyro collection on the horizon, so cross-promotion wouldn’t really work at this point either. Just curious why you chose that character specifically.




I made a post about this a while ago already, but basically it comes down to the fact that he (and Snake) is a character that is closely associated with PS1, the same way Tekken is. They are both considered legacy PlayStation franchises even though they’re not owned by Sony. Which allows Namco to capitalize on PlayStation nostalgia with characters that are still multi-platform and can be on any version of the game. Crash also is primarily known for fighting hand to hand without a lot of superpowers or weapons. That philosophy governed Tekken for so long that it is still somewhat a part of it.

The same is true for Snake. He’s known for, ideally, only fighting with his gun, knife, and his CQC. The other weapons aren’t something he always has with him, they’re more just objects of convenience. And again, the primary console-related nostalgia for Metal Gear is with the PS1. They both just feel thematically appropriate. Most other PS1-related characters have weapons and gadgets or absurd superpowers. And to me, that makes them less eligible.

Tekken is about hand to hand. Not swords and fireballs. Sure, a little bit of them can help spice up the gameplay (and supers are allowed to have whatever they want) but guest characters shouldn’t sacrifice what Tekken is all about. Which is why, in my opinion, Noctis was not a good choice for a guest. Geese and Akuma are borderline. But Negan and Kiryu are perfect choices due to how and what they use to fight with. Primarily hand to hand, even though Negan had his Nail bat.

So long story short, Crash and Snake have the right mix of platform eligibility, related Nostalgia to the Tekken series, and Tekken appropriate fighting styles.


Well that makes sense, though it should be noted that even in Tekken 1 Yoshimitsu was a playable character, so the “no swords” statement automatically falls apart due to technicality. I also understand why you don’t like Noctis, but in my opinion Akuma and Geese are just as important as SF and KOF were also big names back in the day. There is a lot of legacy in those two guest characters, and it was clear they wanted to respect that legacy as much as humanly possible (which felt especially true with Geese).

With that said, Snake could work but I could see Crash causing a little more than an uproar from the community. People already think Harada is insane for putting Negan in the game, even fewer people may support the idea of Crash being in the game. Also note many people these days have clearly never played Crash Bandicoot back in the day, so the legacy aspect would be lost to them.


I don’t know which character I would really want as dlc but if they add Golem from Urban Reign, I’m going to be really hype!!


So, I really like Lei. Super fun, and I like his style. He’s kinda hard because he switches stances a lot, but so far I’m enjoying him.

Also, Anna is super fun to play.


Just got Tekken on sale today… wow have I’ve never been so lost before. I played Tekken 4 a while back, but even then I never understood much. Figured since I had more patience with fighting games than before, I’d give this a shot… but immediately looking at combo guides and the movement on controller feels rough.

Any tips? I play Steve and Asuka so far.


Hope this helps a bit! It’s actually a really fun game! If you have it on Xbox, we can play a bit and I could teach you what I know, since I’m learning it myself!


Panda is just an alternate skin for Kuma that got its own slot on the screen to attract people to the game.