Tekken 7


I had great fun playing as Lei. So much potential with his moveset! #deeperthancombos


It’s great that Lei came back! The roster felt empty without him. I will say however after playing as him I can understand why he initially didn’t make the cut. The main reason being besides of course he wasn’t commonly played, he is extremely difficult to control and you have to often rely on his mixups for damage rather than juggling. Regardless, great to have him


For the auto combo “controversy”, a part of me dies every time a game includes auto combos to help new players but fail to include a tutorial.


This. This is the thing that bothers me the most.
I don’t care about auto-combos, as long I can turn it off. When others use them I will just learn their patterns and then counter it. But it’s kinda the easy way out for most fighting game developers to just implant an auto-combo system, because it takes a lot more effort to put in a good tutorial mode which teaches new players how to play their game.

At least KI did the tutorial first before putting in auto-combos.


Older Tekken games didn’t need it since people knew that Panda as the extra skin was a given, but it’s been years since the mainstream cared about Tekken so I’m not surprised at this change (still more remembered than VF at least, sadly).

Well at least training mode has that feature that helps to spell out how to do the moves, it’s no substitute for a true training mode but it’s still far better than nothing.

Anyways, I’m just curious if any release dates were confirmed for the new DLC characters? I heard rumors there will be more legacy characters but nothing on when the next reveal will happen. I’m personally just hoping for more unique playstyles to use; as much as I hate to admit it Eliza and the guests are literally the only reason I still care about the game now, as the rest of the roster is really starting to stagnate in my eyes. I’m just hoping for surprises is all.




I wonder how much longer till the rest of the season is revealed/released.


I was excited about Anna’s inclusion. So I got her and playerd her for a few weeks… but the game is ultimately too boring for me. I had the same issue with Injustice 2. It just can’t keep my interest, because the game is just not appealing enough to me.

I used to love all fighting games… but in my later years, they need something to keep me interested other than just being a fighting game. I don’t know what that is though…


Off to watching the Tekken Master Cup in Tokyo now…

I think, streams started 30 minutes ago in case you want to watch…


This probably wouldn’t happen, but if this game ever got console exclusive guests, I would have it go…

Cole MacGrath on PS4
TJ Combo on Xbox One
Mewtwo on Nintendo Switch (PLEASE put this game on Switch)



I was gunning for Julia or Michelle so a little upset. Especially now that we can either have Kiryu OR Julia and not both. But I know a lot of people like Armor King so good for them.


Julia is in season 2.

Also, Negan gameplay:


OK. What did I miss?

Now I feel bad for everyone who wanted Kiryu.


Well, if you watched the videos before commenting on them, you’d know. :wink:


OK. Sorry. Watching them now. Was there some sort of big Tekken event recently or something?


Yes, a tournament this weekend.



Wonder if we’ll get a season 3? At this point I just feel bad for everybody who wants Kiryu. Maybe a bonus character or something? Does the roster have an even number of characters?


Though I didn’t expect her to get a chance in a mainline Tekken game again, I was wishing for Kunimitsu to join Tekken 7. Maybe season 3… but I doubt it.


My season 3

  1. Kunimitsu
  2. Ancient Ogre
  3. Kazuma Kiryu

It dosn’t have to be alot. At this point I’d be fine with a 3 character season.

Did they say a release date?