Tekken 7


Armor King and Marduk are released tomorrow.


are there any other popular Tekken characters people feel have been unjustly omitted at this point? Or is everyone like, fine now.


I don’t follow the Tekken community, however noticed someone posting this:

It shows which characters from TTT2 are in T7 and which aren’t.
I can see Raven, Christie and Zafina to be in season 3. Not sure about the rest.
Jun is still very popular, but Harada seems determined about not putting her in a main Tekken game either.


I forgot about Roger and Alex! OK. My season now has Jun, Roger and Alex added to it.


Well we finally get gameplay footage of Leat- er, RAA- er, Negan! Yes, that’s what I meant.

…Jokes aside, Negan really is the Leatherface/RAAM of Tekken 7 if you think about it. In fact, Namco even seems to have made Negan’s moveset not use kicks that often just like Leatherface in MKX (he used fist/chainsaw moves almost exclusively). Honestly, it even feels like some of Jason is in there too with the “bat to the head” grab, and the fact that his bat has a blood aura like Jason and Leatherface do with their weapons. Also I was surprised that he swears, but then I remembered Street Fighter X Tekken which had characters like Jin and Marduk swearing as well, so I guess it balances out.

Though honestly speaking his gameplay looks unfinished compared to Marduk/Armor King. They probably were required by AMC to release footage early because of their contract, but IMO that was for the best. After seeing how Noctis turned out I had faith they would do Negan similar justice, and I was not disappointed.

Well Goro was in MKX as a non-canon DLC character, and even though Harada hates Kunimitsu Namco could just force her to be in the game (like how Okubo apparently hates 2B but still has to put her in Soul Calibur 6). Though there’s still a far higher chance of TTT3 coming instead.

I feel more bad for the people who wanted Kenshiro, I found out he was just as requested back then but their voices were drowned out by the Kiryu fans. To answer your last question I think the answer is no because of Eliza being separate from Season Pass 1. However I don’t think they will do that again since Season Pass 2 has more than 2 characters in it. High chance any new characters will be in Season Pass 3, if they do one that is.

Again, PETA put a stop to Roger. And while Alex was in the mobile game (which saw it’s dev team shutting down), the fact that he wasn’t in S2 means he might not get in at all (unless Season 3 is confirmed in the future of course).


Why Roger and Alex and not Kuma and Panda?


That’s what I thought when I first heard about it, also if they felt Roger was a problem why did they wait 10 years to complain about it? Also keep in mind PETA once tried to sue some famous person for killing a fly on live TV, they are clearly lashing out at everyone.

But I also remember Harada not caring for their nonsense, so unless Namco themselves disallow it we might see those characters come back in the future.


Trailer one: We open of a new stage set in the jungle (Jurassic Era Research Facility esque). We see Roger beating up on a training dummy before striking an arrogant victory pose. Three scientists bring his next opponent out with a collar and sticks. Alex jr. So to speak (We switched over to Roger Jr. a while ago but not Alex). He beats up on him for a bit in a gameplay showcase of both characters. When we cut back to cinematic, we see a rustling in the bushes. Just as Alex is about to deliver the finishing blow, he gets kicked in the face by the next newcomer. Crash Bandicoot! It cuts back to gameplay and shows off Crash’s moveset before showing his victory pose.

Trailer 2: We open on the new Tojo Clan HQ stage and Kazuma Kiryu, doing business at his desk (I’ve never played Yakuza so I don’t know if this fits. Please Correct). His guards are taken down by a shadowy figure revealed to be Kunimitsu, here to assassinate the yakuza chairman. We show gameplay which showcases both characters movesets. The match is interrupted by a shot from the shadows which Kiryu dodges. A figure approaches from the darkness, Solid Snake. Talking to his radio he says “Colonel! I’ve been made!”. “Then you better hurry up! Finish the mission and get out of there before you cause a scene”. “Too late for that”. We cut to gameplay showcasing Snake’s moveset before showing Snake’s victory pose and cutting to black.

Bonus trailer: We see a lineup of most of the characters in a black void, all ready for battle. A flash of text says “Who among you is ready” before we see a large figure crash onto the floor. Text again “to challenge”. The figure rises up before stepping out of the darkness. “THE OGRE”. Ending with a splash screen showing Ancient Ogre and the other 6 characters.

I feel like the hype levels in that room would be astronomical.


I hope for a season 3 DLC:

  • Jun Kazama

  • Forest Law (change fighting style)

  • Christie Monteiro (do something about it)

  • Zafina

  • Kunimitsu

  • Bruce Irvin


armor king looks so ■■■■■■■ awesome, and so does marduk! i gotta play this again alongside SC6. also lmao at a panda player winning the TWT against a devil jin player hahahahaha


Saw this posted on the Tekken sub-reddit:

Pretty cool.
I might start up Tekken again to try them out, though they’ve never been faves of mine.


People already want to riot over Negan getting in. This would cause them to burn down the planet, and no amount of Kiryus would ever stop that. I get that you want the “PS1 crew” as you said months ago, but over the past several hours since the new Negan trailer I personally have run into more than a few people that are seriously making me sick of even caring about games anymore. It has gotten so disgusting how people are up in arms because of one single character, either because he’s not Kiryu, or because they demand Tekken stay “pure and untainted” by guest characters in general (even Akuma and Geese aren’t safe from that).

The funny part is, the most popular version of the most popular Tekken game (the PS1 port of Tekken 3) has a dumb farting dinosaur as a guest character, and even to this day nobody bats an eye over that. I remember when Tekken games were goofy and fun and nobody gave 2 craps over it, because it was fun seeing boxing kangaroos and polar bears fight demons and robots. Now everyone wants Harada’s head on a pike, even when it’s not his fault on what characters get in.

With that said, does anyone remember if Namco and Sega have had bad blood in the past? Even though Sega is okay with allowing Kiryu, this says nothing of Namco or he would have been in already. I honestly feel that maybe Namco wants nothing to do with them.


I mean… Smash Bros. Project X Zone. They’ve worked together, if maybe a few steps removed, in the past. I think Harada just wanted to put in as many cut veterans as possible and got stuck on the idea of Negan after Twitter. He KNOWS people want Kiryu. He probably just thinks the longer he waits to actually do it the bigger the reveal will be.

And I do not care how much fanboys will rage. Period. This is what I’d do if i were running Tekken 7 and these are the characters I want. With the edition of Jun Kazama. I forgot about her (Secret Number 8?)


I suspect Roger was the target of PETA because boxing Kangaroos are a real thing. I will refrain from further comment because I don’t want to inject politics into the thread in any way. Instead I will just go back to eating this steak.


… Is it a… kangaroo steak?


LISTEN!!! I don’t care if Kiryu isn’t apart of Tekken. He most DEFINITELY better be apart of eithe Virtua Fighter or Dead or Alive 6. Negan fits just fine.


I’m not sure that’s the case, typically a guest character deal has to happen months before the fact. Though his wording did make people think he only listened to one specific person and got Negan in as a result. But the Kiryu thing does make sense, I mean Ed Boon basically did the same thing with Alien back in the days of MKX.

Also you’re right, raging fanboys should never be given attention. But after seeing how detestable some people have been over all of the guests in T7, and how people honestly act like suits will break down your door and force chips in your head to buy the DLC, that unavoidable garbage wears pretty thin even for me. I’m sure recalling all of the toxic behavior will cause me to grow a beard longer than Kratos in the new GoW game, that’s how not worth it is to remember the madness.

On a side note, I find it funny that people like the randomness of MUGEN, but when it bleeds into official games even those people start going nuclear over reasons of “purity”. Guess I was lucky in that regard, I grew up with fighting games like Tekken Tag 1 and Marvel 3, so that nonsense is something I actually want. And that’s not even counting games like Timesplitters 2.

I sadly feel VF isn’t coming back anytime soon (it’s been a decade after VF5 after all), and IMO DoA is no substitute for it. Also I’ve seen people say Negan fits better here than in MK, since in the MK universe even the Special Forces have to use plasma blasters and cyber arms to stand a chance (even Jax before his metal arms had power gauntlets to enable his specials). Negan would end up no better than Stryker and Leatherface, but even Leatherface has berserker strength to make up for his lack of powers.

Negan’s only real appeal in MK would be his fatalities, since they can be accurate to the comic/show. That is unless they give him the ability to call for backup like Ultron, where his followers show up to attack people or something. That’s the best way I see him standing a chance, outside of giving him guns of course.


So in checking to see if Julia and Negan have an ETA for Season Pass 2 I just found out that the US Youtube channel for Bandai Namco uploaded their own version of the Negan trailer a few weeks ago. And unlike the EU version of the trailer, they edited some of the swearing out.

sigh…Make no mistake, I don’t care for swearing. But ever since SF5 started it I’ve been getting sick of these “We’re showing you things we don’t even know we can use!” types of trailers, where things they showcase get edited out of the final product. The only plausible theory I had was that maybe AMC wanted Negan to swear, but Bamco wasn’t willing to bump up the “mild language” tag to a “language” tag (the latter of which was used by games like Uncharted to enable it’s mass amount of language). Alternatively it’s just the US trailer that is edited, as the ESRB has required trailers and even boxarts to be subject to regulation (Dead Island is a good example of the latter), but after SF5’s myriad of edits I’m not holding my breath on that theory.

Whatever, I’m probably the only person here who cares about Negan, and not even for the character so much as the absolute randomness of his inclusion; I probably didn’t mention this before, but I dropped off from The Walking Dead after Frank Darabont was fired as acting director (in other words, I dropped off after Season 1). I’ll guess instead I should just quietly rage about Julia’s terrible redesign or something, since unlike Negan she’ll be in future games…


I’m still waiting on both Julia and Negan (well…Negan mostly). So it actually feels right to unlock everything by playing over 2000 matches in Tekken 7 (wins and losses do not matter) and not have to spend a lot of Fight Money on items that I have zero interest in (CHAOS T-Shirts for example).


Juila Chang and Negan available on the 28th of Feburary this year!! Can’t wait!