Tekken 7


So because Negan is basically Nathan Drake (that is, he swears like a sailor in a T-rated game), I’ll just link to the edited trailer on the Playstation YT channel for safety’s sake:

So Julia is basically Julia, I never really used her that much in older games so I nothing to say there. Also I found out literally today that even if they had not changed voice studios back in Tekken 6 her old actress died at some point, so she would still have had a new voice actress regardless. However, why does the new actress sound so young by comparison? She sounds like a college student instead of the more mature voice in Tekken 5. Really don’t understand Namco’s train of thought here.

But anyways, in the case of Negan he appears to have 3 Rage Drives?! One wall bounce, one knockdown, and one ground bounce. That and he has good range overall with the bat moves. Even if does just end up being “Miguel with a bat” like everyone says he already has the big difference of not having dinosaur limbs for most of his moves.

Most importantly overall is that on the EVO stage Harada confirmed more content for Tekken 7 in the future. If that means Season 3 or at least off-season characters like KI then maybe there is a chance that Kiryu fans can get Kiryu. But also more fan favorites (hope Ganryu is considered) and maybe even some new original characters.

Also vanilla stages are coming back, the burning version of Twilight Conflict, daytime Jungle Outpost, and the night time Infinite Azure not being exclusive to PSVR. Which is nice.


Season 3, Xbox One players should get the Jukebox feature. It’s annoying how one console got the best feature that shouldn’t have been console exclusive in the first place.


I’m gonna try both of them! Especially Negan. “Dude with Bat” just sounds funny and awesome to play against Long-time Martial Artists, Demi-Gods, and the occasional Animals lol


Ugh, I agree, T7’s soundtrack has a lot of awful stage tracks that make Injustice 1’s music feel more hype. Too bad Sony waved a truck full of money and grabbed that and the 3 legacy skins (T2 King, and T4 Jin and Xiaoyu). I can’t stress how much more fun for me it was to put Heat Haze Shadow in the volcano stage, or give Dragon’s Nest it’s original T5 theme. And that shouldn’t have to be the case at all IMO, that just’s how needed the Jukebox is at this point for me.


I really wanted to try out this game because of master raven, but I just can’t get into the smack pap sounds and punchy floatiness of the character movement in this game.


Sounds like you’re not used to it, I had the same issue when I recently bought GGXRD during a sale, where everything felt too loose and floaty. Compared to that Tekken 7 feels like everyone is wearing power armor.

Well with that said, I haven’t bought Season Pass 2 yet (I’m a cheapskate waiting for a sale) but from what I’ve seen Negan really does look like an EX version of Miguel. He shares a good amount of moves that don’t involve the bat or stances, but considering how different Armor King is to King nowadays I don’t see a problem. I could see Miguel mains who don’t like his dinosaur limbs picking up Negan.

On a side note, as all of Negan’s win poses involve the opponent that means Noctis is actually affected by one win pose where the opponent gets to taunt him. Interesting considering that was one stipulation that SE had for Noctis to be a guest here (apart from Negan, he can’t be affected by any win poses that involve both characters). Won’t be surprised if that changes though, unlike Behemoth in MHW SE was more protective of Noctis’s image in Tekken 7.

Also Julia’s new voice is even worse considering the old voice samples play during combat. Significant tonal dissonance in my opinion. She does have a new win pose I found humorous though.


My problem. Been interested in Tekken since forever but gameplay wise I just do not like it, even though I watch a lot of tournaments. Been going back and forth on whether to buy season pass 2 but still haven’t done so.
Again, Negan and Julia are awesome! Happy for the game!!


So Harada san is losing it on Twitter. He’s been tweeting for past days (in various separate tweets) about creative freedom in their character designs. Interesting…and relevant for Tekken players.


Can’t check it right now, but is this about people going nuts about Lucky Chloe, or the fact that he put Negan instead or Kiryu as a guest? Either way I’m not surprised, people are willing to attack others for anything now, even the bikini outfits have been triggering a lot of people last I heard.


Sure, actually, a fan asked him about having a new Nordic character (something like KI 2013 Tusk I guess). He answered that it’s no longer possible these days to have certain character designs in the game as somebody will always get offended by it. Instead of fans going nuts, it was harada san who went nuts this time :smile:


While the whole thing with Lucky Chloe was stupid and petty, to be honest I think he’s embellishing the issue a lot. Killer Instinct did a pretty archetypal Nordic Viking character with Tusk and everyone thought it was cool, and Tekken’s roster already draws from a lot of different nationalities and AFIAK there’s been no significant heckling over that. Even Lucky Chloe nontroversy didn’t amount to anything except pointless internet drama.

Creators shouldn’t sweat this stuff and just do what they want. Doing otherwise just divides the gaming community further than it already does to itself.


I think its more about Negan this time, a lot of people feel like he just doesn’t belong in Tekken which is ridiculous. Seeing as how people are hounding NRS these days for their characters, I’m not surprised at Harada’s reaction to all this to be honest. Its one thing to want a character, its another to consistently berate someone for them to point of obnoxiousness.


But I’m not exactly sure why he’s bringing up the risk of offending people over stereotypes specifically here. It definitely doesn’t apply to Negan since he’s merely a highly-requested guest character, and Lucky Chloe is the closest thing to that I can recall that’s he’s experienced. He writes like he thinks he’s ruled over by the people who complain about his characters, which isn’t true.


No offense but who actually wanted Negan in the game? I mean Harada likes TWD which is why he got him in, but everyone else that isn’t just in for the gameplay has been very clear that they despise Negan being here. In fact, I’ve been looking around and a lot of people I’ve seen don’t want any of the guests and just want a repeat of previous Tekken titles (because Lord knows they aren’t asking for new characters with unique movesets).

I’m starting to think the Tekken community just hates change of any kind at this point, and like the SF community is dangerously close to “refusing to learn” (assuming that hasn’t happened already). No one I’ve seen wants new characters, they just want returning characters that were basically written out of canon (Kunimitsu, Zafina, etc.) and will clearly never return to a mainline game despite their crying. I honestly regret supporting Tekken 7 because of all this garbage, since people like me who care solely for the gameplay in this video game and actually like the guests for bringing something different to the tired formula, are clearly not welcome.


I just complety ignore most communities at this point. Negan is one of the best guest characters in Tekken history and people still cry about that?

That kind of behavior makes me not want to associate with any of them.



I mean, the problem with online acces to everyone is that it gives a platform to highly passionate people to find and echo each other. Any game has a set of devoted fans who worship it. And then this group of people basically want the sequel(s) to be exactly the same. Whereas the “average” fan needs some variety to hold their interest, these are the guys that put thousands of hours into, say, Tekken 3 and the really just want Tekken 3 forever. They tend to be overrepresented in the vocal “community.”

These opinions are fine, but they basically “dead end” their own games because there’s only so many times the average person is going to buy the same game. Although Tekken 7 is doing okay sales wise I think a lot of that has to do with the graphics and the hype generated by the new additions like the cool slowdown effect sometimes. Not because most people are excited to see the exact same ten hit combos reappear for the 7th game in a row.


Huh. Interesting that Street Fighter and Tekken share this. Guess the two have more in common than we thought.

Is Tekken x Street Fighter still a thing? I imagine now would be a good time to work on it. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s why so many season 2 characters were returning fan favorites. It’s like Smash Ultimate or Ultra Street Fighter IV. Shared development.


I’m pretty sure this is officially dead as a doornail. I think Akuma in Tekken 7 is as close as we will ever get. But I agree now would be a pretty good time to announce that game.

I think it would surprise a lot of people to realize that Tekken and SF share a pretty similar philosophy at their core. They have huge mechanical differences that tend to disguise this. And of course the more detail you go into the more differences you will see. But I feel pretty secure in my analysis and I don’t think too many people who think deeply about fighting games would disagree. But it would be interesting to know. I wonder if @TheKeits still lurks here. I’d love to know what other people think like @Infilament or @STORM179 although we may be wandering too far off topic.

Edit: ugh. I got this thread jumbled with the DoA6 thread in my jetlagged brain. Feel free to ignore me.


I’m pretty sure he said at the end of 2018 that it was like, 30% done.

Yeah. It says so right here. http://www.avoidingthepuddle.com/news/2018/12/22/tekken-x-street-fighter-is-currently-pending-development-is.html


I stand corrected. Although I have to say I will believe it when I see it.