T-Bagging trolls are so annoying

Am I the only person that really dislikes the t-baggers in this game? If there is one thing that makes me drop the controller and stop playing its consistent t-bagging. This kind of behavior really needs to be discouraged. There is nothing in the game that discourages troll behavior though, which is annoying. If there could be a way to stop this, please consider doing it because its a part of the game that happens to me a lot, and really bums my mood to keep playing. I don’t like spending money on a game that consistently bums me out. Stage fatalities in this game do the same to me, but maybe not as much as the t-bagging. Both are mechanics made for trolls. I could do without them, but I doubt they’ll offer anything for that.

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I don’t mind the taunting. Some are funny and cool. In fact when I fight against Rash I want him to taunt because its funny. However the t-bagging is too much and it annoys me.

If a person beats you, it their right to do anything he wants. Its your job to stop it or prevent it by kicking their a$$, then TBag back if you want to. In fact, pissing you off can be as strategy to for them. Ever seen KBrad vs NuckleDu back in USFIV? NuckleDu hilariously used Shade Taunts w/ Guile, and KBrad? Mad Salty.

Rather than getting mad, accept the fact that they are, atm, better than you. Rewatch the Playback (I LOVE this feature), learn, and hand it back to them next time :wink:

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It is not their “right” to do anything they want if they beat you. They get the victory. Why do they deserve anything more beyond that point? Is it not enough to win anymore? Do you have to disrespect and piss off your opponent after you win because that fulfills you in some strange way? It doesn’t have to be there. It takes away from the joy you can experience in the game. It makes me not want to play. A game should only include things that make people want to play.

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It’s called winning.


Nobody wins every game. And nothing its sportsmanlike or respectful about doing it.

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What does respect has to do with this? Win or lose, your opponent doesn’t “have to respect” you. There is no obligations. The more mad you get, the more they win. For trolls, winning is secondary to “you mad bro? (:”

Being upset about it can hold you back. In my first few weeks of the game, I keep on running into a trollish Rash. Did everything: Taunt, sit on your face between rounds, Multi-Ultras, and, of course, TBag. What I did do, I keeped cool and hit rematch. Rather than getting salty and leave because I was being “disgraced”, trying to get the most out of each fight was my motivation. As soon as I showed I was turning things around, he left the match, but I still gain much knowledge from the fights.

Who cares if someone trolls you online? Imagine if you at a tourniment with people watching. If I knew I can piss you off to gain a upper-hand in our match, you better believe I would employ to troll tactics if they are effective against you.

Don’t get mad. Its just a game.

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Its a game I want to enjoy more but I can’t because of trolls. And ANY disrespectful and unsportsmanlike conduct should be banned at all tournaments. That is not the future of fighting games. They are great when everyone can have fun without having to worry about intimidating annoying nonsense. Its a toxic attitude that effects everyone that comes across it and it needs to stop.

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Your way too Idealistic. Disrespectful people will disrespect, in any sport/competition, whether its basketball, boxing, or Marvel (See one FilipinoChamp). The disrespect between players create even more hype.

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If you let them get to you, you’re letting them win.

Don’t be so serious, its just a game and they’re just being cocky. Teabagging isn’t “trolling” in any sense of the word, its been a part of every video game that allows crouching for almost as long as shooters have existed. I mean you just need to chill out, I was with you until you tried to tell me that stage ultras are a tool made for griefers. If you can’t handle some finishers and flashy moves you might want to find a different gaming genre that doesn’t upset you so much because fighting games are all about one upping your opponent and taunts/finishers are all in good fun.


What time spot does this happen? I cant watch all 30 mins at work but would like to see the moment it goes down

I dislike it too but you have to get over it.

Here is my advice… online isn’t for you at the moment. Play shadow labs until you get better. then slowly creep back into online Exhibition, try playing with friends, ect…

Once you get good enough to win most of your matches… play online against strangers and as soon as you feel the rage of someone TBn you… go back to shadow labs. Same with Ranked… play until you feel frustrated…cool off with shadow labs.

That’s all you can do if it bothers you that bad.

Also don’t TB back even though you want to and don’t send angry messages. If you receive a message just say GG’s and nice move with whatever character… even if you are lying. They want to get you mad, so if you show you aren’t mad it makes them feel like an idiot.

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Cough BS! Cough

If I witness a TB, I simply ask them in a calm manner to stop because of how rude it is - and most of the time they do. If they don’t, then at least I’ve expressed, due to my calm tone, that it won’t work on me (even though, it often does). In other words, play their game and make them feel guilty for doing it (and don’t give them the satisfaction of an emotional response). :wink:

As a strategy, mid-match, I don’t really care, as I can see its utility (although, I’d rather crack jokes, and distract my opponent with laughter instead, because it does pretty much the same thing, but positively). However, if you do it after winning, then that just shows bad sportsmanship and arrogance - do that and I’ll report you for unsportsman-like conduct.

Furthermore, realize that when they TB you mid-match, that they’re wasting valuable time when they could be jockeying for a better position instead - that’s an advantage for you, not them, so use that advantage against them and make them regret it!


Just try not to let it bother you. If you do, you are essentially doing what they want. Just try to keep cool so you can play at your best in the rest of the match or the next one.

Just go to play Street Fighter V or The King of Figthers 14.

No 3 Ultra, no T-bag, no kids bullsh*t,… at the end of the fight, only the best wins and that’s all.

Send me their tags and I’ll go after them and destroy them for you (if I can) XD

Yeah I know how annoying it can get… Triple ultra, tb…ing, tauting all the time. It seems some people find this funny. I don’t get a lot of that when playing ranked, and certainly not at the same ammount when I played Gears of War 3 (gosh, that was really an issue, but if it doesn’t thicken your skin you have to let that game go).

I understand your feelings but there’s nothing you can do unless you beat them. I wouldn’t be surprised if they leave when you start doing it. Also take into consideration who does it, if is a top player…Well, I don’t know, they sometimes do it for fun but if it’s a “standard” player or a scrub (I call trolls scrubs…) see how they beat you, take a linden tea, and next time try to make them bite dust by practicing all you can against them. If not, just block them , report them and hope they don’t get into your game again (however the system will cross you up because of connection).

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Being a Gears vet I find it humorous that in KI we have a teabagging gesture which is annoying, no doubt. But, for anyone who plays Gears, you literally have a rape gesture. :dizzy_face:

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I was more from the fighting genre, Gears was totally new for me in all ways. The humiliation there was real! KI trolling seems nothing compared , but still is annoying and may be frustrating sometimes. You expect taunting on a fg, but tb is not usual

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I think that is all in your interpretation, never have I been teabagged in a game and gotten a vibe that I was being trolled. Teabagging makes me hot headed and I go hunt down the person and give them a taste of their own medicine.