Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


Wow, didn’t know he was boring. But it happens the same to me with Fulgore, tho he is very good.
But I’m feeling ok with giving Necalli another chance.


My first impression too after the trailer but then I saw his introduction vid on Capcom’s YouTube channel, I was amazed by his move set and demeanor (he says some very cool lines).


SO does Sagat release same day as G?

And is this tomorrow?


Deep down I had hoped G was a charge character but he is pretty cool nonetheless. Been saying for more than a year that I will go back to SFV once Sagat is released…well technically G launched at the same time so if I end up playing G instead Sagat then I guess no broken promises :thinking:


Nice! Glad to hear his second impression is better than his first. His first wasn’t bad by any means, but it’s nice to see that he got you more psyched overall. I’ll have to check him out!


I finally broke down and bought S3. Played a bit of G last night… he is cool! Sagat as well.
Ive never liked how the SFV command list doesnt describe the move set. G- What is the ground pulse for ? What does Sagat’s V skill do?
the moves have no details explaining their purpose and abilities. Not every move needs a description, but some do.

Besides that I enjoyed it… but Fighting Ex layer is better lol


I’ve always kinda wondered why SF doesn’t do that. It’s almost as if they want players to find that out for themselves and while that’s a nice idea in theory, it’s not the most welcoming to new players or players new to a character.

To my shame, I downloaded it and still haven’t even played it yet. I need to play some Doctrine Dark! Any opinion on who the more fun characters to use are? I haven’t played EX3 in forever, so I barely remember how any of the characters play, just that DD was fun as hell.


Im really enjoying Kairi and Allen…the 2 shoto guys. Especially Kairi…he plays just like Ken and I like that. Doctrine Dark is kinda of hard to use becasue his moves are very set up based so you have to know your character IMO. If you get matched agaisnt a good online player he will smother you as the match making isnt very good.
The girl…kinda looks like Mira but with purple…she is really good. Hyeta is good…the guy with the sword. they are all good in their own way. its all the same really…you have to dash run and then do your combo link which is just mashing a combination of lights medium s and heavy in any random order and finishing with a special. that’s the core of the game becasue the combos do not link if you do not run first. If you do a jump in combo its limited to like 2-3 hits where when you run you can link 5-6 hits. I could be wrong but that’s how it plays and looks to me.


Hey Seraphs,

I think it’s under “Demonstrations” in the Challenges Tab.

It shows you some basic stuff and goes over the moves and what you can do with them.

G’s Charge Move, (where he grabs the ground and sucks energy from it) is actually tied to a “Presidentiality” meter. The more levels he goes up, the more powerful he gets.

Sagat’s V-Skill is a power up move. Once he uses it, he gets one uppercut that can juggle an opponent, which can help with finishing a combo and other things.


Decided to buy Sagat with FM because I was going to save my real money for buying Cody to get his costume etc. Turns out I really enjoy playing as Sagat, he has some serious damage potential and if he corners you his options for juggles increase.

Really fun character


Cool! i actually seen this menu tab last night and was oh? ok?.. this is kind of what i was posting about. I watched Akuma’s and it was very explanatory…i was impressed!


G is so fun!


PPL at Bonchan’s channel saying Sagat isn’t good. How much time passed? lol. I can see pro players (like, veeeeery known pro players) discarding characters because they feel are not viable for a tourney but at the same time beaten Master ranks in online matches.

Both characters seem interesting but is true G seems more fun than Sagat. While Sagat is lookingmore like a powerful fireball character I don’t know how SFV is dealing with that aspect of the game, similar to what happens with Ryu, Ken or Sakura, we don’t get to see much in top 8s.


Atleast Cammy was a no show at Evo Top 8… that was fun…

I don’t like Sagat… for the love of God… Please no more Shotos !!! Sagat may very well be the best of them to grace the SFV roster so far but its too little to late…

Jury’s still out on G… don’t know what to make of him… we’l see about that next Tuesday.

And that just leaves Cody… my oppinion on Cody will be determined almost entirely based on how often I’l have to use Zonk Knuckle (or whatever its called)… the fewer… the better.


Yeah I was also disappointed at how Sagat isn’t that much different from his old self. I know he’s more zoner-heavy now (supposedly) but considering their original idea of “make the clones not play like clones anymore” I still feel they failed that goal to some extent.

Also doesn’t help I was spoiled by Akuma in Tekken 7 recently, he not only feels very different in there compared to SF5 but he is honestly the only time I ever cared to use Akuma in a game at all. I don’t get that feeling when using him in SF5 since he still just feels like a heavier version of Ryu, and Sagat is not much better IMO.


Yeah that Tiger Shot into Kara Tiger Uppercut actually feels alil unfair… lol… he forced Guile to try and jump in on Sagat… its suppose to be the other way around.

I feel like characters that can’t change their jump arch a really going to struggle in that match up.

Edit: Uhm… did Capcom slide in an input Short Cut for Kara Tiger Uppercut ? :arrow_right: :arrow_lower_right: :fist:

I can’t confirm because I got ■■■■■■ execution but it seems like you can skip :arrow_down: all together… which is good because Kara Cancelling Forward Hard Kick is a pain. Of course one less input means a few extra split seconds to confirm jump ins… totally not fair.

Edit 2:

is Cody’s Standing Hard Punch a valid Anti-Air ?

I swear to god I did this move and it hit behind his head and stopped a cross up… and is his V-Skill frame one Invincible ? I know its Slow but if I could have this as a legit reversal then I wouldn’t need Cammy anymore.


Per X-Kira, a dataminer that has a pretty good track record with predicting upcoming SFV stuff. And obviously, leaks and speculation should be taken for a grain of salt…

Another version of Street Fighter V is already on the way. Arcade Edition is just a beta in comparison to what we’ll have eventually. New mechanics will be added to the game soon, thus giving us V-Mode. In the next Season we will get a V-System 1 and 2, which will also be customizable, and we will also have a new mode, and Hybrid. V-Mode contains the following features:
1: V-Break: It’s similar to V-Reversal, but it breaks the combo similar to what we know as Breaker in Killer Instinct.
2: V-Custom: A mixture of SFEX2’s Excel, SFA Rose’s Soul Illusion, SSFIV Juri’s Feng Shui Engine, SFIII Yang and Yun’s Seiei Enbu and Genei Jin respectively, and it gives access to a new type of “SFIV Ultra Combo” / “SFEX2 Meteor Combo”
3: V-Cancel: This new feature is totally different from the well-known FADC.

1: V-Break: F+3P or B+3K.
2: V-Custom: MP+LK / MP+MK / MP+HK (each of the three activations grant different effects)
3: V-Cancel: HP+HK

- New Critical Arts will be part of the next Season.
- New features will also be part of the current V-System.
- The second V-Reversal will be one of the new features, the second V-Reversal will be to Evade or Attack, and all the characters will have these two features, those who already had a Dodge will gain an Attack;
- E.g. Nash’s current V-Reversal is a Dodge (Sonic Move - Avoid), he will get an Attack (Crossfire Blitz), in which case it will be a Single Attack.
- The 3P V-Reversal of Vega will be switchable to the version of Attack (Shining Claw), while his 3K V-Reversal will continue to be a Dodge (Short Backlash)
_- Another great novelty will be part of the next Season, now we’ll be able to use the V-Reversal during the V-Trigger, but it will be necessary to sacrifice the Timer of the V-Trigger (The meter goes to 0 when you activate V-Reversal and the V-Trigger ends immediately.) _
- However, Necalli does not recieve this novelty, the reason is simple, he has the Infinite Time V-Trigger…
- V-Skill 2 may also be part of the new Season, but it will be selectable before the match on the same screen of selection of the V-System Version…

The latest Build contains new Critical Arts of G and Sagat. Ed also has a CA2, but in his case, it’s only accessable on PS4, the PC version only contains the animation. In the case with PS4, all the files are already present.

Two thing caught my attention more than anything from this supposed mining. The proposed V-Break and V-Custom systems. From a viewing standpoint, giving any character the ability to ‘combo freestyle’ a la Juri Feng Shui Engine would be absolutely welcome. But I kinda wonder if this V-Custom is there to help add challenge to this V-Break system. If it were to work similar to KI’s system and you needed to break according to what strength button/special you’re being hit with, it’d make sense to have a means to vary your combos. Wonder if there would be a penalty with that as well. Also seems to kinda address giving more defensive options to SFV with having a universal evasion V-Reversal.

A lot of this really has me hoping even half of it makes it into the game. I kinda feel like it would turn off some Street Fighter veterans as a sharp departure of traditional Street Fighter, but i’d welcome this.


My guess is that the break system would function more similarly to MK than KI, particularly if it’s based on the V-gauge.


Somebody feel free to correct me if i’m wrong but i think MKX’s breaker system was a single input for like 1/3 or 2/3 of the meter? It’s only because with this V-Break system for SFV having 2 different inputs that my mind started thinking like it’s a play on KI’s combo breaker system.

But even thinking about it right now, i’ve started to wonder if it would possibly play as something like the V-Skills and not be reliant on the V-Gauge. The game already has V-Reversals to escape block pressure and you give up meter from the V-Gauge to do so. If this V-Break is supposed to allow you to escape combo, it certainly could be tied to the V-Gauge. But what would be the purpose of 2 inputs to perform it? Complete shot-in-the-dark for me, but i’d like to believe it’s not tied to the V-Gauge.

And if that were the case, i’d really be interested in seeing if there’s some kind of risk and reward to trying it once you were in a combo. If it’s tied to the V-Gauge, then there’s your risk right there. But if not, what’s the downside to attempting and failing it?


It was Forward+Block and spent 2/3 of the meter, yes.