Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


Excellent choice… especially with Upside Down Kick, Guile can swing the momentum in his favour.

I play a Grappler so my game plan is to try to guess right and hope the stars align for me instead of my opponent.

I’m actually trying develope multiple playstyles… I got my Grapplers, Shotos and Rushdown sorted… more or less. I can do without Zoners just fine, I prefer going against them rather than trying to use them… right now I’m trying to learn Set Play Style with Kolin and Shin Hisako…


AH-HAH !!!

So thats how Infiltration beats Sonic Booms with Critical Arts (Menat) at Footsies Range… he’s using Shortcuts… atleast I think he is… I’ve never spoken with the man.

In this case its actually a combination of shortcuts.

Shortcut 1: The first input of almost any motion can be held down instead of pressed. For example, standard Fireballs can be done by holding down :arrow_down: and then whenever you’re ready you can roll into :arrow_right: making sure not to miss the diagonal as you get there… obviously this is more or less useless… Fireballs are easy… to a degree. I use this technique for Laura’s Fierce Bolt Anti-Air from a defensive position. Not a very good anti-air but its either that or nothing.

Shortcut 2: now this applies to more complex motions such as CA’s and DP’s. For several of those moves… the Diagonals aren’t necessary. Shoryukens can be done with :arrow_right: :arrow_down: :arrow_right: (Citation Needed), Brismstone/Running Bear Grab can be done with :arrow_left: :arrow_down: :arrow_right: uhm… is that right ? Looks backwards… anyway… and Critical Arts can be done with :arrow_down: :arrow_right: :arrow_down: :arrow_right:. And even the Almighty 720 Super :arrow_left: :arrow_down: :arrow_right: :arrow_up: :arrow_left: :arrow_down: :arrow_right: . Yes… I can confirm with absolute certainty that yes… only one upward input is actually needed.

Combine these two together and you can CA by just squating on :arrow_lower_left: and quickly flicking a flawed but lightning fast Shoryuken Motion at the tiniest change in animation from your opponent… and lets be honest… What else would Guile be doing at a distance where Low Strong doesn’t reach ? Man the pokes in this game are garbage.

Edit 1: man I hate this Game…I keep getting Rail Roaded into playing Cammy… Come On Capcom… Give me back my Ryu !!!

Edit 2: I just completed all three of Karin’s Combo Trials… my pad is now making a very unsettling Clicking Sound. :worried:

So… I’m curious. What sort of Sensation do you guys feel after completing a particularly difficult combo ? :thinking:

Edit 3: Remember when Capcom said they were getting rid of 1 Frame Inputs ? Well it turns out theres another Just Frame other than Perfect Tenko. Cammy’s Target Combo into Light Spiral Arrow and then EX Cannon Spike doesn’t only work in the corner… it turns out that you can do it mid screen too. If you plink Hard Cannon Spike with either the light or medium buttons then you can Kara Cancel the far reaching momentum of Hard Cannon Spike into the juggle potential of the EX Cannon Spike…

This has to be done Raw… buffering the plink will prevent the first frame of Hard Cannon Spike from coming out. Do it too slow or get the plink wrong and (EX) Cannon Spike will whiff… and with this being a Counterable move plus Cammy’s Low Health might explain why I never see this being attempted… Cowards !!!


Who would have thought I finally started playing some SFV ranked? Rookie wasn’t really hard. I’m at Super Bronze. Not impressive at all, but there’s a lot of the game I need to figure out. At least I’m improving my confirms. Karin makes me work.
I rememeber I complained about jumping Jagos running away and down backing the whole match. Well, just got to fight jumping Ryus with an amazing cross up and good confirms, my life bar suffered it. AAs are weird and my muscle memory is still throwing down HK and medium eclipse. I wouldn’t say Karin has the best AAs. I’m still considering a pocket Nash for certain situations. One of my teammates use it and I like the character. Can’t find myself with Cody yet, and tho I like Necalli I want a character that can zone better and get in and out like Nash.


Don’t be too hard on Jumping Ryu’s (KangaRyu’s ?) The season 2 nerfs essentially force him to jump especially against a Footsie Monster like miss Kanzuki.

How about a Pocket Cammy ? Everybody has one… it just makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue:


Bad. The word you’re looking for is bad. :slight_smile:


I tried but don’t like her in SFV,even tho she almost plays alone. I’ve heard “but she’s the same as Wulf”. Wow,if Wulf would be like Cammy he would be God tier. I feel Karin is more like Wulf tbh.

Are her AA just bad for real? I thought she was decent. But yeah,I found that Nash has way more better AA options.

It’s hard to believe I’m finally playing some SFV, game looks awesome. I love how clean it is.
KI having lots of effects and screen shaking really hurts. I’m not against particle effects but this has gone kind of Marvel style which doesn’t help my eyes nor actions lately.


Her AA’s options aren’t good in general, but probably not the worst in the game or anything. She has a lot of trouble with deeper jump-ins though, and many times you’ll be better off jumping up to air-to-air the opponent than standing your ground and trying to clip them with a proper AA.


I can definitely see that… :wink:


Ok, back to reality. Karin is more like Orchid, checked :sweat_smile:

Now I was wondering…Why are there so few Necalli players? I don’t think he is bad and I’m temped to use him. I went from Karin to Nash (to work on the AA and zoning) and now I think I might go back to Necalli (now that my confirms got a little bit better thanks to the other characters). I can see myself using a charge character with the stick and the thing he has a nice dp helps too. But for real, I don’t see him being popular. Is he hard to use or he requires better reads?



I’ve always wanted to try Sagat. Looks like it’s my chance! I’ve always thought of him as a really cool character. G looks cool too. I wonder about his lore, seems interesting!


Why is that tiger so thicc


So G is supposed to be edgy Uncle Sam with force fields? Well that seems way different from what I was initially expecting. And Sagat isn’t fundamentally that much different from the older games, just more moves like all the other legacy characters. Overall, worth the wait for the trailers, between this and that Air Man costume I finally have a reason to go back to SF5.


Because he’s boring? :thinking:


He looks cool but he’s boring as heck.


Well yeah but I think its more than that… its just like with Ryu… why play him When you can play Akuma. In the Case of Necalli… why play him when you can play either Cammy or Akuma…?

Street Fighter V just seems to have a Homogeneous Problem in general… some characters just feel like better versions of other characters.


Hmmm… G looks really cool! I like it!
Sagat looks really slow…Ive always liked Sagat’s design, stage ect… I even had a skateboard way back when I was in High school (like 1992) with Guile vs Sagat on Kings court…loved that board!
But Sagat’s play style doesn’t look like its for me.


Is the update live yet?


I love Capcom’s Marketing strategies- hit hard with reveals after EVO!
these are all exciting, though I will probably wait for a ps plus sale to get arcade edition as I only bought Cody , and I really want sagat, but I am plunking down my dollars for the supreme deluxe soulcalibur disc, even though I prefer digital…


I tried Necalli and honestly couldn’t really find anything that interested me in him, but that’s just me. If I have a main in SFV, it’s probably Rashid. That dude is fun on a bun.

As for (president?) G, he looks okay. Well, he looks strange, but his gameplay looks alright. Not sure I’d be too excited to use him. That facial hair is… Something. :joy:

Sagat looks like Sagat. His new outfit and chubby tiger are cool, and I like how they’ve altered his moveset a bit, but it would’ve been nice to see another unique special move or two as opposed to different ways of handling the same moves he’s been doing for 25 years now. That’s alright though. He’s a fun character and they’re doing some fun things with him.

Curious to see who they bring back in the next season. Any ideas?