Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

Everything you need to know about Street Fighter V

Ryu, Chun-Li, Nash (Charlie), M.Bison, Birdie, Cammy, Ken, Necalli, Vega, R.Mika, Rashid, Karin, Zangief, Laura, Dhalsim and F.A.N.G

DLC 1 Roster
Alex, Juri, Ibuki, Balrog, Guile and Urien

DLC 2 Roster
Akuma, Kolin, Ed, Abigail, Menat, Zeku

New Mechanics:
V-Gauge (A bar (like the instinct meter) which builds up from damage received)
V-Trigger (Unique character buffs and abilities that use the entire V-Gauge)
V-Reversal (Unique reversal attacks that use one stock of the V-Gauge)
V-Skill (Unique skills for each character)

Arcade mode
All 28 characters, including those from Season 1 and 2
Extra Battle Mode
redesigned Ui
A new second V-Trigger
…and more

It will also be available as part of a free in-game update for current player


Zoning seems to be a concern – so many characters just kinda laugh at projectiles. But that’s a concern that more knowledgeable people than I have been complaining about for a while now, so they might fix it.

Otherwise, game looks impressive, and seems to be leaning very KI-ward – which works for me, so I might check it out! Unfortunately it’s a tad inaccessible right now, because Capcom have started to use make-the-console-vendors-bankroll-our-games business model and they picked the console I don’t have for this one. :frowning:

I think it’s looking great but I’m not going to buy a new console to play it, I don’t really support console exclusivity with third party games so I won’t be playing it. Unless they make Super Duper Ultra Mega Alpha Street Fighter V Championship Turbo Edition 2 +alpha and put that on the Xbox.

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I had the chance to play the game myself. I won’t lie. Even from just looking at it in person, it shows promise. All they need now is Juri and they got themselves a buyer.

I don’t like Necalli at all - in terms of design, appearance, everything…

Really hoping Sakura is in it! Though it appears unlikely lol I’ll settle for Dudley or Juri.

Played some of the beta last night and got a good number of matches in. My brief thoughts:

  • The game feels much more intuitive than SFIV. With the added frame buffer, combos are easier without being braindead. Coming from KI, the V-trigger system is simple to grasp and adds another layer of depth to the game which I greatly enjoy.

  • Nash seems like he’ll be my main so far - as a Fulgore player there are some similarities with his fireball/teleport mixups. He plays nothing like Guile now and if I had to make a comparison I’d say he’s similar to Omega mode Deejay with a little bit of Adon - he has somewhat slow normals and is reliant on good spacing to get the most out of his pokes and specials. Unlike those two though, his combo potential is huge thanks to his V-trigger teleport.

  • Ryu is so, so solid. Didn’t mess around much with him but out of the first four characters he seems like the only one capable of true zoning, once he activates his Denjin mode V-trigger. Those charged fireballs are terrifying with stun being such a threat. F+HP, cr.HP xx V-trigger activation, fierce shoryuken is a ridiculous punish that does like 40%, and sets the opponent up for charged hadoukens if they don’t quickrise.

  • Didn’t try Bison or Chun. My roommate is a Bison main in IV though and says he’s crazy good now. Based on the few Bisons I played against I’m inclined to believe him. Seems like the strongest character so far.

  • Netcode feels…okay. The rollbacks were very frequent and very noticeable compared to KI’s almost flawless system. It’s an improvement on IV’s online for sure but it definitely needs some more work.

As for characters not announced… Juri or Urien pls.

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Ono did in fact hint towards Juri and Evil Ryu recently which is good since I love both :grin: (but honestly I don’t want evil ryu back despite loving him in 4)

yeah the netcode was slightly better than Ultra street fighter 4 on PC which has a good net code but sometimes the roll back can be ghastly, and yeah KI has the best netcode so far

As a bison main I can tell you that after playing bits in the beta as everyone Bison is much better than any other bison but I think he is close to top at the moment but birdie takes it for me since his is super powerful and pretty much has the best normals (well until vega arrives), Chun-li feels nicer but nothing to special still a great character, and cammy is the same pretty much, Nash was the most fun (next to birdie and bison) and he is like fulgore (who I main) he is really good

if I predicted a beta tier list it would be (yeah i know its super early but this is from E3 and beta from myself and what others had said)
A+. Birdie
A. Bison
A. Cammy
A-. Ryu
A-. Nash
A-. Chun-Li

Im super hyped for Bison. His new move-list looks too dope. Big Bison fan here. From what I have seen, this new SF looks great. Of course, I cant say for sure until I play it myself. I picked xone because of KI.

I Love Cammy White :heart_eyes:

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I hope juri and the guy with the wrapped feet are in, as well as Elena and Poison, their stages are awesome and the graphics stellar…
I’m getting a PS4 Xmas so I’ll be looking to get this as well.

And I’m hoping soulcalibur will return

I like the visuals but beyond that I can’t really say much else. I remember putting a few hours into Super SF IV and losing interest so if it plays anything like that I doubt I’ll enjoy it. At any rate I doubt Street Fighter will be the game that pushes me to buy a PS4.

Do you mean Sagat (the big bald one with the eyepatch and the scar down his chest) or Adon (the ginger haired one with the goblin looking face)?? since both have “wrapped feet”

Juri must return and either of the others should too

I’m with all these people. JURI HAN PLS!

I wouldn’t mind Makoto or Sakura either…

Makoto yes!..Sakura…eh well since there will be less shotos this time round she will be a later character (Akuma would obviously come before her)

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Wouldn’t mind Juri, Dee Jay, Geki from the original Street Fighter (time to make him playable finally), Ibuki and Gouken. Those would be my top 5.

As for the game so far, I’m not loving the character designs at all. Then again, I’ve never been huge on Street Fighters character designs. The animations look fantastic, which is SF’s bread and butter. The backgrounds look good. Some better than others. Overall, I think the game looks solid, but the more I’ve seen, the less I regret selling my PS4. Hope the people that get it have fun with it though!

Who in particular becasue I see where you are coming from. I mean ken is um…questionable, I personally love birdie and bison, the rest I don’t really care like cammy, Ryu and Chun, Nash is cool, Necalli is ok, Vega is not very different

The netcode is pretty jumpy :unamused: Dont think it will get better either

I like adon, he has a crazy moveset but it’s odd input

It’s tough for me not to sound like I’m speaking out of both sides of my mouth here, but on one hand, I want to see Street Fighter’s character designs evolve. Ryu, Chun Li, Cammy, Vega and Bison look virtually identical to how they’ve appeared since Super Street Fighter 2. I mean c’mon, you can’t update someone’s character design for 20 years and however many games they’ve appeared in?

But then on the other hand, they did update Ken… Who looks awful to me. Maybe he’d look better if they used a different art style for the game, which I think is too similar to SF4, which I also didn’t like, with the giant, cartoony bulging muscles and plastic hair… Seriously, Ken looks like he’s smuggling bananas on top of his head.

All the men look like Dragon Ball Z characters. Heck, Necalli looks like he ACTUALLY goes super saiyan when he uses his V-Trigger.

I guess I’d just like to see them try some new ideas when it comes to existing characters. Keep their core move set and evolve it, sure. Capcom does a solid job with that, for the most part. But character design has been a sticking point for me for a while now.

If you want to bring back some nostalgia with SF4, I can get behind that idea and respect the characters looking like they used to back in the day, but even that’s stretching it a bit given that most of these characters haven’t changed much since they were first introduced.

Cammy is still military, yet still wears what looks like a green, one piece bathing suit. Which I’m sure is standard issue for her unit. The Pool Party Brigade. Birdie still looks like a punk-ish 80’s / early 90’s video game t-h-u-g (seriously? Can’t say that word?), which makes sense since that’s what he began as many years ago. Chun Li’s still on the “leg size inversely proportional to head size” train, so she still looks ridiculous to me.

I dunno, I’m probably nitpicking and I probably come off like I hate this game. I don’t. I just wish that the older character designs were brought up to date a bit and that the newer designs looked better. You can have classic outfits as alts. MK has been doing that for a while now.

I also wish that they were a bit more imaginative in their designs in general, leaning more toward something that would look cool and interesting, as opposed to something that looks a bit crazy, outlandish or just plain weird. If that works for some people, it’s cool. I’m sure it does. More power to them. I’m just not that sold by many of the designs.