Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


It’s alright if you disagree with a character’s aesthetics, but to try and argue that their costumes are “impractical” is rather obtuse. They are fictional characters. What matters most is that their aesthetics represent their character. It’s part of their identity. Whether you think it looks good or not is subjective, but that’s why there are alternate costumes. If you don’t like any of them, well… too bad, I guess.




What part of Cammy’s Identity screams “■■■■ Pants” ?

I literally just don’t get why its so important to see so much of her lower half as possible… or what it says about her identity.

I mean its also impractical for Mika to run around everywhere in that outfit seeing as it has no pockets… lol… but I see what it says about her identity… but with Cammy… its literally just a string of Crotch Strangling Fabric that tells me nothing about her. LoL… its like they were jealous of Dead or Alive or something.


ok. I concede to that. I prefer Sakura’s Gi. That’s what I like, and that’s how I play.


Absolutely nothing. Believe me, I’d love to see her in a pair of camo-pants like in her Final Fight: Streetwise concept art.


Those look fantastic !!! :slight_smile:


I don’t play PC version, but it’s my absolute favourite mod.


Her unitard is relatively revealing, sure. But outside of that single attribute, Cammy fights, acts, and moves like a violent Street Fighter.





Then She should dress the part…


Here you go.


Wasn’t it confirmed that the reason Cammy wears a leotard is to have maximum freedom of movement? It would make sense since she uses her legs in combat to do moves like cannon spike and whatnot.

Regardless, how is Cody in this game? I used him a good deal in the SFIV days but I don’t have him yet here. Is he drastically different in SFV compared to SFIV?



Juri’s Outfit serves the same purpose but in a more practical way… Cammy’s one just looks painful and the fact that she has it in so many of her costumes tells me she wears it everywhere at all times. Even in situations where freedom of movement isn’t necessary but bare legs might be disadvantageous…


Just putting this here.


People have tastes and they comment on them. That’s life. I think the observation is quite valid - a similar thought process is what gifted the world Samus, who is undeniably badass.

All games require some suspension of disbelief, but I think it’s quite cool when a character legitimately looks like they’re there to do the job they say they are. You don’t go out to explore hostile worlds in a bikini when you’ve got power armor, and you shouldn’t be picking street fights with your ■■■■■■■ hanging out.


…With your “white squares” hanging out?
I’m just trying to get the words :joy:

Ok, I’m either dropping SF again or picking Karin. But using her juggles and tenko move is kinda messy for me. Her QCF + K/ P drives me crazy, due to my Wulf muscle memory I try to cancel with kicks instead of punches. Not comfortable, it’s like trying to learn Portuguese and Italian languages at the same time. It’s a messy soup of inputs that go wrong u.u

But she is probably the character I still like the most. I tried Cody again, but I just don’t have chemistry with him :sob:


This is exactly where I am with Vanessa in KOF… I wouldn’t even be considering KOF Otherwise.

I don’t know if you’l find this helpful but because Tenko is a special move, that mean’s you have to learn how to do it from every normal you plan on cancelling it from… this includes Crouching Light Punch.

Factors that alter the timing, as far as I know, are The Move’s Cancel Window, The Move’s Advantage and the move’s Hitstop. I can’t even be mad at Capcom because even Skull girls doesn’t include Cancel Windows and Hitstop Frames in its training mode… bear in mind the Hitstop may be different on Counter Hit.

Anyway… I never tried this myself but my theory is next time you’re practicing Tenko Combos. Speed Up your inputs for the light attack and slow down alil for Mediums… and basically visually confirm your cancels on Heavies (you probably already have your heavy’s mastered).

When ever I’m struggling with executing a move the first thing I do (After cursing the developers) is finding out what the actual requirements of the move are… because what you read in the command list and what the actual requirements are, are usually never the same. Jacky’s (DoA) Flash Sword Kick is similar to Karin’s Tenko. The input must be executed at the right time after the move begins in the actual game… not at the time you pressed the button… because the game essentially disable’s or alters the buffer window exclusively for that one move, so even though you press punch at the same interval after inputting the dash, from the game’s point of view it will think you’re pressing punch before the dash even begins… so now you have to stagger either the dash cancel or the punch input on whatever move you’re cancelling from.

Oh… one more thing… Double Tapping the punch input will help you with the Tenko (assuming The Tenko allows mashing)… now I’m no expert but you can’t double tap on Pad… I mean you can but the purpose of touble tapping is to hit the same button on Frame One and Frame Three and thats just way to fast for the Human Thumb. So… I don’t want to be the guy that says you should consider forking over $150 just to play one character… but yeah… you may have no other choice.

Hope that helps… just because I can’t my Vanessa doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have your Karin :wink:

Addendum: @MaruMDQ I don’t know if you’l see this but to help with my Perfect Tenko Cancels I roll my thumb over punch and kick… the strength of the special cancel I use is determined by the strength of the button I’'m trying to cancel from.

For example if I Tenko from crouching light punch then I roll my thumb over Light Kick then Light Punch… if I cancel from crouching Medium Kick then I roll my thumb from Medium Kick to Medium Punch… like I said before… you might need to stagger your inputs alil depending on the strength of the button you’re cancelling from…

This rolling technique helped me get my Just Frame Tenko cancel success rate from 10% up to 40%… trust me… thats huge because I straight up suck at this game… unfortunately it didn’t help me clear Volume 1: Trial 6… because Stupid Orochi just won’t connect. :frowning:

As for EX Tenko… Your on your own… :laughing: luckily there is no EX Just Frame Tenko cancel as far as I know… she just does the hard one.


You should basically just be buffering tenko motion after lots of your normals. The “hit confirm” is just a button(s) press - the actual tenko motion itself should be behind most of your buttons as a matter of course.


I’ve waited so long for him to come along and when he does I have zero cash :frowning:


So is Ryu still considered to be Garbage ?

Because I’m trying Sakura right now and she seems super weak… except for that standing light kick… its literally her longest move…

Edit: and they nerfed Akuma aswell… interesting


He is my anti-grappler pick

Poor Bison gets eaten alive by grapplers (Especially geif :scream:)